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    Bad Experience with Discount Mugs!

    Honestly, the mugs look awesome. Your guests will never know the difference between what you expected and what they got. I ordered custom bags and mugs from discountmugs.com and I'm really happy.
  2. palmtree

    Cup or Travel Mug Share

    I used discountmugs.com. They have a large selection and I was really impressed with everything I ordered from them. (personalized oot bags + personalized mugs). Shipping was really fast too.
  3. palmtree

    Grand palladium packages

    Here is the new 2010 Catalogue: WEDDING MAGAZINE 2010.pdf
  4. palmtree

    Grand palladium packages

    Here is info I received about the restaurants: (Microsoft PowerPoint - Bubba_264s EN&SP).pdf (Microsoft PowerPoint - pastafarian ingl_351s [Compatibility Mode]).pdf Copy of El mariachi.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint - lotus Compatibility Mode.pdf Poseidon new menu.doc
  5. My ceremony is at 12:00 (not by choice, they were completely booked up for the rest of the day. Does anyone know if you can have a lunchtime reception? Also, can anyone recommend a reputable catamaran company that I could charter? What does everyone think of this plan?
  6. Here is the new 2010 Grand Palladium Wedding Guide. Basically, the "Just Married Package" is really skimpy. You don't get any flowers or decorations for the ceremony. The "Tropical Package" is in my view the best deal for the money. You get flowers and decorations for the ceremony, plus cake and sparkling wine for toasting after the ceremony. All the packages beyond that one provide benefits for the bride and groom and not for the guests, so I don't think they're worth the money. WEDDING MAGAZINE 2010.pdf
  7. Here is all the restaurant menus. If you have a larger group (mine is 20-30), then you have to pick a set menu. You can choose items all from 1 restaurant's menu. You get 1 appetizer, 1 soup, 2 entrees and a dessert. You don't have to be seated in that restaurant to get that particular restaurant's menu. (Microsoft PowerPoint - Bubba_264s EN&SP).pdf (Microsoft PowerPoint - pastafarian ingl_351s [Compatibility Mode]).pdf Copy of El mariachi.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint - lotus Compatibility Mode.pdf Poseidon new menu.doc
  8. Hi, I just called and was told that because I have 20-30 guests, I could book either the blue lagoon on the poseidon for my dinner. I would have a set menu. Does anyone know which one is nicer to have the reception in? I'm not planning on making it private. Also, I should be getting the menus in my e-mail soon. I'll post them once I receive them!
  9. If you have any information pertaining to: -the flower booklet -the 2010 packages -the dinner packages Please post it here! I've been checking some of the other forums and a lot of this info is being passed between individual brides, but not shared. Let's help sort out our weddings together!
  10. Hi, Can someone please send me the flower catalogue? coleu@uwindsor.ca. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Does anyone have pictures of the table settings? Did anyone do a catamaran cruise after their wedding? What is the ceremony like? Are you able to switch it up a bit and have someone do a reading or sing a song, for example?
  12. has anyone else actually used freestyle? I would like to have a few more references before booking them.
  13. Has anyone been on these catamarans? Do you know if there's space for guests to change on them? Can you get food on them too? Does freestyle sailing have a website?
  14. Hi, We're having our wedding at the Grand Palladium. I've been trying to sign up with different websites to receive some gifts (i.e. waterskiing, spa package, boat tour) while we're there. However, it seems like the registry website I've checked don't include the Grand Palladium. Has anyone found a registry that includes it? Thanks!
  15. I absolutely love my dress, but I'm worried I'm going to be too hot? Have any brides found they've needed to do a wardrobe change? What do you think? Here's a link to my dress: WEDDING DRESS ADK 7778012 I'm thinking the crinoline might give me some breathing room.