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Miss Angie

5.22.09 Wedding ROR Jamaica

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I’m back from ROR Jamaica. My wedding day was on Friday May 22, 2009. The resort is absolutely amazing and beautiful. When we arrived on Tuesday it was raining throughout the day. It would be sunny in the morning and then rain shower on and off throughout the day. So I was sure there would be rain on my wedding day but the sun shine the whole day with no rain and it was amazing. All the locals said May is a rainy month anyway. The rooms were nice and we were upgrade from the ocean view to the junior suite which was nice but I was not pleased with having to move my luggage and dress again. With the swine flu occurring lots of people were going to Riu in Jamaica making the resort overcrowded. I really did not enjoy the food. By day two I was tried of the buffet and you had to get up early to stand in line and make reservations for dinner every night so I was not too excited with this. Their drinks were perfect. Many of my guests were single ladies and the bartenders made sure to put a little more alcohol in their drinks.(Something to watch out for). As for the entertainment I did not enjoy. I hung around my guest so we pretty much entertained ourselves by sitting around the bar and talking and catching up.


The wedding day did not go as planned but it still turned out nice. I can’t complain. I went to the spa for my hair and a massage to relax and everyone was very nice and friendly. The stylist (I forgot her name) told me she does not do any bridal hair the same which was nice to hear. I did go through Paula the spa representatives to setup my reservations online and I did a 50% deposit in advance but when I went to the spa they said my appointment was not in their books and I should have confirmed my reservation when I arrived. (Not a big deal a tip for people to know.) The wedding started at 2pm and of course me and my party was late. We arrive at 2:30pm. I went with the free package and did the garden gazebo because I wanted to walk in my high hills for the big day. My bridal party had to stand in the grass the whole ceremony and complained their hills were sinking in the grass but the ceremony only last for 15 minutes. I kept our flowers simple. I was not interested in spending a lot of money on flowers we were going to trash them by end of night. We went with the resort Photoshop and I was not impressed with their work. The photographer wanted us to pose but we just wanted to the pictures to be natural and for him to capture the moments and not force it. My cousin had a digital camera and her pictures came out way better. The pictures posted are from her camera. The location is so beautiful every picture came out nice. The Photoshop takes six weeks to send the photos through email. My sister did a reading and forgot the paper. My husband’s sister singed but here CD did not work so she sung without the music. Everyone was nervous so that kind of put me at ease. After the ceremony we did take pictures on the beach and then gave our guest a break to do whatever they wanted to do like freshen up or get a drink. I stood around the resort taking to random people and my guest. We ate dinner at Mammee Bay at 6:30pm. Again the food was not good. It was a total of 26 people and we did not get our food at the same time, so some of my guest complained. After dinner I had a poolside reception with bar and it was nice. I did my cake cutting there and party till 11:30pm. By this time my guests were ready to go to their rooms. I did not throw the boutique because everyone was scattered all over and it wasn’t a big deal so I left it alone. Some of the favors I did were CDs with our picture on it with our favorite love songs, cigars for the guys, and gift boxes for the women with chocolates a compact mirror and scent candles and silver place card frames. I thought I over did it with the favors because the tables did not have enough room to hold everything but Chandlyn set it up perfect so the table did not look clutter.


A wedding day would not be complete without drama: I was a little overwhelmed because so much was going on and having to entertain guest, I ended up going to the bathroom and leaving my Nikon camera and Blackberry in the bathroom and walked away. It took me ten minutes to realize what I did and when I went back it was gone. This was during dinner at Mammee Bay and it was only one other wedding going on and no other guest were in the restaurant but the worker. The worker said she did not take it but I did not believe her and did report her to management. Just some advices when you leave the bathroom workers do go in behind you and they are watching you. I didn’t let it ruin my night because those things are materials and can be replaced.


We did leave the resort to spend our honeymoon at Sandal’s Dunns River right next door to Riu. It’s more romantic, private and less crowded and the food was great. I did see some weddings but they were more small and intimate and nice.


As for Chandlyn she does a great job. I wanted to be open minded about the whole wedding and just let the day flow and it turned out great. There were glitches but it would not be a great wedding without it and would not have a story to tell.


Enjoy the pictures.

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Originally Posted by Soon2beWed09 View Post
...wanted the beachy background without the dirt..lol Congrats...
We thought the same thing. It was rainy and cloudy during our time there and many people were not on the beach when it rain. But on our wedding day it was so sunny everyone took the opporunity and was on the beach and the photographer wanted to go a little further away from the crowd. Just so you know the beach gazebo is located in the same area its just a little further up towards the hotels. Thanks for your post.

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your dress was so beautiful and your hair looked amazing. Congratulations, wish things could have gone a little better for you...glad you had a sunny day though :) Do you have any more pics of the poolside reception set up?

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You looked so beautiful on your wedding day!! I would be interested also if you shared the poolside reception pics!! Would you recommend this resort ?

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