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  1. I recently stayed at this resort and it is a beautiful resort to host a wedding. The food isn't the best, but the service is good and people are friendly. In my book, that more than makes up for a couple of so-so meals.I saw a wedding while we were there and it was beautiful.
  2. I got married in Negril in August and I had my license in the beginning of October, which for Jamaican time, is pretty quick. My wedding coordinator fed exed it to me. I told them I needed asap in order to make the changes to our health insurance.
  3. We did a live reggae band for the cocktail hour on the beach and a guitarist for the actual ceremony. My brother in law used his ipod and computer to play the music for the reception. It was a great mix...live band on the beach and great familiar music inside the reception...
  4. I loved your pics! You guys look so happy. Thanks for sharing....
  5. I thought I would take this opportunity to vent. I have been working, but my paycheck is consistently late or short. It has put me so far behind that I feel like I am just paying catch up. I am still working hard, actually harder than I was when I was getting paid on time, hoping that when payday comes I will get paid.There is really nothing out there and employers know it, so they can treat their employees how they want to. The general attitude is that you should just be grateful to have a job. I have been so busy and depressed about this situation, which started when I got back from my honey
  6. OMG, those shoes are a need not a want in my book! I love them and this is the one day where you get to be a princess. I say go for it. Charge them and pay for them later. (This is coming for the bride who is still paying off some spluges that she made for her wedding and I don't regret any of them!
  7. Congratulations! Have fun planning your wedding! Negril is beautiful!
  8. purrfected


    Congratulations! Have fun planning! This is a great website with a wealth of information. The ladies on this forum are so helpful.
  9. I spent my honeymoon there this past August and it is a gorgeous resort. The service was great. It is comparable to a US hotel. The beach is man made so it is rocky and difficult to swim in, but the view is incredible. The grounds are manicured and spectacular. We went into a wedding reception while we were there and peaked in. It was beautiful and everyone seemed to be having a blast! The staff is what makes this hotel. Things to keep in mind: Montego Bay is about 15-20 minutes away and it costs about 25$ each way to get there. However, there are lots of restaurants that have a shuttle
  10. YAY! Congratulation! Have fun planning your wedding. I agree, Negril is amazing. I loved my Negril wedding. I hope you plan the wedding of your dreams. Good luck!
  11. I loved my wedding coordinator. I purchased a package for my wedding that included her services. I tipped her in cash and gave her a gift bag. The bag included a Bath & Body works set, a necklace similiar to one that I wore that she admired, (I was going to give the necklace to one of my guests that had carted an entire suitcase to Jamaica for us, but since our coordinator admired the one that I wore, I gave her that one and am taking my guest to the spa for a massage. I'm going too, so its kinda a selfish gift!)some allergy meds that are hard to get in Jamaica that we had discussed, and s
  12. My wedding was pink and green. I loved my bouquet. I sent the florist pics and they actually gave me exactly what I wanted, pink roses, orchids and greenery... The bridesmaids' bouquets were mini versions of my bouquet.
  13. I have not done my review yet, I know I am a bad BDW bride, but I haven't had a lot of time since we got back last weekend. We spent 11 days in Jamaica. It was magical. We were married in Negril on the beach at sunset. I would not change anything about it. It was very close to how I envisioned it. Of course, nothing comes out perfect, but it was all in all a great experience. If you are looking for a small intimate resort, Sunset at the Palms is a great choice. The staff was accomodating and all of my guests loved the resort. Here are a few pics prior to my review, just because we love pics!
  14. Ok, this is how my cake turned out. I had a white cake with fluffy white frosting and pink flowers cascading down the side. But this is the Jamaican interpretation of all of the pics that I sent her. I actually like it after I got over the fact it wasn't the cake that I wanted. It was delicious so that helped me get over it a whole lot quicker. The first layer was white cake with Baileys filling. Fabulous, the 2nd layer was a rum spice cake with a vanilla liqueur filling.I am a drinker and you could taste the alcohol, so I thought it was great. The top layer is in the freezer and I guess next
  15. Thanks everyone! My wedding was magical! I will be posting pics and a review at some point this week. Work is getting in the way of my BDW posting time!!!
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