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"So You Think You Can Dance" Summer 2009

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Good morning ladies!


So I didn't get to see the first 2 dances as we weren't home yet but here are my thoughts for the others.


I really loved Brandon & Jeanette's hip hop/rock star. I thought it was such an interesting combination and they did it really brilliantly! I say top 10 for them.


I missed Ade & Melissa as I was doing laundry sad.gif From what I saw from the re-cap at the end, it looked great though. They'll make top 10 for sure.


Kayla & Kupono - I was also surprised they had such good chemistry. I think Kayla has saved Kupono's ass! lol Kayla for sure will make top 10, not so sure about Kupono.


Evan & Randi - Make such a cutsie little couple. I like her dancing but I fear for Evan. He's really good at what he does, but it worries me what will happen if/when he gets a new partner. He's so small. Not sure if they'll make top 10. I would like to see them there though.


Jason & Caitlyn - MEH! I could have passed on seeing that one. They just weren't into it that much, didn't show the right emotions for that style of dance. I think Jason is good and so is Caitlyn, but she bugs me a little bit, I'm not sure why. I think she'll make top 10, but don't know about him.


Phillip & Jeanine - WAsn't too impressed with that either. I didn't think that Phillip danced it as well as Jeanine. Like Mary said, he wasn't lifting his legs going around the corner. The couch jump was great though! I was so afraid he wouldn't make it. I also fear for him. He's good at what he does, but isn't doing that great with everything else. He may make top 10 if the judges dont' get rid of him first. I really like Jeanine, I think she'll make top 10.


Anyone know who the 3rd judge was? I know her name was Toni, but I missed the beginning.


That's about all for now. Hopefully I'll get to watch the show tonight and not have to wait! lol

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I love SYTYCD! It has been my fave "reality" show since Season 1.


I have two couples that I am gunning for....


Ade and Melissa....they have nailed all three dances in Hollywood so far!


Evan and Randy....I just think they are so cute together! I am hoping to see more from them though.


IMO the best dancer is Kayla, I just can't seem to connect with her....it's almost like she expects all this praise for her dancing. Is it just me? I think she needs to eat some humble pie!


Okay....does anybody else think that Brandon is a dead ringer for Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Airhuh.gif Every time I see him I am waiting for him to break out into the Carlton dance..."It's not unusual to be loved by anyone".....

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Originally Posted by jennierin View Post
Okay....does anybody else think that Brandon is a dead ringer for Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Airhuh.gif Every time I see him I am waiting for him to break out into the Carlton dance..."It's not unusual to be loved by anyone".....
OMG!!! I said the EXACT same thing to the FI last week. lol too funny and I completely agree!

OH! Did anyone else notice Randi's t-shirt during the practice with the choreographer? It said Unitard Girl! lol TOO FUNNY!!

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Ha! I was going to post last night but I had to wait for Kathy's summary! You always do such a good job!


Lisa, I didn't notice the T-shirt but that is too funny! I might have to go back and watch!


My thoughts:


Karla & Jonathan - Hip Hop - Poor Jonathan was terrible. Karla is part of some dance crew so of course she looked good. I think that all of the hard core Hip Hop choreographers are having to water down their routines because there are no dancers in that genre. **Bottom 3**


Melissa & Ade - Rumba - Awesome! Those two are like the dream team. It's going to be tough to beat them unless they get a really bad number. Both should make it to the Top 10.


Janette & Brandon - Hip Hop - This was really cute and entertaining. Again I think the choreography was tailored to a specific skill. Brandon could pull of hip hop and Janette wasn't really hip hopping.


Auska & Vitolio - Jazz - I heart Vitolio! He is so sweet! Auska and to cry and pout because she wasn't getting her way. (I just don't like that girl). She needs to go back to what she is good at and can have that kind of attitude - Latin Ballroom **Bottom 3**


Kupono & Kayla - Waltz - I thought they did a good job pulling this one off. And to dance barefoot I think they got a pass on keeping heels up.Kayla is a great dancer but I got that "I wanna be a model and look at myself all day" attitude from her. I'd be sad to see my gay boyfriend go home!


Caitlyn & Jason - Paso Doble - Ok routine. I was a little distracted by the costumes. Whoever is on wardrobe this year sucks. I felt like Jason looked like He-Man and couldn't really get past that. I know I'm the odd one but I do kinda like Caitlyn. She does have great lines and flexibility


Randi & Evan - Contemporary - They are the cutest little couple! I seriously want to just squeeze both of them! Great job with Mia's choreography. I think if one goes the other will be the week behind unless they can make it to the Top 10.


Phillip & Jeanine - Broadway - Jeanine did great. Phillip tried but I think he is getting to the point where he isn't catching up and growing in different dance styles. I like him and his personality but think it would be a shame if he stayed around and kept a better male out of the competition. **Bottom 3**

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The Toni on the panel was Toni Basil. In th eearly 80's she had the hit "Mickey". Apparently she did a lot of choreography although I couldn't name one show she did. For someone who talks a lot about "street" she really ISN'T! Take a look at her video. Kinda sucks.....my .02

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I must say, I was very underwhelmed again, kind of disappointing. DH and I can't help but laugh when the judges try to say that this may be the best group of dancers they've ever had...I know they say that every year, but this year, I totally disagree. As for the judges, I would rather listen to Lil' C over Toni Basil, but honestly I tivo so I can fast forward, I skipped Toni everytime last time. I don't remember who asked, but it's Toni Basil, she's sang "Hey Mickey", appearantly she has done other things but I only know her from Hey Mickey. So onto the dancing....


Karla and Jonathan - disappointing. Karla did good but I kind of expected more from her knowing she dances with a crew. Jonathan has been doing well up to this point with picking up other styles but he looked really uncomfortable and out of place in this routine.


Melissa and Ade - wonderful routine. I was worried for them when the showed the rehearsal clips but they really pulled it out. They are definitely front runners in my opinion, I think one of the few couples worth watching.


Janette and Brandon - Brandon impressed me, Janette, not so much. In the moment, in the routine, in what he was wearing, I totally bought Brandon as a hip hip dancer. Janette is one of those "there's something about her" for me, I just don't particularly care for her.


Asuka and Vitolio - again, seeing rehearsal worried me for them but they pulled it out too. It wasn't the best routine, but it was good and I did enjoy watching it.


Kupono and Kayla - i was surprised they had chemistry. I really didn't think they would, and as I noted before, the look on Kayla's face last week when they said they'd be the new couple, I just didn't see it working. I do not agree with Mary that it was the "most beautiful" Viennese waltz on the show to date, I think Twitch and Kherrington last year when they did the Viennese Waltz dedicated to Jean-Marc's daughter was much more beautiful...but, they did well with it. I do think Kayla is a little TOO sure of her self though, reminds me of Blake (S. 1) and Danny (S. 3) who had that "yeah, I know I'm good" air about them.


Caitlyn and Jason - did not like it at all. I agree that the outfits were distracting and her hair was bugging me. I was surprised at the lack of chemistry in this dance, because they seem to have alot of chemistry and at the end of the dance I admit I was waiting for them to kiss again.


Randi and Evan - too cute. I really liked this. They both did really well with what Mia gave them and it was definitely a memorable routine. And Nigel with his "but...and there is a butt" I was cracking up.


Phillip and Jeanine - okay, I really liked it. No, Phillip is not the most technical dancer, and he is not picking up the technique the way other street dancers like Twitch and Joshua seemed too...but, with that said I still think he looked good and believeable in this. I think he just makes you look at him and I for one am so busy looking at the overall package and performance that his feet and his lines aren't sticking out like a sore thumb for me. I agree with Nigel, I don't want him to make it through just because he has a following and people vote for him, I want him to deserve it, but I think he can still grow. I really like Jeanine and I hope she sticks around for a while.


I can't even predict who will be bottom three. The only one's I think will definitely be there are Karla and Jonathan. I think Melissa and Ade will definitely be safe, everyone else for me is a toss up. Can't wait to see tonight.

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Originally Posted by saltocoach View Post
The Toni on the panel was Toni Basil. In th eearly 80's she had the hit "Mickey". Apparently she did a lot of choreography although I couldn't name one show she did. For someone who talks a lot about "street" she really ISN'T! Take a look at her video. Kinda sucks.....my .02

She was bugging me when she kept talking about being street and more gangsta. Actually I hate it when Nigel talks about those things too. I just can't take thier critiques on that seriously. There's a lack of genuineness when they talk about it.

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Originally Posted by Jessica View Post
She was bugging me when she kept talking about being street and more gangsta. Actually I hate it when Nigel talks about those things too. I just can't take thier critiques on that seriously. There's a lack of genuineness when they talk about it.
I hate when they always think Hip Hop has to be "street" or "gangsta." I mean- ya it originated there, but styles of dance can evolve. I think Tabitha and Napolean have really shown that. I thought Nigel was corrected by a choreographer a season prior that not all hip hop has to have that hard edge, but I can't remember who did that. I want to say Shane...

And do you girls keep notes? I have a hard time keeping track of people's names. That is soooo sad. I usually can name everyone but I just feel so disconnected this season. Thank you for providing me a skeleton of the line up so I can comment. I'm really uspet I can't remember who's who!

My opinions:
Overall- a kinda of "eh" show. Nothing that blew me away that I couldn't wait to talk to my fellow SYTYCD watchers about.

Karla and Jonathan - Can't even remember what style it was. Just remember it being not good. I remember Nigel's mean comments more. My goodness he ripped them a new one. Cat was incredibly adorable how she tried to bring it back to a more light hearted show.

Melissa and Ade - front runners. They have done EVERYTHING well and I enjoyed their performance.

Janette and Brandon - Brandon out performs Janette so I think she's been having her bacon saved. Not that she's bad (yet). I just think he's pulling the weight and she's reaping the rewards. He really looked well in that Hip Hop part. I was a tad worried that his inner Carlton would make him look like a dork trying to play dress up, but he pulled it out. I recognized some Stop the Yard moves in there and I love when Dave Scott choreographs.

Asuka and Vitolio - Vitolio has to be the sweetest guy. I can't believe how he is able to really comfort baby Asuka like that after her mean comments last week. Maybe we took them in more mean spirit than she meant to convey?? Anyways, it kinda was looking like he was having some romantic feelings about her. Their performance though- can't say I really liked it. It didn't look to challenging. I mean their lifts were pretty, but other than that- I thought my DH and I could have stumbled through the choreography.

Kupono and Kayla - it was beautiful. I really liked the fluidity of their movement. However, it still pales in comparison to Twitchington's performance last year and how dare the judges forget that!!

Caitlyn and Jason - The music was more powerful than their dance and I really think that did them a disservice. If they had different music, it may have looked better but who knows. Overall, I couldn't stand Caitlyn's hair and if I was noticing that more than the dance, it probably wasn't too good. Jason was making too many fake "scary" faces too.

Randi and Evan - Cute but not as memorable as Nigel wanted us to think. I think he was pulling a Simon here and trying to encourage people to vote for them.

Phillip and Jeanine - I thought Jeanine was fantastic. I could really see her doing Broadway in the future. Philip he tried really hard, but I guess I didn't buy it hook, line and sinker. I really like his style of dance and I'm really rooting for him, but I don't think he's really showing that he can be as fabulous in areas he's not as comfortable in. I don't think he will last too long and if he does, it's not that fair. I think the fans feel really connected with him because he is one of the few top 20 we really got to see prior to the start of Hollywood.

Whew! I seriously wouldn't have been able to go through that list if you girls hadn't provided the names and the order so thanks for your help. I don't really care who goes home, but I know it ain't Melissa, Ade, Brandon or Janette. Randi has my vote to stay too because I think she's cute and really performed well in every dance. Plus she reminds me of our Carly. :)

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Kathy - As usual your recap is great!!


I pretty much agree with you all! I really cant connect with Kayla either. I know she is an amazing dancer but she is way to in love with her self.


I was sad to see Karla and Jonathan not do well – I'm really starting to like Karla and I hope they don’t go to the bottom but they may. I also really like Jeanine but Phillip is lacking for me


Ade and Melissa are for sure in the top!


Can Asku please STFU – I'm so over her!

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Originally Posted by ErinB View Post
Ha! I was going to post last night but I had to wait for Kathy's summary! You always do such a good job!
Awww thanks Erin and Yael! hehe cheesy.gif

Rachel - I honestly have no clue how I keep them all straight in my head this year especially since there's only one or two dancers so far that I love, love, love! It seems like I loved almost everyone last year! Save for Jamie and Rayven that is.

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