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SO SICK! And the wedding's in 5 days!

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#1 ~*petals*~

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    Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:18 AM

    I'm sooo salty... I've been sick since Thursday and it's just getting worse! I thought it may have been allergies at first since it was just sinus, but it has turned into a lovely cough and even laryngitis! My voice comes and goes and when it's here it sounds terrible...

    Am I gonna have to whisper my vows??

    I've been trying over-the-counter meds and home remedies (my parents' Jamaican favorite: lemon, honey and Wray & Nephew white rum), steam, and it's still hanging on.

    Going to the doctor this morning...

    Anybody else sick for their wedding?

    #2 Soon2beWed09

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      Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:23 AM

      aww sweety hope u feel better...

      #3 boven

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        Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:27 AM

        Oh no petals, that stinks!! There is still plenty of time to start to feel better and hopefully your doctor will help the process along. Stress has a funny way of popping it's head at the most inopportune time. Try to get as much rest as you can. So sorry!!

        #4 KHarrod

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          Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:38 AM

          I hope you feel better. Call your doctor to get some antibiotics and a good nasal spray it will help you out alot. I suffer with my sinuses all the time.

          #5 *HOLLY*

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            Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:44 AM

            Oh no. Dont stress I can only imagine that will make it worse. Just try and relax and take care of yourself. Hopefully the doc will have some good news for you. I hope you feel better ASAP. *HUGS*

            #6 DanielleNDerek

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              Posted 18 May 2009 - 10:45 AM

              Hopefully the doc will give you something to make you feel better asap.
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              #7 blushingbride

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                Posted 18 May 2009 - 11:02 AM

                Oh no! That sucks! I hope you are able to get better for your wedding. Sending lots of TLC your way!

                #8 JaimeLynne

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                  Posted 18 May 2009 - 11:28 AM

                  Hey chica! If it makes you feel any better I am perpetually sick because I have Chronic Lyme disease. I'm not feeling so hot today myself, and we fly out tomorrow have a bit of a fever, scratchy throat and tons of congestion.. plus the usual Lyme symptoms (bone pain, fatigue, memory fog, etc. etc.!) I'm just praying that I feel ok on the BIG DAY!

                  Start taking the following stat (just my suggestion!):
                  *1 tsp Colloidal Silver (make sure it's a good brand!!) 2 or 3x a day for about a week or until you feel good. This is a natural antibiotic but will also help kill viruses (on top of infections). Great all natural remedy!!! If you have junk in your sinuses, you can add 1 tsp mixed with water into a nettipot also.
                  *Start Ecchinachea
                  *Start Vit C Supplements
                  * B Vitamin for increased energy - make sure it's dissolved sublingually, B12 is the best for this

                  If you're congested keep on the allergy/decongestant and add in something like Musinex to get all that junk out.

                  Also drink TONS of water - I mean TONS! LOL Try to stay away from refined sugar too. And if you can, eat lots of fresh fruit & veggies. Sounds like obvious advice but that's because it really does have some merit! lol

                  I'm so sorry you're feeling this way But, I kinda know how you feel!

                  hang in there

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                  #9 shellk

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                    Posted 18 May 2009 - 01:22 PM

                    hope you feeling better very soon.im sure even if you feel ill it will give way for the day

                    #10 TammyB

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                      Posted 18 May 2009 - 01:42 PM

                      OH,, I'm sorry your not feeling well. BUT can I just say OMG I can't believe your wedding is just around the corner. I'm so excited for you. OK sorry, I got a little side tracked. ;-) Hopefully you start feeling better soon. Best wishes..

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