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Hi ladies!!!


So, I finally did it ... after months of stressing and second-guessing my decision to do a BD shoot as a gift for my FI, I finally did it. Not to mention the date of the shoot was changed so many times, I can't even count how many (my BD photographer is also my wedding photographer and he's booked most weekends for weddings as it is here in Montreal).


Yes, I said HE.


I notice on here that most of you have female photographers for your BD shoots and I totally understand why, however, my photographer, Alain Doss, was the best choice I ever made. Granted, it was a bit awkward at first (he's a close friend, his daughter is even our flower girl and him and my FI work together shooting weddings every now and then), but once I got over my fears and realized that he'll be seeing me in much less on the beach (bikini) in a few weeks then it was all a breeze. Not to mention I had my MOH, honorary bridesmaid and his wife there with me ... MOH was there for moral support, honorary bridesmaid is my makeup artist and Alain's wife is always his artistic director so she had to be there to "pose" me! LOL


All in all it was a stellar experience, a few glasses of wine later with the music blaring and I was totally into it!


Oh, and we didn't rent a hotel room or anything, I was at a friend's apartment and her decor is very modern and now so it worked out perfectly.


As for the results, I have to say I'm pretty pleased. I'm not at my "ideal" weight, but I have to say ... I think I look pretty hot. LOL Alain just handed me a CD of all the raw images today, so I have to go through and pic 20-25 that I like so he can tweak them before I put together my Apple Photobook ... these are just a few that I chose to show you girls - I haven't done anything to them (no photoshopping or anything), just added a border and "Doss Studios" to the bottom. :)


Enjoy ladies!!


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.





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Wow!! These turned out great. I'm so glad you got them done. I already did mine, but I wish I could do it again wink.gif You look so hottttt...your new hubby is going to LOVE these!!

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