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Two Crazy Weeks!

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Just wanted to share my last two weeks


1) The house we were renting got Foreclosure and we had to find a new place and pack an entire house in 3 days...


2) I got an allergic reaction to something and my entire face got really swollen!


3) Got a traffic ticket for speeding!


4) Had to let go three employees


5) I eat a chicken wrap at Jason's Deli and I got food poising.... I swear I was throwing up for almost two days!


6) My mentor and really good friend is in the hospital and they are running tons of test... the hospital thinks that he may have bacterial meningitis sad.gif


7) Last but not least, I was a total space cadet, lost control of my car while changing the radio and I ran into a light pole. My car in totalled... Went to the hospital and I'm OK, just really sore from the air bags!


and still going strong with all wedding planning and my DIY projects smile41.gif


I count my many blessing for this forum... You ladies make the wedding planning details much more smoother. THANK YOU!



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Wow crazyness, You are a strong woman!!


Im sending good thoughts to your friend in the hospital. I had bacterial meningitis when i was a freshman in college. I *really* hope she is ok and pulls through. I was lucky and got out of it with no side effects...feel free to PM me if you need to talk :)

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Wow! That's enough drama for a whole year, let alone a couple of weeks. I'm glad you're seeing the humor in all of it!


Let's hope that's the end of the madness.

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