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  1. Good topic! We are getting married at Las Brisas Huatulco, originally wanted Dreams but it was waay to expensive for family. I have been obsessively watching the prices and since Huatulco is a charter desitanation with Signature being the package provider this year it's been easy to keep an eye on! Lowest price so far has been $698 + $272 tases AI. We leave April 14 and haven't booked yet as prices are still coming down! Chatting with Signature availability on the flights have not been a problem yet for our party of 15. Have fun planning!
  2. I stayed at the Royal Decameron in 2008- had a good time. Was a nice resort. Let me know if you want any info. Congratulations all!
  3. I entered! Just want to say thanks for the awesome opportunity and I can't wait to hear who wins.
  4. Beautiful wedding! I love positive reviews of Dreams- I chose Dreams Huatulco and it's nice to get the reassurance every now and then. You were beautiful and it sounds like the ceremonies went off without a hitch! congratulations
  5. lakerbride

    new to BDW

    congratulations! you have found the right forum for all your questions and ideas!
  6. Nice job! this is exactly why I love this forum- for all the good advice and creative ideas, thanks!
  7. Fabulous!! thanks for sharing- everything looked so beautiful, congratulations
  8. Cool shots in there! It looks like you had a blast- congratulations!
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