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    Canadian Brides getting married in Mexico!

    Good topic! We are getting married at Las Brisas Huatulco, originally wanted Dreams but it was waay to expensive for family. I have been obsessively watching the prices and since Huatulco is a charter desitanation with Signature being the package provider this year it's been easy to keep an eye on! Lowest price so far has been $698 + $272 tases AI. We leave April 14 and haven't booked yet as prices are still coming down! Chatting with Signature availability on the flights have not been a problem yet for our party of 15. Have fun planning!
  2. I stayed at the Royal Decameron in 2008- had a good time. Was a nice resort. Let me know if you want any info. Congratulations all!
  3. I entered! Just want to say thanks for the awesome opportunity and I can't wait to hear who wins.
  4. Wonderful...worth your efforts! BMs will love the wet bikini bag
  5. spicy!! you look fab- congrats on a successful session
  6. Very lovely! great choice- how do they feel? Like real flowers?
  7. Kudos! well done, very classy and the black envelopes compliment the B&W pics
  8. Number 1- simple and not too busy! easy for guests, all beautiful tho
  9. Beautiful wedding! I love positive reviews of Dreams- I chose Dreams Huatulco and it's nice to get the reassurance every now and then. You were beautiful and it sounds like the ceremonies went off without a hitch! congratulations
  10. Great idea and fun too! Where did you get the bags and how much were they?
  11. lakerbride

    new to BDW

    congratulations! you have found the right forum for all your questions and ideas!
  12. Nice job! this is exactly why I love this forum- for all the good advice and creative ideas, thanks!
  13. Fabulous!! thanks for sharing- everything looked so beautiful, congratulations
  14. Cool shots in there! It looks like you had a blast- congratulations!