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I remember seeing some beautifully composed OOT welcome letters in the past, but I failed to earmark them as samples, and now I'm just kicking myself! I've been scouring through the hundreds of pages of ideas, and can't for the life of me find them.


Would any of you fabulous ladies (and gents) be able to point me in the right direction?


Much love! And thank you!!!!!

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I copied this one off of a thread on here awhile ago. Hope it helps!


Dear Family and Friends,


The waiting is finally over!! Welcome to sun, sand and relaxation…Welcome to (name of resort)! We are both so happy and feel very blessed to be able to have you here at our wedding in (destination). We are especially honoured that you have traveled this far to be a part of our marriage celebration.


Many years from now, when we look back on our life and this day, weâ€ll remember that being surrounded by the family and friends we hold so dearly was the perfect beginning to our life as husband and wife. Each of you are providing us with special memories that we shall treasure forever.


We hope you enjoy the “goodies†included in this welcome bag. They are just a small token of our appreciation.


Please make the most of your vacation here in (name of destination). We hope the next few days will be as memorable for you as they will be for us.


With Love,



Bride & Groom

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OH wow...that one is very nice! I wish I had that when I was making my welcome book!

Here is my little thank you...


Family & Friends,




We would just like to thank you for traveling all this

way to share in our wedding celebration. There are no

words to describe how much it means to us that you

would take the time and money to be here with us

during this special time in our lives. With such a great

group of people gathered in one beautiful location we

are sure to have a fantastic week. So put your feet up

and enjoy! And don’t forget your sunscreen!!



Bride & Groom


Hope it helps!!

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I used another welcome letter that I found on this site. It works perfect since we have multiple events. So much fun!! Attached is my version and here is the post that I found. bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20443



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