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My love story

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Jim and I have actually known each other since freshman year of high school....although I don't remember him very well. Jim has my freshman year picture that I signed and he saved all these years. Jim found me on Classmates.com 21 years after graduation and wrote to me.

It took me almost a month to get back to him and I had to admit to him that I didn't really remember him, but once we started talking, it turned out that we knew a lot of the same people, and he was still friends with one of my close friends from high school. We talked for over 2 hours that first night,and made plans to see each other 2 days later.

We went out on a Wednesday night and just had the best time...we were so comfortable and easy together - It was a very warm day for October in New Jersey and we took his motorcycle to the beach. We walked and talked till it got dark and then went out to dinner.


I really did feel like I'd known him forever. We made plans to spend the entire weekend together....did all kinds of fun things...that Monday he surprised me with roses, and I think we've spent about 2 nights apart since. He proposed to me exactly one month later.


I had been home sick for 2 days. Jim was off from work that day but had things to do and had been in and out of the house. At around 4pm he came home and said he wanted to get me out of the house. I asked him if he could take me to the doctor because I thought I really needed to go to one. He said we could do that too.

So we got in the car and started driving. He asked me if I realized it was our 1 month anniversary and I said yes. We started going towards Sandy Hook, which was where our first date was. He was asking me why I didn't like diamond earrings...which I explained I did like, but he had just bought me a diamond necklace over the weekend, so I didn't think I needed diamond earrings so soon.

When we got to the beach the sun was starting to go down and it was a little chilly. Jim said we would just go for a quick walk. He was walking a little fast and I had to ask him to slow down, as I didn't feel too well, and he did, and I could hear him taking something out of his pocket. He handed me a gift bag as we were walking....so I asked him if we could stop walking while I opened it. We stopped and he said "I hope you like them" so I totally thought I was getting earrings as a 1 month anniversary present!

I took a black box out of the bag, un-did the ribbon and opened the box. To my amazement there was the most perfect engagement ring inside.

Jim dropped to his knees and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and I said of course...my knees kind of buckled so he grabbed me and we were just hugging and I kept telling him I was so happy! Then we quickly went back to the car because it was so chilly....and he took me to the doctor~not typically romantic, but it was because it shows how much he really loves me!

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Awe, what a great story. And wow, engaged after only a month. That's great, I love when you know you met the person of your dreams from the start.


Congrats on your engagement and let the fun of planning begin.

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