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  1. If anyone from Montreal is looking for a really good DW TA I highly recommend Julie Thivierge at Wedding in the Tropics. She is in Rockland, ON, near Ottawa, but Julie is perfectly trilingual, has worked for years as a WC at DW Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, and ALL she does is destination weddings. Her experience and knowledge cannot compare to that of a simple TA! We used her services for our January wedding at the Valentin Imperial Maya in Mexico with 23 guests, mostly from Montreal. She is very well organized and has a ton of great suggestions on what to do, what to chose and h
  2. I just got married at the VIM on Jan. 26 2011. It was absolutely fabulous! SHIPPING: We decided to bring all our decorations with us in our luggage and using a couple of boxes. We were ready to pay for the extra baggage but found out at the airline registration counter (the day we left) that we could "share" our load of extra luggage and weight with any of our guests that were under weight and travelling in our group. How great is that! It didn't cost us a single penny for all of our extra stuff. This was with Nolitours leaving from Montreal. Shipping was insanely expensive and bringing
  3. Gorgeous satin wedding gown bought in January 2011 Model : Mikaella 1406 Size: 10 (adjustable back satin lace) Alterations: - Zipper replaced with satin lace back - Added crinoline to emphasize the Mermaid look - No alterations to length or waistline (I am 5’8â€) Silhouette: Mermaid Neckline: Strapless Sweetheart Color: Natural Satin (Ivory) Worn once & professionally dry cleaned Asking Price: $900 CAD Valued : $1,800 + CAD Location : Near Montreal, QC, Canada
  4. That's so helpful Allison, thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me!
  5. Hi VIM Brides! Just renewing with BDW as my wedding date approaches and the anxiety level gets higher... I'm getting married on January 26th. Anyone else getting married that week? I have a ton of questions. Here are a few: - Speakers: What kind of iPod speakers are you bringing? I don't have any but would rather buy them and take them with me instead of paying for a DJ as we're a small group (20 guests) so I can't justify the expense. - Dancing: I read there was dancing/DJ (?) at the Plaza. Can you make song requests? Until what time is it open? How is it? - Confet
  6. Hey congratulations! You must be getting anxious as the date approaches! I'm also getting married at the VIM on January 26 2011 and still have lots to do/plan... I wish you all the best!
  7. This is so useful thank you!!! I will be checking back here soon for info to put on our wedding website for travellers.
  8. That's a great list! REALLY useful. I've added earplugs & lavender pillow mist to my list. Helps to sleep at night in a strange place... :-)
  9. This is great info thanks! So where do you find a list of "approved" translators? And have any of you looked into the difference in cost between getting a mariage certificate in Qc before leaving + having a "renewal ceremony" in Mexico rather than doing it all in Mexico with the whole blood test (paid in cash) and all?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm so excited I just booked my wedding date at the VIM for Jan. 26 2011!!! WOUHOU!!! I'll have to set aside a few hundred hours ;-) to read through all the threads and start planning all the details... Anyone else getting married that week at the VIM? (Jan. 22-29) And since it's already in 8 months, do you think I should send Save The Date cards or the invitations directly with all the details? @Heidilynn28 - Nice to see a Montreal bride here! Which photographer are you thinking of hiring from home?
  11. Congratulations on your wedding Viriginia! I'm glad you brought the points about the photographer contract and how unflexible she was. I'm surprised and I would've done the same thing as you. That's unfortunate and not really good business etiquet on her part... I look forward to seeing your wedding photos! Thanks for the great review!
  12. I would also add to the list how many children or if children will be attending. Adults only AIs are more pricey. And a TA will tell you that for your budget you will not be able to get a true 5 star resort. (Just want to set your expectations, as I'm going through the same process this week). As for retainer fee (?) I wasn't asked for one and I contacted 2 TAs and let them each know that I was looking at one other TA. Perhaps it's different in the US...
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