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  1. For any Quebec brides out there, I have found the info: The translated (by approved translator) marriage certificate needs to the submitted to Directeur de l'État Civil (provincial government) for registration upon your return, and IT IS FREE !!!!
  2. After looking around, ALOT, we tried a few e-mails, and had great communication with Derek Campbell, from Photos in Cancun. His price range was middle-range, and even offered a made-to-measure package for us. He seems as thrilled about our wedding as if it was his..... Good luck !!!
  3. Cheer up Flygrl.... Even if you had it in the US, they'd find something else to critique.... If they're not deciding, it's not a good decision.... Know what ?? It's YOUR day, YOUR love, YOUR $$$, therefore YOUR decision.... Stay true to yourselves... throughout the wedding and mariage...... We have the opposite situation; we are getting married privately.... (with just the 5 adults kids)... our friends and family still don't understand our decision... we're actually lying about the date to make sure they don't show up.... Here's to FREE CHOICE !!! Annie stick to your guns !
  4. I'll add another one.... The Grand Palladium Riviera Maya has 3 different sections,on a HUGE site, including one family oriented (children's play area, babysitting) etc., and one 18+ only. This should cover 100% of your guests, yet everying has access to all restaurants, pools, bars, etc. (except the 18+ section Royal Suites, but for the B&G, this is ideal).... Have a look at palladiumaddicts.net Happ-y planning !!!!
  5. In Oct of 2009, we spent a 1 week return visit to Royal Suites Grand Palladium after having fallen in love with the place in nov 2008 (2 weeks). On the planned shopping day in Playa Del Carmen, I was kinda suprised when my FI suggested we shop at Diamonds International... the jewelry is fantastic, but not exactly in our gift-budget range.. but I followed him in innocently.... I was searching for a replacement earing with a tropical stone, when he pulled me over to THE RINGS.... He had had the attendant pull out a few models, on the counter. I was kinda shy about trying them on, not realizing there was a purchase in my future. The attendant must have been in on it, 'cause he was having a wale of a time, with bigger and bigger stones until I almost fainted. Finally, FI pulled out the initial ring he had chosen, and slipped it on my finger with a "it's perfect". Perfect ? i asked... "Yes, if you're to be married, you'll need a ring.." well, the floor just bottomed out.... I was expecting the big question around New Years... not here! We walked out of the shop after the details were settled, I was in a daze.... Walked over to Starbucks, sat down and cried.... He then got down on one knee (well almost, we're an older couple!) and proposed with the most touching and heartful declaration of love.... His intent was that we get married then and there, but, due to wrong information about the paperwork needed, we decided to postpone, and, finally (months later - remember - we're old), thought it would be a great idea to seal the deal in Riviera Maya the following year, with the 5 kids and their spouses.... So Nov 11th of this year, on the white sands, we will kiss and say "I do"..... Ohhh I so do !!!!!
  6. I have also been trying to get a hold of Rocio to finalize, sent it the completed info and cc info, but no answer.... Also copied the Royal Suites GM, hoping the get an answer ASAP..... very unnerving until the final confirmation comes in.... photographer also waiting for final confirmation..... argh !!!!
  7. Hi there Pineapplebride, When contacting GP, they send you a complete package of information, if need be, I could send you a copy (do you have Rocio's e-mail ?) Out of the many many hotels (50+) my FI has been to in the Carribean for business, we have been to GP 3 times in a row and don't know why we'd go elsewhere... our ceremony (NOV 2010) will be at the beach gazebo also. If you need more info, please let me know, have spent 4 weeks there in the last 24 months...
  8. Although 3:00 p.m. is great for time to take it easy before photography time, but it is still high sun, therefore very warm and also cruel lighting for the photographer.... We're aiming for a 5:00 p.m., as it's on the beach, therefore less people Congrats to you!
  9. Haven't been able to find out what documents need to be submitted here in the province of Quebec to have the marriage registered (civil). Is the translated certificate only what they need ?? Thanks !!!!
  10. These two newbies are oldies, going for a 2nd time around ! Going Royal Suites of the Grand Palladium November 11th, 2010, it comes out to 11-11-2010... neat huh ? And as we get older, our memory ain't as good, so Remembrance Day is a good way to remember.... only, what was it we were supposed to remember oh yeah...!!!! This is our 3rd trip there, and without a shadow of doubt, the best place to be !
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