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CANADIAN OOT BAG info...where to shop!

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#41 emme

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    Posted 20 March 2009 - 10:36 AM

    Thank you sunstarsmoon!! I have signed up I can't wait to see what the offers are!!

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    #42 beachbride2009

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      Posted 20 March 2009 - 11:23 AM

      Anyone looking for mugs that aren't worried about baggage weight or have a small group, there are those freezer ones (the kind with the coloured liquid inside) at Zellers for I think it was $1.69 each. They were in turquoise, pink or green. I would have loved to get them but I'm already overboard in weight and with 50 guests....LOL.

      #43 punkie569

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        Posted 20 March 2009 - 01:36 PM

        Originally Posted by emme
        Hi Punkie569...I'm just wondering about vistaprint. I've taken your tip and checked out the website...but unfortunately I can only get ONE free pen. Do you have any more insider tips on how I can get a pile of them for free like you did? Thanks!!
        Well as you can see my wedding isn't for awhile so I'm going the slow route and getting the free pen with every order I put in. I think someone else suggested you sign up for their emails and I recommend that as well. I've been doing a lot of printing through them and its all for free other than shipping. Sorry I don't have any insider tips other than to sign up for the emails and just place small orders and get a pen with every order(I'm doing the same thing for hats). Sometimes after you place your order they will give you additional deals with the shipping included and I got an extra pen for only a few dollars. Hope that helps you even a little bit.
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        #44 emme

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          Posted 20 March 2009 - 03:33 PM

          Thanks Punkie569...every bit of information helps!!

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          #45 godaloveme

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            Posted 26 March 2009 - 12:31 PM

            Avon has Travel size body wash on for around a buck and small hand cream for 79 cents right now if any ones interested

            #46 Beautiful Bride

            Beautiful Bride
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              Posted 26 March 2009 - 02:08 PM

              Originally Posted by beachbride2009
              Hello fellow Canadian brides! I thought our own post would be a good start for us in finding some great deals on OOT bag contents. I am tired of being jealous of all the great shops our fellow brides south of the border get, like Target and the the Dollar Tree. Let's share with our own great shops from Coast to Coast!

              I was recently at the big Dollar store on Douglas St in Victoria and picked up $1 crossword and sudoku books, plus I noticed they also had the $1 first aid kits and some other great stuff in the pharmacy aisle.

              I'm currently looking for Spanish for Dummies, playing cards, bubble bath or bath salts, and individual packets of alka-slezer immodium or pepto. If anyone has any ideas on where to get this stuff I'd be greatly appreciative.

              Also, I have yet to buy my actual bags...I've been looking on some American based websites and found some great tote bags, but with the exchange rate, etc the cost is slowly creeping up and I was hoping to spend only around $5 per bag.

              Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing!
              Hey Beach Bride,

              I have a very cool family doctor who I get a long with great. I asked him if he had any sample packets of immodium, tylenol etc. He said he'd hook me up with what he had, whenever I'm ready. Also, for the things he didn't have, he suggested asking at thte pharmacy that's in the same parking lot. They know who he is so, I might try to name drop and see if they'll help out. If these aren't an option, you could try asking at the pharmacy if you can buy induvidual packets or boxes of them. Good luck!

              #47 lakerbride

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                Posted 18 April 2009 - 04:39 PM

                love this thread! I'm compiling info now cuz our wedding is a year away but I sure appreciate all the advice here

                #48 GPBride2009

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                  Posted 19 April 2009 - 09:17 PM

                  Originally Posted by godaloveme
                  Avon has Travel size body wash on for around a buck and small hand cream for 79 cents right now if any ones interested
                  Very true! I'm a new Avon Rep (not even quite sure what I'm doing yet, LOL) but I ordered some stuff from Avon as well.... they now have 79cent SPF lip balm, I ordered 40 as well as Aloe Vera (150 mL, decent size!) and they are $1.99, also ordered 40. They have some great OOT fillers. Check it out AVON CANADA I also ordered my earrings for the wedding day and was pleasantly surprised, they are super cute and were $9.99!

                  #49 canadianadia

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                    Posted 07 May 2009 - 09:50 AM

                    I bought my bags from Dollar Giant, some paper pads and stationary from Micheals, pens from Staples, and hand sanitizer from Walmart and candies and some other random items from Costco

                    #50 sunstarsmoon

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                      Posted 07 May 2009 - 10:04 AM

                      Punkie569 - I am glad to see another bride that is getting married the end of 2010. It seems so far away but the time will just fly by. I find it helps with the budget to start buying now, doesn't seem to be as big of a shock to the wallet!
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