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    May 2009 Brides

    I know the feeling ladies!! I leave tomorrow morning!!!!! I couldn't have done it without writing every single thing down on a to do list, it's the only thing that kept me sane... LOL. I think I even wrote 'wash the dishes' on there or else I would forget! Today's my legal (church ceremony) day and we fly to PUnta Cana tomorrow morning! Yesterday I was panicky and nervous, but today I'm excited. Can't wait!!
  2. I'm leaving for Ocean Sand/Blue in 2 days!! Just a quick question for Debs and any other previous Ocean Sand/Blue Brides out there... When it came time to pay for the wedding, did the resort accept credit card?? I tried to get a final amount of what we owe from Ada, I believe she replaced Julissa, and she is kind of avoiding giving us a total. It's more like, wait until you get here and we can discuss, but that makes it difficult for me to do Travellers' cheques or money orders without amounts!! Did they accept credit card or personal cheques? So this way we don't have to travel with cash. Any info is appreciated!!
  3. Hi Gina, You can contact Ada or Julissa at bodas.hobs@oceanhotels.net
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz Do a google search for travel sizes-that is what I did! Do you know anybody that sells Avon?? SPF lip balm is on sale right now for .79 cents each! That's what I did, I ordered 20 Not sure about the Advil travel packs but I would love to find out too!
  5. Oh okay, that's good to know about the restaurants. I read your review and you went to every restaurant, that's awesome! I read somewhere that we were only allowed 3 ala carte restaurants and that we had to make reservations.... I wonder if that's only because we're going through Signature Vacations?? Well either way, if when we're down there we can just walk in and have dinner, then I guess it won't matter who our tour operator was. I was already having a hard time trying to pick three restaurants, they all sounds great! Good to know also that you set up your tables in a U shape at la Brasa, I hope I can do the same thing with 40 people. LOL. That would save me the hassle of having to do a seating plan which I was trying to avoid. Question: during your actual ceremony on the beach, did you book any music with them? They offer a musical trio, a pianist, etc.? Getting so excited now!!! Look at my ticker!!
  6. Thanks Ayita for posting such awesome info! You are so creative and have some wonderful ideas, your guests will definitely appreciate all your hard work and effort! Love your shoes by the way, too cute!! Especially the funky silver ones! Have a great trip and a wonderful wedding day, it will be amazing!
  7. GPBride2009

    Canadian version of OTC?

    LOL! Too funny! YAY May 12!! Hey are we time twins too?? My ceremony is at 4pm... Well found quite a few more OOT fillers at Dollarama (not sure if you have one in Montreal?) as well as Michael's, in the dolalr aisle. The best things that I bought was from those two stores. Good luck!
  8. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and the info sharing! I splurged a little bit more, I couldn't resist, and I added slippers, SPF lip balm and first aid kits. The slippers and first aid kits I bought at Dollarama ($1.25 each!) and the SPF lip balm I ordered from Avon $0.79 each. So I didn't spend all that much (bought for 18 ladies bags), and I filled up the bags a little more which is exactly what I was hoping for Dollarama had some great new stuff, floaties and beach balls, flip flops all styles and colours, it was a tough decision last night. I think I was there for almost 2 hours! LOL!
  9. GPBride2009

    Canadian version of OTC?

    By the way, we're date twins! May 12, 2009
  10. GPBride2009

    Canadian version of OTC?

    Hmmmm good question!! I too would love a Canadian version of OTC! I ordered the silk fans from Beau-coup and I love them, they also arrived very quickly, but I can't for the life of me remember what I paid for shipping but check out Beau-coup Fans at Beau-coup Favors I'm placing a fan on each seat for the ceremony, I'm sure my guests will appreciate then while they are sitting there in the heat! I'm gonna keep one for myself... I'm sure I'll need a fan that day!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by godaloveme Avon has Travel size body wash on for around a buck and small hand cream for 79 cents right now if any ones interested Very true! I'm a new Avon Rep (not even quite sure what I'm doing yet, LOL) but I ordered some stuff from Avon as well.... they now have 79cent SPF lip balm, I ordered 40 as well as Aloe Vera (150 mL, decent size!) and they are $1.99, also ordered 40. They have some great OOT fillers. Check it out AVON CANADA I also ordered my earrings for the wedding day and was pleasantly surprised, they are super cute and were $9.99!
  12. GPBride2009

    Gift Tag Sayings

    Quote: Originally Posted by StarAndJay I found a few more in case anyone else needs them: 4.) Star and Jay would like to say, thanks for being here on our special day! 5.) Thanks for travelling all this way for our special day! I like #5. What about... Thanks for travelling all this way, to celebrate our special day!
  13. Hi everyone, Well my OOT bags are coming along, I ordered them from Surf Board Members . com beach tote, hawaiian print beach tote, hibiscus print beach tote, hibiscus print, palm tree print, palm tree print beach tote, canvas bag, tropical print beach tote, beach bag, tropical print beach bag, hibiscus print beach bag, palm tree print beach (sorry for the long url) and I love them! The quality seems great, zipper and everything (but their not super big, not too much room for a towel...) and the guys are getting Cooler Bags that FI found at Canadian Tire (since the beach bags looked a little "girly", LOL) http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/brows...unch%2BBag.jsp I feel like something is missing. (I have thought about towels, but they won't fit.) And this is what I have for fillers so far: jar candle from Michaels (Tropical Paradise scent) mini hand sanitizer sunglass wipes (2 each bag) starfish/shell soap from Michaels notepad, with magnet Aloe Vera (150 ML) Guys bags - travel playing cards from Michaels I am also planning a welcome letter/booklet, gotta work on that! Any suggestions for other fillers? I can't find travel bug spray for the life of me, my guests aren't flip flop wearers (maybe 3 out of say 20) and towels won't fit. urghhhhh And FI says not to bother with any more items because the bags itself are the gift, but I feel like since we already started with some fillers, I think we would need to actually fill the bag to a certain extent and not have only a few small items. Am I being too generous??
  14. GPBride2009

    Catholic Wedding

    Quote: Originally Posted by Boston Bride 2009 GPBride2009, Where did you find his contact information. I am very interested in getting in contact as we REALLY want to have a religous ceremony. Thanks, Debbie Hi Boston Bride 2009, I found his contact info here on the forum, (sorry can't remember which thread! ) but here is his e-mail: ryork@codetel.net.do Hope this helps! Karen
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by akelly Hi Guys! Getting married possibly May 8th 2010 at Ocean Blue, DR. Anyone with any feedback or advice on this resort would be great!!! I'll be getting married there in about 3 weeks! I will definitely post a review when I get back! Search the forum for wedding reviews, that will give you some great insight. Here's Deb's review which I found helpful: (not sure if this link works...) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20918