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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Ok so I am posting up some very personal problems with my dress to see if others can advise me on how to me beautiful on my big day. With the way everything is now I can't smile. I am near tears, yet I feel to ridiculous to cry.





So for me #1 is that the hoop can be seen under the dress.

#2 is that it is now a trumpet/mermaid dress instead of an fitted-Aline like I asked.

#3 I can barely pull it over the petticoat they provided.

#4 I specifically requested to not have sequin but its throughout plus beading. The beading is very nice.




You all seem very educated on how to request specifics for your dress. This is what I suggested but I haven't received a reply yet. Do you think I am correct or should I add more, rephase?





Its bunched in the front and back but I feel once my legs can breath that I will be able to pull it down.

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blackkinu - I think that you will either have to have the changes done locally or send the dress back to them to change. I think the major thing is that it is supposed to be a-line but fits like trumpet. You could probably hide the hoop by adding another layer of fabric in between the skirt and the hoop. If you want to get rid of the sequins the whole dress will need to be rebeaded. How does the dress look without the petticoat?

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blackinu, I realized in the first picture that they turned it into a mermaid.   My mother went to design school and taught me how to sew at 12, I could have seen that and created and A line pattern back then!!  Don't know how the seamstresses in China missed it. 


Didn't want you to feel bad, as if you liked the new style it was all good, but now that you've mentioned these issues I'd say send it back!  Also the material they used is a stiff organza in the bottom and it does not flow.   
They should have used a soft sheer fabric that drapes over another fabric and in an A line-ish fitted dress (the pattern is in pieces I believe from the original picture) 


Wish they could have delivered this.   Keep us posted!! 

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Tiny Tuna thank you for your information. I know nothing and haven't the slightest idea how to explain what I am looking for. Can you give me a few pointers. What fabric should I request? That sounds beautiful what you stated. Is there a name for it?


Also I want to clearly state the aline look of the dress. How should I put it? I feel like there is a lot of miscommunication. Also a lot of unwillingness to change my dress.


Do you think its fixable or should I just try something else. My wedding is April 2nd by the way!

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Ladies, I'm having an issue with babyonline.  I found a listing on their site that is very similar to a dress I like for around $120.  However, the ruffles on the dress are different from the ones I want.  I asked them to change the style of the ruffles, and sent them a picture of how I want them to look.  They replied that they could make those changes, but it was custom so they quoted me at 175.00 and 60 for shipping.  I realized it was different from the price they listed, so went back to look at their listing and it was deleted.  However, they assured me that they could make the dress so I agreed.  However, I asked them to not an embroidered belt on the dress.  They told me it was no problem and that I could make it removable.  I said no, I just don't want a belt or embroidery, so what's the new price? They said no new price, there's no extra charge for the belt.  So I'm thinking, ok, you're not going to lower the price when I'm asking for you to do less work on my dress, so might as well ask for the removable belt! So I sent them a design of a belt I liked and asked them to make it removable.  Guess what, now they're asking for $80 more! What's the deal????? I'm so irritated.  I feel like just going to another seller! Please tell me if this is normal, or should I go back and tell them they keep upping the price on me!!! 

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I found this listing of your dress:



it looks like that's how they turn out.  Have you tried taking it to the dry cleaners and asking if they can smooth it out for you? Try using crinoline that doen't have the ring, you can find several inexpensive ones and second hand stores or online.  Maybe take your dress to davids bridal and ask if you can try yours on with one of their slips.

Originally Posted by blackkinu View Post


It pretty much just hangs an I can't walk over it since I am so short. I need a petticoat for sure.

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aybe this will help?   I'm not sure if the bodice is separate from the skirt but it seems it will fit better this way perhaps as they won't make a mistake if it's all in one big piece. 

Did you by any chance try on the original dress, is it a maggie sottero?   If you can somewhere in your local town find this dress and try it on and take detailed pictures of it, would that be possible?  Especially to see if there is a seam in the waist under the sequin decoration. 

Also you need to feel the farbic on the original dress, to me it looks almost like a soft lace veil over the under dress and it has many gathers at the bottom as you can see because the pattern flares out a lot, it's beautiful!   But it needs to flow which means the fabric needs to hang and have some nice weight or softness NOT like stiff organza here: 



Looking at some examples at coral bridal because her lace seems high quality.   Not sure if she's trying to duplicate your same dress but the material used here looks soft, she would need to flare it out a lot more to create the nice pleats in your dress but with the soft lace over it can look really nice. 


ere it's slightly more flared in this dress, with lace overlay as well: 


This is mermaid which you're not looking for HOWEVER I
f this flared out a little higher on the hips and more fabric was added to the pieces it would look right, notice the extensive pleating on the bottom near the floor. 

hrough my research of the chinese sites I noticed cora's samples to be quite good, with the nice lace and all, she just never got my email as it kept getting returned to me. 

Please let me know if I can help in any other way, I'd be happy to! 

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blackkinu - Definitely take imara's advice and try it with a mermaid style crinoline. It won't be as obvious under the thin fabric. Have you given your product feedback yet? They might be more likely to fix your issues if you are going to give them negative feedback, esp since right now they have 100% positive. Your wedding day is really close, so I hope you can find a solution before then!


imara - every time you make a change they charge more. Where are you located that they are charging shipping? I submitted a custom dress for them to make and it is still free shipping.

They did ask for another $45 to change the skirt on mine and made a custom listing.

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