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  1. I hope you got the dress you were looking for. Its so beautiful. I love the fantasy theme.
  2. Update- I love my dress that has been made by Dressilyme. I also love the customer care they have given. So far when speaking to some other sites I haven't experienced such great English and detail about the dress. It seems like they understand the make of a dress and understand how to communicate with their customers. I really enjoyed the ability to call and speak to the company because many of these services only have chat or email. At the end of the day I love my dress and the work was amazing. We had a misunderstanding about the material at first so thats why this is an update. I requested for there to not be any sequin in the dress and between the representative on the pone and my order form, the dressmake used sequin. I actually thought it was so beautiful as they had made the dress but I couldn't get past my personal preferance. I am not a big fan of sequin because of my Moms love for it in the early 90's I also didn't prefer it on my wedding dress. They kindly adjusted the dress and now its exactly what I dreamed of. Dress pics with sequin Now the update without the sequin- only beading and crystals. And for those of you that don't know this is my inspiration photograph They will be finishing this beading throughout the dress and I will receive it soon. If anyone has seen my old pics from the previous attempt to make this dress you would understand my happiness!!
  3. This is one beautiful dress!!! I love the lace and I am all about lace dresses. Whew!!
  4. We are fine. We are all hoping for the best. We actually had to cancel our wedding last week. The scheduled date was for April 2nd. Now we have to try a different date in the future.We have no idea! Our family didn't want to come because it was so much drama. I am just hoping to use my 2 dresses
  5. My 2nd dress for my second ceremonies. I am having 1 in Japan and 1 in America. Me Ignore my messy house.
  6. Hi! Sorry I have been gone for so long. I live here in Japan and its been a difficult past 2 weeks for the country. My dress from Dressilyme is now finished and I received confirmation images today. I will post the pictures soon because I am 100% happy with the quality and customer service. I wanted to thank you so much for all your advice and your help. You really inspired me.
  7. Ok thanks Tinytuna and everyone for your help. The time was too much of a crunch for me to go with Corals since they took long to respond and I hadn't any experience with them. I do however, love their advertisement and thinkt hey are excellent. One thing I noticed was their quality was quite similar to the company I had already used once, Dressilyme. I thought it would be safer to go with them. They said they could make the dress on time and deliver it to me before the wedding. It is really close though!!!!! I will post my new results of the dream gown.I hope it works out better this time.
  8. Wow! Thank you so much Tiny Tuna. Really you helped me feel stronger as if there is still a possibility to get something I can use on my special day. I actually emailed Coral about 3 times but I haven't had a response. So because of time that sent me to Dressilyme because of my experience with them for my simple dress for home I thought maybe they could handle a nice recreation. I don't need a 100% duplicate but I want something feminine and use able. This dress I currently have makes me want to hide behind a curtain on my wedding day. I can't do that. I am marrying a wonderful man and I have dreamed of this experience forever. I just wanted an inexpensive and custom option for myself. Because of his rave reviews I though Aprils bridal/Jeff liu could handle the style and quality. The quality is lacking as well as the style. I now don't' trust his remake options. I have been back and forth with him about a refund and so far he isn't cooperating with my request. Supposedly its 100% after the first 7 days. I am unhappy with his style of business. If Coral will mail me back soon then I will go with them. I just need something that will be beautiful. I love all your suggestions from coral. They aren't exact but are fabulous.
  9. Tiny Tuna thank you for your information. I know nothing and haven't the slightest idea how to explain what I am looking for. Can you give me a few pointers. What fabric should I request? That sounds beautiful what you stated. Is there a name for it? Also I want to clearly state the aline look of the dress. How should I put it? I feel like there is a lot of miscommunication. Also a lot of unwillingness to change my dress. Do you think its fixable or should I just try something else. My wedding is April 2nd by the way!
  10. It pretty much just hangs an I can't walk over it since I am so short. I need a petticoat for sure.
  11. Ok so I am posting up some very personal problems with my dress to see if others can advise me on how to me beautiful on my big day. With the way everything is now I can't smile. I am near tears, yet I feel to ridiculous to cry. So for me #1 is that the hoop can be seen under the dress. #2 is that it is now a trumpet/mermaid dress instead of an fitted-Aline like I asked. #3 I can barely pull it over the petticoat they provided. #4 I specifically requested to not have sequin but its throughout plus beading. The beading is very nice. You all seem very educated on how to request specifics for your dress. This is what I suggested but I haven't received a reply yet. Do you think I am correct or should I add more, rephase? Its bunched in the front and back but I feel once my legs can breath that I will be able to pull it down.
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