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  1. Hey girls, Sorry I've been MIA. The last time I posed I wrote about how I hated my babyonline dress. After shoving it in my parent's closet and deciding to never see it again, I realized it was time to start shopping for another dress. I really considered buying a replica dress, but ended up giving in and buying a Priscilla of Boston dress I fell in love with. (BTW, While I was there I saw the Vera Wang Diana, and I guess I'm over it. Maybe I judged my replica dress too harshly, I think it's partially because I decided it's not the dress for me.) Anyway....moving on to this babyonline dress, like I said before, I do have to give them credit for pulling off such a beautiful skirt. I sincerely think they did an EXCELLENT job of recreating the David's Bridal VW351011 dress, but I didn't want to buy the original one because I wanted a sweetheart neckline and the DB one doesn't have boning to support making these alterations. I think my mistake was asking them to make a corset back. I figured it would help make up for any sizing mistakes, but instead they made the dress too big, even when I tried to get the corset tight. The inside of the dress is beautiful, very well made, has a built-in strap for extra support. The top of the dress has a double layer of fabric to get the pleated look, but the top layer seems to be too detached to the bottom one in certain sections. It sticks out a bit. Again, I would not get that type of design from Babyonline. Look for dressmakers that can do nice even pleats in an organized manner. Also, the transition from the top of the dress to the skirt was poorly made and not thought out. They should have added one flat layer of organza to cover to give it a smooth look. There were minor mistakes throughout the dress (colored fabric/string that was stuck inside the organza folds, small tears) but none of these are visible once it's on. It still bothered me because I felt that they should have taken their time to put the dress together and make sure it was clean. Also, I ordered a belt that they said was "high quality" and it's honestly crap. It look NOTHING AT ALL like what I ordered and some beads were falling off. I don't think they even bothered to make it similar to what I ordered. It's not "similar" or even "close", it's just flat out a belt that they made however they wanted to threw it in there. I'm so disappointed about this, that it just did it for me. It was so mad. If they would have sent me pictures before they shipped it, I would have asked them to redo it or ask for my money back, which, I'm guessing, is why they didn't do it. They also told me it was a mistake from the warehouse to ship it and that they fired the person...mhm...I've heard that excuse before. I'm now disputing this through DHgate, not an easy process, but when I asked Babyonline for a refund they said they would only do half. I said I was fine with half of the price of the dress, but I wanted a full refund for the belt because it's nothing like what I ordered. They basically said no. I gave in because in the end it was only a couple dollars more, so I agreed to half then they said half back, partially in cash and the other part in store-credit. WTF???? NO! Then they said "ok, let us check with the manager". Which I think is BS. So I opened a dispute. Here are the pictures: I didn't take picture of the belt, I just decided to not look at it, I was so mad. But I'll show some more pictures since I need to send them in for the dispute.
  2. I hate my dress. Well, not entirely. Just the top part of it. Right now it's stuffed in my parent's closed and I don't even care to look at it. I sent pictures to babyonline with my complaints and they said they'd send it to their factory. At this point, I just want an entirely new dress. I was so nervous about the way the bottom of the dress would look, and what turned out horrible was the top. It's a good 3-4 inches too big, lumpy, the fabric just seems to be way too detached to the bottom layer, and the darn lace up looks crooked. Overall, I think they just made it too fast and careless. There's parts that aren't sewn properly, and colored pieces of string stuck inside the folds. I'm so bummed because the skirt really does look good! If I could just cut it in half and have them redo the top part it would be fine. Although it does bother me that some parts are sewn incorrectly. Anyway, I also asked them to make a belt. They said it was top quality and charged extra. It looks like a piece of crap. Seriously! It's NOTHING like what I sent them. It looks like a children's dress belt. I don't even know how they think they could get me to accept that. Anyway, I'm so disappointed. I'm ready to go spend a couple thousand on the read dress now.
  3. Ah! I just got a call that my dress was delivered to my house but I'm at work! I'm so worried! I didn't even get any pictures from Babyonline. And I just got the tracking number yesterday, I didn't expect it to actually be shipped to soon!
  4. I didnt order the dress exactly, I changed the bottom. I really liked the Vera Wang's skirt, but the top half from Fantasia, which is why I couldn't commit to one or the other, so I decided on getting it custom made with my changes. I'll let you know how it turns out. If its horrible I might just have to buy the original VW and alter the top to look like fantasia because I am absolutely in love with it. I would love to see pics of your fantasia! Did you try it on?
  5. Thanks for mentioning that! I am also concerned about the inside of the dress. I already ordered from babyonline so I cant really choose anymore, but it would help ease my mind.
  6. yay! I'm so glad you love your dress Beachy! I'm feeling the same anxiety too, but I've seen only good things from them so whatever comes I'm sure it will be good. Can't wait to see some pics of your dress!
  7. Hey girls, I think I considered all of these places when I was looking for a LV reception. I'm just a little confused, do you mean Planet Hollywood the Hotel or the Restaurant at Caesars Palace? Because your picture is of the Caesars Palace but your link is to the Hotel. I think the restaurant is very affordable and they have great options, but you can't be picky about a theme or style of you wedding because they place is very themed already. As for the Hard Rock, again I'm confused because I requested info from the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. The link is: http://www.hardrock.com/locations/cafes3/cafe.aspx?LocationID=507&MIBEnumID=3 It's very beautiful, amazing view and location. I loved it! A bit pricey, but I think it would be worth it. They have a banquet room, but I wanted the patio. I think that would be an amazing option! As for the Rumor Hotel, my sister stayed there on our last trip to Vegas. The Hotel is definitely something else! I looked around and though, omg this is exactly the kind of decor I like, it's so cool and modern, I bet it would make a great reception site! I can't believe they actually do weddings! How cool! Sorry, I didn't take pics of the actual space, but she has some of her room. It has a small living room, and a separate room. Very nice! The entire hotel is deocrated beautifully. They have a large open area, a pool, and a volleyball area, and small cabanas in the pool. I'm sure you can do so much fun stuff there.
  8. Hey Tami! When I first started looking into having a Vegas wedding I was searching for the exact same thing. It is very expensive if you go through the hotel, and finding a nice one that has a strip view or any decent view is very expensive. I looked at the MGM for their terrace room, and it looks nice, but pretty pricey as well. Anyway, after several months of looking at alternate places I came across these options, which were my favorites: Planet Hollywood inside the Ceasar's Palace: http://www.planethollywoodintl.com/groups.php it is very affordable, semi-private, they provide a DJ Hard Rock Cafe: http://www.hardrock.com/locations/cafes3/cafe.aspx?LocationID=507&MIBEnumID=3 It's beautiful! Right on the strip, amazing view, semi-private, no DJ availalbe (just the bar's music) and a bit expensive, unless you do passed appetizers. Little Chapel Receptions: (my choice!) http://www.littlechapel.com/receptions.php They have several options for receptions, and seem to be adding more. I chose the Platinum Hotel Reception package. I'm getting the exact same service I would if I booked directly from the hotel, but at a MUCH lower price. Believe me, I checked directly with them and would not be able to afford their prices. So far, Little Chapel has been great!!! Oh, and the room (Misora) is gorgeous! Wrap-around deck, strip view although it's not on the strip, it's directly behind Bally's, a beautiful banquet room, and completely private.
  9. ooops, I meant to Courtastrophe aaah!! I just fell in love. I also found this dress, which I love the top, I wonder if I can get that as a jacket.
  10. GwenJen, I ordered my dress with Babyonline. It's a recplica of Maggie Sottero Fantasia with some small changes. I went with Babyonline because overall, I felt they did a better job with making dresses. I may just be very picky, but other dress makers I've seen just seem to having something off. Either I didn't like how something was stitched, cut, or designed. I had a coworker that ordered from Duosheng, and she loved her dress, but it was a very simple, which I figured must have been easy to make. I have seen some of their work, and they seem to do a great job. They also seem to have great quality fabrics, but didn't trust them with the complexity of my dress. I had requested a quote from Duosheng and found out they have several types of lace, but communicating with them was very difficult because I wanted a replica of Monique Lhuillier Magical which is actually a two-piece dress. However, I wanted a top like this, but at the time I asked for the quote I hadn't decided on it yet. It was so difficult finding a picture of the skirt alone, but when I finally did, they still didn't really understand. They quoted me almost 300 dlls for the skirt, and were insisting that I choose a top. When I finally found that top I liked, I sent it to them and the price went up to just under 500. I thought it was way too much, especially since the skirt isn't very detailed. BTW, I've been looking for a jacket that would match my dress, but I'm having a very hard time. I also always wanted to wear a veil with a lace border, which again, doesn't match my dress. I'm thinking of getting a second dress very similar to the one you like, but the inspiration is from Princess Grace's wedding dress. I think I'm going to wait until I get my first dress, and if everything comes out good I'll order the second one which will be my conservative church ceremony dress. Gracimurano, your dress is absolutely beautiful! Once again, I'm so happy to have ordered from babyonline.
  11. I love that dress Court, I want a long sleeve cover up like that too for my dress. It is a strapless. Yes, I understand completely what you mean. I reeeeeeeally hated strapless dresses too. I always thought they were the dumbest thing ever and would pray that they would go out of style very soon. It just doesnt make sense to me that a beautiful dress would be so detailed everywhere but then have a simple top that looked average. Anyway, I ended up falling in love with a strapless anyway because I know I can add a jacket over it for the ceremony and another one for the reception which makes it easier to change your look as well. My problem now is that I'm looking for a jacket just like the one it that dress but I can't even find that! Are you going to get it removable or have it attached? I'm sure you can ask around different sellers for samples of their lace fabric, just like my last post said, I got pictures from Duosheng of some of the lace designs they have which matched the dress I had asked for. But if you don't want to use Duosheng, which I didnt, then you may be able to get other sellers to send you some info. I would suggest that you contact the sellers and let them know what you like, ask for some samples of their lace, and be nice about what it is that you're looking for. I'm sure if you contact them with questions and concerns they will answer you. Dont feel like you have to contact them with purchases only.
  12. GwenJen, I originally wanted a lace dress so I had looked around for some nice lace patterns. I'm not sure about the other sellers, but when I asked Duosheng for a quote, they immediately told me that the lace from the picture was different from what they had. They sent me about 5 pictures of different lace patterns they had, which were very nice. I still had some doubts though, and told them how would they be able to match the dress style. They explained to me how they would do it and which lace patterns matched best. I liked their honesty. I haven't heard about any other seller doing that, but if you ask they might be able to do show you what they have as well.
  13. Congrats! What day are you getting married? I'm also getting married in Vegas and had originally booked in October, but then the church was booked until December AAAhhh, you're so lucky! Anyway, I would definitely choose your current measurements because in the end you can always have it altered to make it smaller, but you can't make it larger! Or you could wait a couple months.
  14. No way! It matches with the bottom of the dress very well! And it's not like you have lace all over, you only have lace accents on the skirt. It's going to contrast against your dress and look beautiful!
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