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Transcabo - Review

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After finding Transcabo on another website, I decided to give them a try during our site visit last weekend. With the ease of making reservations online, and the prices listed on their website, how could I resist. I wanted to make sure I “test drove†the transportation company before making a suggestion to our guests for airport transportation.


Typically we either forget to make transportation reservations before we arrive in Los Cabos, or we make reservations through the Fiesta Americana Grand. Neither are very good options – cabs are expensive if you wait until you get to SJD, and the transportation provided by Fiesta Americana got increasingly annoying as the years went on, having to wait for other flights, etc.


I made reservations online, for a one-way only. When we landed, our driver was at the terminal, in the required orange golf shirt, holding a sign with our names (not just a dry erase, or sign in pencil, but a typed, all-caps, easily visible sign). Our driver quickly grabbed our luggage and we were almost ready.


One of the members of our group got caught up behind us, lost his place in line, etc so we had to wait on him. Our driver had no problem at all waiting, for the 15 minutes extra it took him to reach the outside.


The Suburban was air-conditioned and running, and the driver had cooled it off before we arrived. He offered us bottled water as well. He was courteous and friendly, and didnâ€t interrupt conversation (which is one of my pet peeves). He cracked a few jokes during the drive and made the overall trip enjoyable.


I would highly recommend Transcabo – I am going to provide a link for our guests on our website, so they can link directly and book their transportation. And with several options of shared and private shuttles, the service can fit into any budget.


Website:Transcabo - Los Cabos Transportation, Private & Shuttle Service, Airport Transfers, Activity Transfers, per hour service.

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Great review and I completely agree.. We had a group of six take a trip to Dreams (Cabo) in 2005. They were our transportation and things couldn't have gone smoother. It's great to have someone waiting with your name on a sign amongst all the sharks outside.

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