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    Cabo Flowers

    I used flower cart, they were great. My bouquet still looked fresh a whole week after the wedding!
  2. annkaley


    Great idea...let us know how it turns out...it sounds a little complicated, but such a good idea!
  3. I think we should get this going again... everyone share your fun fonts!
  4. annkaley

    Spa Party at Cabo Surf's Spa

    I honestly wouldn't use the Spa at Cabo Surf for anything other than massages. Since it is so small, the massage girls are the ones doing the manicures and pedicures, and let's just say that they aren't that good. The massages are excellent, but I can't say the same for the nail services.
  5. This is one of my favorites, and very easy to do for a large group. It reminds me of summer, good for your Jamaican theme. In Italy, they use honeydew melon, in Spain they use cantelope. Either way it tastes great! -Take a Honeydew melon and cut into cubes -Wrap thin strips of prosciutto around the cubes of melon -Secure with a toothpick -Set out on a tray -Keep refrigerated until serving
  6. annkaley

    Table Runner?

    I like it...very natural to go with a beachy theme!
  7. That looks so fun...I would really like to do this! Do you have any other set-up instructions / tips that I could give my photographer so that we could try to do it?
  8. annkaley

    Costco---Tequilla Prices

    Thanks so much for this info!!
  9. Definitely check Cabo Surf Hotel...there is no site fee if you book enough rooms!
  10. annkaley

    I am A CHEAPO!

    Will you post pictures of the runners and ties you are making?? That sounds like such a good idea so you get the right color!
  11. I love all of your stuff!! What are your tables going to look like? (Centerpieces, linens, etc)
  12. I have done all of my paper products with stuff from that store and they all turned out super cute...STDs, Invites, RSVPs, Seating Cards, Welcome Letters, etc. They are so helpful, even if you want to go into the store once a week for help. (which I did!)
  13. This is the picture I used to show what I wanted as far as luminaries...sorry it is a link to the picture... http://www.cabosurfhotel.com/bodas/kyndragregg/kg88.jpg
  14. Thank you for the review, I found it very helpful. I am wondering if anyone else has had these problems with Maye? I have experienced her lack of attention to detail on the spreadsheets, and it is driving me crazy! I need to know that everything is worked out, and seeing that is not very reassuring. Thank you for your take on the whole experience with a coordinator, now I know that I need to be on top of things.