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My OOT Bags~ the big hits and the things that weren't used

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Thanks guys!!!! Miss Bliss - My hubby created a stencil of it. Actually 2 - one with the words which I used black on, then one with the heart which we decided to use lilac on because it was our wedding color (our colors were lilac and purple but spray paint doesn't have that kind of range). He pulled up the I heart NY logo, put it into word and then changed it to DR. The size of the paper we used as stencil had to be the width of the bag. And while I spray painted it I had put brackets to hold the stencil in its place securely. 


The bags, I brought at a bag store in London, near me. What I found online were more cloth totes which you'd have to have silk screened because spray paint will run right though. And silk screening is expensive. There are sellers on Etsy that will make them for you too. My bags were a soft burlap and were lined inside with a plastic coating. I chose it because it delighted me that water and sand wouldn't get inside. Which it didn't - yippie! And with the lining, I was able to spray paint the bags at a fraction of the cost compared to cloth totes. 


I have to tell you that I am considering making a little business out of it. But I had brought them all out from my bag seller and need to wait till he gets more. I'll start to do a search for the bags online. If I find them, I'll let you know.Screen shot 2012-02-27 at 00.39.09.png

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I'm still torn on what I'm going to include. This thread has been very helpfull though!

I feel like I have to wait a little while until I have a better head count. Right now I am expecting anywhere from 25-50, but that is a huge difference. Ultimately, I have a budget in mind, so if we get more people, there could be a little less in the bags.


So far I've created a few vistaprint items to put in the bag:

1) Photoshare card (free offer vistaprint)

2) A welcome letter printed on oversized postcard with envelope (also free from Vistaprint)

3) I've created the insert for the room key/tip money holder with free business cards from Vistaprint....and will order lanyards/waterproof badge holders later once I have numbers


Things I want:

1) Absolutely - tote bags. Thinking of trying to find either plain tan, white, or even black ones from a dollar store, or cheap online, and personalizing them with our wedding logo via iron on transfer

2) Another must - Travel mugs. I was originally going to do personalized ones, but I think if we get the bubba keg mugs they will get used far more during the stay, as well as at home afterwards. They are a little more pricey, but these are important to me as they are the "main" gift in the bags, so I will sacrifice other items to get these.

3) Hand sanitizer, and pepto/immodium/advil etc. as part of a survival kit.


I think that should be enough, as I don't think I'll manage anything else within budget, but we'll see as we go along.



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I am still putting everything together and still making decisions on what else to include...so far I have Reuseable Shopping bags - http://baggubag.com/#Shop Bubba Kegs Mini First Aid Kits - filled with Motrin, immodium, band aids, emergen-c, gatorade packets Travel Size Aloe Travel Size Hand Sanatizer Deck of Cards Make-up remover wipes Qtips Card holder with key chain coil Things I am on the fence with Inflatable Swim Tubes Room Spray or Candles Things that I want to do Thank You Cards Welcome Packet Spanish Phrase cheat sheet I am just stressing about packing everything...even though it minimal compared to some of the brides onhere

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I found these really great personalized bags for 1/2 the cost of most other ones online. (I'd like to make my own bags, but am realizing it's not going to happen sad.gif, too much going on).  Most bags like this with custom names on them are $16-$24 each, but these are $8.00 each! I bought one per couple coming to our wedding and put their last names on the bag. They come in a ton of colors with different colored threads. I just ordered 11 of them and will let you know how they turn out. Just thought I would share being the price is a lot lower than anthing else I've found out there...





Personalized Cheer Dance Beach Bridesmaid Gift Tote Bag Name or Initial


Heres a link to the Esty seller.



Here is a link to the thread color chart.


Here is a link to the bag colors.

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Hello,  I am still trying to figure out what to put in my guests bags as well.  I can see that the 'spanish for dummies' wasn't a hit but what about a drink cocktail guide?  Has anyone tried this?  I found when I went to Mexico last I was always stuck on what to drink next and this might give some great ideas to our guests.


Anyone tried this before?

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