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  1. It is totally extreme in my opinion, and I can only assume they do it to encourage brides to use the resort photographer. I kept looking until I found a resort that didn't charge a ridiculous fee, because I wanted to pick my own photographer. Hope you can sort something out
  2. I love these! Thanks so much for posting. I am going to change them up a little bit, but they will work perfectly with my paper fans and bubbles!
  3. No problem! An update - I received my watches yesterday and they are fantastic! There are a number of things I want to grab off DHgate as well
  4. I'm not sure, but I've ordered from vistaprint.com in the past when they don't have the same deals on .ca. It's gotten me plenty of free offers, and I didn't find the shipping to be any more expensive
  5. Have you tried DHgate.com? It's a wholesale site, where you can specify your quantity and it will show you matches that have minimum quantities suitable for you. I ordered 50 waterproof silicone watches, and I've seen brides on here ordering sunglasses and other things from this site.
  6. I got them straight from http://www.shopbubba.com. If you use this site, don't forget the promo codes (BUBBA10OFF for orders of $100 or more, and BUBBA15OFF for orders of $200 or more). It brings the price per unit down quite a bit, and I found this to be cheaper than any store (though I'm in Canada, so you may have more selection/sales in the US). They also have flat rate $4.99 US shipping, which I found fantastic compared to other travel mugs I looked at online. I'm in Canada, but had them shipped to a US friend Also, if it helps...I debated for a long time what size/shape to get. I d
  7. Hey! I haven't given them out in my OOT bags yet, but I ordered 50 of them to take down and give to our guests. I always travel with a bubba, and have never had an issue at an AI resort yet. Usually, people will ask you where you got them while you're down there I'm confident that it will be, by far, the most used item in our gift bags! I purchased them online from the manufacturer, and feel we got a pretty good price I did it that way vs. hunting them down on sale in stores so that I could get large quantities in the two colours I wanted.
  8. Ladies! Hope your planning is going well! I keep staring at my countdown, and can't believe that it is finally getting close Kristina/Jess - we will absolutely have to get together for a drink! What date do you guys arrive again? I've been slacking on the planning for months, but feel like I've kicked into gear recently. I'm working on selecting the menu and flowers with the hotel right now....booked my hair/makeup. Our MOH and BM are a husband/wife team, so they are working on our bachelor/bachelorette parties that we're doing while we're down there. I'm not privy to the full d
  9. Thanks for the info on the watches! Do you happen to know if they are waterproof, or just water resistant?
  10. I actually live close to the border, and have friends in the US so I've avoided the high shipping/duty. There are also services you can find online that forward US shipments to you for a few (usually much less than paying the shipping via the companies like minimus) and PO boxes you can ship to and pick up over there (like UPS stores) Not sure if this helps or if these are options for anyone. Most of the things I ordered from Minimus.biz and the safety products site were not available at places like Dollarama I didn't price out shipping to Canada with the safety product website, but their pri
  11. Your OOT's sound amazing! Your guests will be very pleased! I almost have everything ordered or purchased for ours now, and can't wait to get everything in the mail so I can assemble them. We also did 20oz Bubbas (Purple for girls, navy for boys) and I'm hoping to be able to fit everything in them as well. If not...I bought 50 of those reusable nylon shopping bags in our colour, so we can put the contents in those. Ideally, I'm hoping to be able to put the bags, and the contents of the kits into the bubbas, but I'm not hopeful it will work at this point. Our contents so far (for 50 ppl!
  12. Love your ring Amers! (Fellow Ocean Blue Bride!!) This is the first ring I've come across on here that is similar to mine I love the three stone look with side detail - wasn't at all what I thought I would end up with, but I totally fell in LOVE with it!
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