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  1. Here is the blog post on your wedding as well http://www.*****novablog.com/secrets-royal-beach-wedding-photographer-laura-jeff/
  2. If anyone is interested we used K.N for our photographer in May. Here is a link to my facebook pictures http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10103012150138864.3883677.9344266&type=1 We def. have a ton more we ended up with over 2000 pictures of our day - and we love them all
  3. Creative Id Supply is where I bought them from
  4. So after being in contact with Silvia my Wedding Coordinator (FYI all the brides that are freaking out because there is no response and your wedding is months away...I know I was there...however as of right now I am 31 days out from the wedding and I get responses almost in the same day and even unprovoked emails) I decided that it would be awesome to do our private dinner at the Eclipse night club - however that is only open until 9P for private events since it opens as a night club at 10:30 - Our ceremony starts a 5P do you think it would be too much to go to the cocktail hour from 5:30/5:45ish-6:30/6:45ish and dinner from 7P-9P. I am not super concerned with all of the extras - garter toss, dancing, etc...maybe we just do a first dance, cut the cake, and do speeches - we can always go to another bar at one of the resorts and come back at 10:30 if we wish... If not there is an option of having the ceremony at 2P - however we have someone flying down that day the original plan was to have it a the relaxation pool but I like how Eclipse would be a bit more private what are your thoughts!!
  5. I used Moo for some of my items for my OOT bag. I was just checking out the site again today and they have cute STD mini cards http://us.moo.com/readymade/pack/909 $20 for 100 of them plus shipping might be a cute idea!
  6. lkw4568

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Finally purchased my bracelets I want to wear and my garter Puka Shell Bangles http://www.etsy.com/shop/kreationsbykawai Garter http://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyKateGrace?ref=seller_info# So excited to get these!!
  7. I was looking for this for awhile and I guess Victoria's Secret has these again... and a bunch of other "Bride" things!! http://www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265771422424&c=Page&cid=1331606907100&pagename=vsdWrapper
  8. I don't think any of the packages include traditional center peices - just like a floral arrangement for the sweet heart table - thats it I think
  9. I would totally agree and keep them in the large bottles until after customs - you can really save some $$ esp if you get the store brand kind!!!
  10. Mine were per room and 2 individual bags - there ended up being a total of 6 bags
  11. Thanks everyone!! Now that they are mostly done - I don't know what to do with myself during my down time
  12. I originally was not going to include a nail file - but when I saw them...I thought about all the times I snag my nail and end up chewing it off or something because I didn't have a nail file
  13. I am going to fit them somehow into checked luggage!! I only have like 12 guests so it won't be difficult...I might take a duffle bag for carry on and check our other carry on size luggage - so that on our way back when we have less stuff we can fold down the duffle bag and put it into another suit case
  14. I still have over a month to go but I finally was able to get everything together to finish my OOT Bags!! Baggu Bags: http://baggubag.com/#Shop $6.50/each = $39.00 (Bought 6 to get the discount) Bubba Kegs: http://www.bubbabrands.com/ $6.98/each (except for the Breast Cancer $7.98) = $71.80 (8 regular, 2 breast cancer) Bath and Body Works Travel Candles $2.50/each = $10.00 (bought 4) Bath and Body Works Nail File $1.00/each = $4.00 (bought 4) Shout Wipes $1.29/each = $3.87 (3 packs/ 4 wipes in each) Oh Sh*t Kits/Johnson & Johnson $.97/each = $4.85 Tissues $.99/each = $1.98 (4 tissue packs in each) QTips $.48/each= $2.88 Hand Sanitizer $.99/each = $5.94 Aloe $.99/each = $5.94 Keychain Coils (Ebay) $.28/each = $3.47 Zipper Card Holder (Amazon) $1.79/each = 17.90 Advil $3.99/each = $11.97 (2 in each pack) Mini Altoids $.99/each = $5.94 After-Bite (Minimus.biz) $.39/each = $3.90 Immodium (Minimus.biz) $.89/each = $8.90 Gatorade Packs (Minimus Biz) $.71/each = $3.55 Playing Cards (Minimus Biz) $.97/each = 4.85 Pond Make-Up Remover (Minimus Biz) $1.59 = $6.36 Emergen-C = I had those from a box I bought awhile ago Target Brand Pepto = $2.50/box = 48 in box (used 20 =$1.05) Make-up bags $2.99/each = $14.95 10 Guests = approx $23.00 per bag The Mini Cards I ordered from http://us.moo.com/products/ I made the text cards. $19.99 for 100 of however many different sayings that you want (they will break it down into equal amounts) These were a couple that I did and every one of them had our names, wedding date and location on the back Inside my Oh Sh*T Kit - I didn't use the gauze that came with the J&J kit but I included everything else Mini Bags put together Once my Bubba Kegs get a bath I will put the tags on Colors of the reusable bags (our Wedding colors are Sangria and Lime) I didn't want to get everyone the same color (Plus we have 2 males traveling solo -they'll get the black and grey ones) The only thing that I have left to do is the Welcome Brochure/Thank You!! I will post when that is finished