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  1. Hi Ladies! I just posted my review!! Check it out! Also - I have all of my pictures but i dont know how to put them on here so check out my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/melissa.saunders.9 If that link doesnt work let me know!! SinUj519 - I did use PhotoShop but I just used the assistant head photographer so I never met Michael. Lincoln did our photos and they are amazing. Check out my facebook!
  2. Hi Ladies!! I just posted my review in the RIU Montego Bay Review section. Check it out! Ps. you wont regret choosing this place!!!!!
  3. Let me just tell you ladies that you will NOT regert choosing the RIU Montego Bay. It was the most fabulous time I've ever had. I will try to get a review up ASAP. But seriously...dont worry about a thing...they have everything covered....we stayed for 10 nights 11 days and just arrive home this past Friday....WHAT A GREAT TIME!
  4. I asked her if there was a fee for bringing your own sand. She said it was free if you had your own stuff. The charge is for them to provide the materials for you.
  5. Wow your pics look great!! Hope my wedding turns out as beautiful as yours!!
  6. Tnique - So sorry to hear about your bad experience. It seems like its 50/50. I have talked to people on and off this site who loved RMB and others who hated it! My plan is to go in with an open mind and I know its only a 3star resort. I think you get what you pay for. I wouldnt have been able ot have my guests come and have it afordable for them if we chose some other places! I will let everyone know how my experience was when i get back..30 days and couting!! Welcome Laura 4444 - I also found a lot of information outdated but recently have seen a lot more stuff posted! We also are renting the disco and having a DJ. We also are making our flowers. They came out so great! We areusing Calla Lillies and I absolutly love them! I have found a ton of good information on this site letting me know what to do and what not to do..Like regarding the flowers and photographer and what food places are better then others..peoples thoughts on excursions..I am also going into this knowing I will probably get some bad service, the food probably wont always be great (i hear the jamaican jerk hunt is great!) My co-worker recentlyl got back from this same resort..SHe was there in mid March..She has given me some great advise regarding the rooms, food, excursions and what not. She had some not great things to say about it and some great things!
  7. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I am getting married at RIU Montego Bay on May 11, 2012...30 DAYS!!! Wooho! We also are using Michael from Best Images Wedding Photography. There are a couple reasons...he is very close with the RIU resorts and is very familiar with all of them. Also, he responds very quickly and we found his pricing reasonable. I have read some not so great reviews about him but I have also read some great reviews plus his pictures seem to come out great! We are also getting married at the beach gazebo but we are having our reception at the steak house and renting out the disco for after the reception.
  8. Wow this is a great thread!! Thank you for all of the insights...I love love love the finger print picture thing!!
  9. Congrats Heatherlynn!! That is soo exciting and I am so excited!! Sounds like it was the best time ever...I cannot beleive I'm getting married there in exactly 50 days!!! May11th cannot come soon enough!! Thank you for the review and its great to hear another bride had such a great experience!
  10. Congrats MsIslandBride!! Thats soo exciting! Although I have read mixed reviews as well I think you will have a good time if you dont let anything get to you.Nothing is perfect and if you have 5star taste maybe its not for you...But if your just an easy going person and dont sweat the small stuff than if will be great!!! EmmaLou - My planning is going well...i cannot beleive we leave May 8th!! Its coming up so so quick!! I have most things planned...we decided to rent out the disco...so that was pretty much the only thing i was still debating on. I ammaking my own flowers out of silk Calla Lilies..I have allof the flowers I just have to make the bouquets..I have finished my OOT bags...I took pictures of everything so I will probably post those on here when I get a chance! After my flowers are done I can start packing my luggages...We can also pack our clothes fairly early...Living in Vermont we will not need our summer clothes by the time we leave for Jamaica!! How is your planning coming??
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