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  1. Another thing I thought of may be to just use the drawing tool bar. 1. Go to view, toolbar, drawing toolbar 2. Highlight image and then click on the set transparent color tool (2nd from the right side) 3. Bring down transparent tool while pic is still highlighted and click it on your pic Let me know if neither of these work! Good luck! Christi ...again!
  2. I'm not sure if this will work, but it is worth a try! 1. Save your logo in ppt as a jpeg 2. Bring up a new slide in ppt and use the circle drawing tool 3. Right click on circle and choose format autoshape 4. Go to Fill (where main color is) and scroll down until you see fill effects 5. Choose picture tab and press select picture (find your logo jpeg) and press ok 6. Logo should appear in circle (you can get rid of the outer line of the circle by going into auto format, Line, scrool down on color and choose no line) Hope this helps! Good luck! Christi
  3. Hi Kay! I will try to help you with your logo. Just PM the attachment to me. I don't have the software that will change the color from purple to pink though. I would be glad to try to help out the best that I can though! Christi
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I had to rethink my plans, too! That is sweet of you to think of your family! Let me know if you have any questions about HHI. I would be glad to help! Christi
  5. WSUgal

    Last minute bride

    to the forum! It has lots of great info! I got married in HHI this past June. It was great. I have been going every summer or spring break since I was 12. It was so nice! Where are you getting married in HHI? Let me know if you need any help! Good luck! Christi
  6. Thank you so much Bianca and Anny! That means so much to me and I know it will mean alot to her. I can just see her grinning from ear to ear now! Thanks for taking the time to do that!
  7. I am working on a making a Christmas book with my students to give to their parents for Christmas. It is based off the book Christmas Is... by Gail Gibbons. One of my students would like to translate her book from English to Spanish because her parents only understand Spanish. I was wondering if someone could help me translate her paper. She and I would be so grateful! Here is her story! 1. Christmas is ... Mom and my family. My family is nice to me. They take care of me and buy me stuff. 2. Christmas is ... presents. When it is Christmas, I open my presents. 3. Christmas is...about my teachers. They buy gifts for us. 4. Christmas is... Santa Claus. Santa Claus leaves presents for me by the tree. 5. Christmas is... ornaments and decorating the tree. We use the family ornaments every year. We decorate the tree and drink egg nog. 6. Christmas is...baby Jesus. Jesus was born in a manger on December 25. 7. Christmas is...joy. It is so fun! 8. Christmas is...Christmas cards. I love to get cards. 9. Christmas is...a feeling in your heart. I always get an excited feeling in my heart. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for the compliments on my decor! I used to work for Bath and Body Works and that was one of our props that we had. So, when the season was over, I bought it along with my present "ornaments" and the bright green tree!
  9. back! How sweet of you to remember us by posting photos so fast! You looked beautiful. I love the arch you had, sooo pretty! You catch up on sleep and we look forward to hearing more from you!
  10. What a great idea for a thread! I was contemplating not putting up any Christmas decorations this year because I am so busy with school work. But, I have to say that this thread inspired me. Now, I am felling a little more jolly! Ho, ho, ho! I loved seeing everyones decorations so far! Here are my decorations: My DH gave this ornament to me on our first Christmas together. Hard to believe that was 7 years ago!
  11. I am so excited for you! Enjoy your time! You are going to be a beautiful bride!
  12. I think your gifts sound great! I put together a photobook from My Publisher for my mom and dad after the wedding and they were so excited about it! All that matters is your thought! My mom and dad weren't worried about the gifts we gave them on our wedding day...they were just happy for us. I am sure that your parents will be the same way. The joy and happiness of the day is all that they care about. That is the biggest gift that you can give them! I hope your plans are going well! I was so excited to see your picture! Yeah! You and FH look so cute and happy!
  13. DH and I stayed at this resort for our honeymoon. It is gorgeous! We saw a wedding there and it was really pretty. The food was delicious, too! If you have older guests, it may be difficult for them to get around. The resort is built into a side of a cliff, so there are many hills. You can get around by golf carts, but during busy times it would take awhile to get one. DH and I mostly walked because we enjoyed the exercise. We would take the shuttle next door to Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, which is an adults only resort. We loved the Pacifica because it was so peaceful and spa like. If you don't have any children in your wedding, I would consider this resort also because it is a little smaller. Good luck with your decision! Here are some threads I found that may help you! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20878 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t23928 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t10862
  14. Angela- I love your ttd pictures. Too sweet! I hope married life has been treating you well.
  15. Katie- I am so sorry that you and FH have to go through this. Cancer is a terrible illness. I hope the you and the FH are holding up. Keep your chin up and I am here if you need me!
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