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  1. Elegance silver epoxy photo frame favor - (qty 71).. Get your escort cards and favors done in one beautiful shot! These frames come in individual boexes .. so it is perfect for shipping, repacking! Purchased for $1.25 each .. will sell for 0.75 each. Would like to sell as 1 lot if possible Bronze Starfish (qty 41). Perfect for DIY invites ... even has a small loop so it could be adhered to fans, gift bags with a small ribbon. Great touch for any destination wedding craft! $3 for the entire lot. New Plain Hot Pink Organza Wedding Pouch Gift Bags 7x9 cm (qty 146) - $7 for all. I used mine for flower petals during the ceremony and to hold cotton balls in my OTT Bags! (Prices do not include shipping)
  2. Do you have any pictures of the Laterns/flowers/centerpeices?
  3. Do you have any pictures of the items below? Or links to show what they look ike from where you bought them? Thanks!
  4. Im trying to compole a list of questions/ topics to discuss in the premeeting with the wedding coordinator when I arrive... Any past DW brides have any suggestions? Any current brides habe a list going? Some of the questions I had were: _ if its hot can we have a waiter hand out a refreshment _ request a table for flip flop basket and other goodies _ since im bringing my own linens who collects them at the end of the night.. Do I have to ask someone in my bridal party? I know there should be a ton so any ideas suggestions would be appreciated
  5. The timeline was cute... did anyone find out where the template came from?
  6. Thanks this thread was helpful. I almost didnt mention our welcome party - the letter is a great place to make sure it is included~
  7. I booked Jorge Allocco .. He is a local photographer so I didn't have to pay for his travel and his photos look great. He is much more reasonable then the hotel package. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  8. I know this thread is a bit outdated... But if anyone out there has suggestions on excursions that would be awesome... In particular is it better to wait and try to coordinate when you arrive instead of pure planning them? Thanks!
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