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  1. Anyone have any ideas on what to put in OOT bags for male guests? I don't think they'd appreciate scented candles and bath salts!
  2. I've emailed Gabi a few times and she's very quick to respond (unlike Marilu who sometime took 3 weeks!!!) If anyone has a wedding soon, please post a comment on how she did, I am a little nervous. Thanks!!!!
  3. I'm trying to write up Welcome letters to put in my OOT bags, but I'm having a hard time getting started. Anyone have any good ideas?
  4. Irism0413

    Welcome bags.

    This website has tons of travel size goodies: minimus.biz They have "aromatherapy hangover cure" - I'm definitely going to need those for my guests!
  5. With the design from Aylee? I just emailed her - thanks for the link. I was having a hard time figuring out what to use to tag my Welcome bags.
  6. I love these! How did you get the palm trees and plane on the labels? That's very cute!
  7. Irism0413

    Dream PV Bride

    Hi! I am having my wedding at Dreams in Puerto Vallarta on November 3, and just looking for other brides with info to share. Thanks!