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  1. I leave in a week for my wedding @ Majestic Elegance. All along I have been planning on having my bridesmaids do my hair, but I recently read a review about how great the hair stylists were at the resort. Can anyone confirm this or direct me to some reviews about the hair stylists? Thanks so much!
  2. I have no idea what I am going to do..i know I don't want roses & i don't want to get stuck with whatever I can get when i get down there...or its so hard!!!
  3. JULY 2009 Greg and Kat - July 29, 2009 AUGUST 2009 Melwhip- Aug 3, 2009 OCTOBER 2009 khomac - October 22, 2009 cgf - October 27, 2009 NOVEMBER 2009 lscilley- Nov 16, 2009 andime85- Nov 24, 2009 majesticbride - Nov 24, 2009 DECEMBER 2009 *~Tara~* - December 7, 2009 SunnyCherries - Dec 8, 2009 xcandilkx-Dec 31, 2009 JANUARY 2010 mskcard77- January 9,2010 lisab - January 12, 2010 CityDryms - January 2010 trance angelxOx- Jan 19, 2010 FEBRUARY 2010 newbride - February 3, 2010 karldettmann - February 12, 2010 MARCH 2010 Anna_C - March 26, 2010 APRIL 2010 livinlife - April 20th, 2010 liujessicam - April 22nd, 2010 QCbride-April 28th, 2010 MAY 2010 MexicoBeachBride2010 - May 18, 2010 ali0284- May 26, 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 Rhiannonbs - Majestic elegance, November 27th, 2010
  4. ----------------------GENERAL INFO---------------------- Birthday: December 11th Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Color of eyes: it changes with what I am wear, blue, green, grey Hair: Dark brown Shoe size: 7 Brothers/Sisters: One older brother Who lives with you? My fiancee, and our dog dog When is your bedtime? depends on what I am working. I work shift work... If I have something to do the next day I go to bed early if not I stay up late...12am-1am What town (or area) do you live in: Amherstview Ontario Canada Favorite Sport: Soccer Number of Tattoos: Sadly non Number of Piercings: 2 (1x each ear) Birthmarks? Back of my right thigh -----------------HAVE YOU EVER----------------------- Been so drunk you blacked out: Nope, I know when enough's enough Missed work because it was raining: Lol no...that why I have rain boots Been in a car accident? Yes Kept a secret from everyone: Yes Had an imaginary friend: Not that I remember Cried during a movie: lol all the time.. P.S I love you is the worst Had a crush on a teacher: No... I always thought that was weird Ever thought an animated character was hot: No that a bit weird as well Been on stage: Yes Been sarcastic: All the time!!! Where do you go to school at: I don't anymore ----------------------FAVORITES-------------------- Shampoo: Umm I don't have a fav...I have trouble finding a good shampoo Soap: I like Dove Color: Yellow Day or Night: Day Summer or winter: Summer Commercial: The kraft slices commercial... Where the dad is playing princess's with his daughter TV Show: Lost Ice Cream: Vanilla Drink: Pepsi, water, malibu & water Childrens' Book: I Will Love You Forever or Where The Wild Things Are Cartoon: X-men Food: Potatoes (especially French Fries) Day of the week: Any day that is sunny Word: love Cookie: Plan out meal or peanut butter Cake: Vanilla with out frosting ---------------RANDOM QUESTIONS------------- If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? close to my parents What is your favorite article of clothing? hoodies Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? eyes Favorite nonphysical feature of the opposite sex? humour The last CD you bought? Umm...that is a good question...Life House I think Where's your least favorite place to be? driving Where's your favorite spot to be massaged? never had a massage What's your favorite kitchen appliance? The oven!!! What makes you really angry? Lying!!! If you could play an instrument, what would it be? Microphone Which do you prefer: sports car or SUV? SUV to carry kids around...Soccer mom!!! If you could have one super power, what would it be? read minds Can you juggle? nope
  5. Hi ladies I am planing to get married Jan 2010...we come some prices but they are crazy high!!! its very frustrating!!!
  6. YUCK!!! They both needs some serious help!!!!! I bet he cheats on her...if he hasn't already!!!! Hedi puts up with a lot from him and some times I feel bad for her...but then again its her own choice...I just don't know how some one can not see that he has wrecked her life on a number of occasions!!! she has no friends!!!and he is so mean her Hedi's sister and his own sister!!! Makes me crazy!!! but I watch it and will watch the wedding!!! lol I don't really have drama in my life... so i watch it on TV hahaha
  7. Looks fabulous I am excited for you pretty girl!!!
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