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  1. Laurenscott! I am getting married at the Gazebo and our reception is at the Cascade Terrace as well! I fly in Nov.4th (was the 3rd but the airline changed it several times on us) and getting married on Tuesday the 6th! My colours are beige and blue teal (my MOH will be wearing 'pool' colour from David's Bridal). I am shocked about the prices of the decorations! What are you doing for decorations during the ceremony? I asked my planner and I wanted two small boquets right at the gazebo and the cost is $300 for two. yikes. Would love your assistance on decorations that you will be having as it looks like I'll be bringing a lot of stuff with us. Help? Corina
  2. Tammy, I received your email with the log in but is there a toll-free number to call? I am afraid that my computer may not have a built in microphone ( I can't find on the website a sound check). Please let me know as I would really like to attend this session
  3. Hello Echostar, I am November 8th! I have gone back to the Gazebo idea as I've heard it can get quite windy on the beach. I also need to wear heels so unsure how that will work in the sand I am quite happy with my change. All the best on your wedding, I will see you there
  4. Hello, I am still trying to figure out what to put in my guests bags as well. I can see that the 'spanish for dummies' wasn't a hit but what about a drink cocktail guide? Has anyone tried this? I found when I went to Mexico last I was always stuck on what to drink next and this might give some great ideas to our guests. Anyone tried this before?
  5. Thank you Carly, I will have a look at this and yes a HUGE relief!
  6. Hello Everyone, I just booked my Dreams Los Cabos wedding Nov 2012 and very excited! Any feed back on Beach vs. Gazebo?
  7. Congratulations McLecker! I have decided on Dreams Los Cabos as well Nov 2012, We are booking the date (finally on Tuesday) and I feel this is so stressful (just getting the location down). Did you decide on the beach or Gazebo wedding?
  8. Hello everyone!!! I am finally booking my destination wedding (November) and it looks like Dreams Los Cabo's! There are some wonderful reviews about this Dreams on this site so it looks like we are making the right decision! Does anyone have any suggestions about the location of the wedding (and/or the reception as well). I love the idea about the beach wedding but hear that it can get quite windy however the gazebo looks like it would be restricting in view for our guests. Does anyone have any thoughts/ feedback (and other tips and tricks if you have them) Thanks Corina
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