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Calling all November 2009 Brides!

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We originally had planned on doing the whole legal process in Mexico but it seems like it's too much of a hassle. So we're going to secretely go to the courthouse a week or two before we leave and get legally married here. We're not making a big deal about it, not going to exchange rings if we don't have to. Then our ceremony on the beach will be our real deal and no one will know the difference. Just have to figure out how to tell my mom why we don't need to do the blood tests in Mexico:)


Then we're having our AHR 6 months later in April because my Grandparents go to Puerto Rico for the winter months and don't get back until March and we want them to be there. Plus we have some other family that will have to travel to both places and we don't want them to have to travel twice so close together.

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Hi All!

We are going to get legally married before we go, probably 2 weeks before or so, but will treat it more like paperwork than a wedding. We might just invite our parents to keep it really simple, not exchange rings, etc.


We are also having an AHR on January 16. There were just too many people who can't make it to Mexico that we would like to celebrate with (like my FI's grandparents). Originally I wanted a BBQ in the summer that was more casual, but I didn't think waiting 8 months made sense because by that point it's so far after the wedding. I ended up renting a hall and will be having a dinner, but the price is really reasonable. On the bright side I get to wear my dress twice! :)



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Hey girls!


I go in spurts checking the blog b/c I work full time and am also getting my MBA! So class keeps me occupied a lot!!!!!


Anyways-- This week a lot has happened this week wedding wise!


1.) I called our TA about renegotiating hotel rates since everything has gone down a bunch-- and he was able to do it, so whoever has booked in full will get money back! YEAH!!! I would suggest looking on apple or something and see if its comparable to what you blocked for rooms if you are going through a TA... just a thought since we were able to save so much money!


2.) Our wedding coordinator at my resort has switched starting May 1-- I freaked out for about 24 hours, but at least its not a month before...


3.) I am getting our invitations together and will order this weekend...



4.) When is everyone planning on doing showers / bach parties.. my friends have already started to ask and we are thinking the weekend before Labor Day (1.) Still warm in Chicago where I am going to have it and 2) FI wants to go to Vegas and I guess its opening weekend for Football or something


-- but just wanted to see if that was too early to have it? Our wedding is the 14th of Nov.


Talk to you all soon!!-- Jen

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Great! Thanks!!!! I also have issues about the shower... but I'll ask you girls later


Neither one of us are from the town we live in and both have family/ friends all across the country (hence the destination wedding!)

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I'm having my bachelorette party pretty early - in June. But I think it's fine - and I'm super excited! I'm having my shower in August. We both also live away from home, so my shower has to be in Aug since it's the only time I'll be home before the wedding :)

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I'm going to Vegas for my bachelorette party in August - woo hoo!!! Erika will be there too :) - we're celebrating yours too Erika

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I have no idea when I'm doing anything. I'm leaving that up to my bms but I wanna do my shower in the summer bc my parents have a beautiful backyard and I wanna do it poolside ya know. But we have a cruise wedding and we're in San Juan the actual nite before the wedding so we'll get to do something there as well.

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Wow!! Everyone is really on top of things. I wish I was a bit more blush2.gif


This is what I have done:

- location, date booked

- invitations out (message in a bottle)

-wedding party asked and answered

-TA arranged and deposits for all wedding party made

-Ceremony package decided upon

-site inspection done

-wedding dress picked, paid for and received (Aug. 2008!)

- rehearsal dinner dress purchased as well

- my wedding band bought (on sale after Christmas!)

-Colors picked

- bridesmaids dresses picked and ordered

-oot bags bought

-contents of oot purchased

-photographer booked

-menu for reception picked

-Shoes bought ( 1st pair! Have to get 2 more!)

-Flowers bought (plumeria) and samples delivered

-Groomsmen outfits picked


To do:

-Confirm details with WC

- get wedding party gifts ( tiffany bracelet)

- BM shoes

- confirm hair ( my hairdresser may be at wedding as a guest)

- get Mike's ring

- get Mike's gift

-arange for transfers from airport to hotel

- write vows and plan ceremony


...Whew! I did more than I thought!

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