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Maybe there already is and I don't know about it, but I was thinking about all the time I spend and emailing I do to find out wedding package pricing and pricing of all the add-on items. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could come together and share all the information we've obtained? I would at least check into so many other resorts if the information was easily obtainable. Some resorts don't even have the packages prices on their websites and a bigger majority don't tell you anything about the additional items. What do you think? Is that something people other than me would appreciate?

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RIU Negril clubhotel




The optional services listed in this

document are available at an extra


You may request the addition of

any of these details to your

package with your on-site wedding

coordinator. She will contact you

regarding this available services

one or two months prior to your

ceremony. However, if you wish to inquire on any of the ceremony details

beforehand, please contact your coordinator at the following address:

Riu Palace Tropical Bay Riu Negril Riu Montego Bay

Keneika Rowe Dionne Arthurs Chantelle Hemanas

weddings.jamaica@riu.com weddings2.jam@riu.com weddings.montegobay@riu.com

Please note the prices listed in this document are for reference only and are

subject to change without prior notice, as many are serviced by external

providers. Although they correspond to the additional services at Club Hotel Riu

Negril, they may be used as reference at:

• Club Hotel Riu Negril,

• Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay

• Hotel Riu Montego Bay



Chair cover with bow $6

Chair cover without bow $4

Boutonniere $10

Bridesmaid bouquet $35

Corsage $12- $15

Rose petals per bag $10

* Table I.- Ceremony decoration for weddings in Negril.

Floral arrangements are serviced by an external provider to Riu. To view images of the

additional floral arrangements, you may visit our florist`s webpage at:

Boulevard Florist.com.

Some of the images shown correspond to the bouquets included in the wedding packages.

Bouquets numbers 5,6,8,9,13,14,16,19,25,29 & 30 are included in both the Royal and Caprice

Packages. All other bouquets,arrangements & decorations are additional charges


The wedding reception is held as a sit-down dinner at one of Riu`s Specialty Restaurants. An

area is reserved for the entire wedding group to celebrate at the open-aired restaurant.


Bottle of sparkling wine $20

Hors d` ouvres $8 - $12

Small wedding cake $60

Medium wedding cake $110

Large wedding cake $250

* Table II.- Food & Beverages available in Negril

On the other hand, it is also possible to organize a private reception either indoors or outdoors

on the beach. However, please keep in mind this options are subject to availability at the resort.

You may check availability with the on-site wedding coordinator.



2 hours $500

4 hours $1000

Beach dinner $50/person

Tent for beach dinner $500 - $600

* Table III.- Cost of Private Receptions in Negril


Riu Weddings offers CD or recorded music during wedding ceremonies. However, we can also

arrange live music for your ceremony and/or reception. You may choose from a wide variety of

local live music bands in Negril, Jamaica. These are available at the following costs:


Disco $125

DJ with sound system $165

Mento band $170

Pianist $225

Reggae $600

Saxophonist $250

Steel Band $300

Violinist $300

* Table IV.- Live Music Bands in Negril.



Horse and Carriage ride $280

Butterfly Releases N/A

Dove Releases N/A

* Table V.- Extra Ammenities.


It is possible to hire a photographer or videographer to record your wedding. At Club Hotel Riu

Negril, this is done by the following external provider:


True Colors Photo.com



Extra wedding photo $10

24 coloured 5X7 prints and CD $253

36 coloured 5X7 prints and CD $345

50 coloured 5X7 prints and CD $460

DVD edited & dubbed video $310

Combo Package:

24 5X7 prints w/negatives & DVD $520

Deluxe Package:

5 8x10, 10 5x7, 20 4x6 w/neg & DVD $633

Super Combo:

10 5x7, 100 images on CD & DVD $633

Super Deluxe

10 5x7, 160 images on CD & DVD $805

Super Exclusive

10 5x7, 180 images on CD & DVD $863

Table VI.- Photographic Services in Negril.

At Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay, the photographic services are provided by:


Contact: Jascynthia Jackson


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This is for the Bride and Groom whom are on a budget but their wedding photography is still very important to them. Includes up to 5 hours of photography, with an approximately 500 images of the Bride and Groom getting also a private posed photo shoot of the Bride and Bridesmaids, the Groom and Groomsmen, the ceremony and finally the reception, selecting the best images. Here are the package details:


5 hours of photography capturing approximately 500 images. All images will be provided on a high resolution CD with rights assigned.

Providing(100) 6" x 8" professionally processed color and black and white photojournalistic print

( 30) 8"x10" prints

( 5 ) 12” x 24” prints

Personalized DVD slide show with music.


Price Only $1,699.00



The cost for additional hour is US $ 50.00





















This is one of our more popular packages. Is designed for our more discerning wedding couples who want through coverage of their most important day of their lives. We ensure that there is sufficient time allocated for formal family & friends, group photographs, formal bridal photography, as well as full coverage of both the service and the reception. It’s includes:

Up to 6 hours of professional wedding photography, capturing as many as 1000 images of the bride and groom getting ready, a private posed photo shoot of the Bride and Bridesmaids, the Groom and groomsmen, the ceremony and finally the reception.

This package also includes a professional assistant who not only assists the photographer, but also helps with poses, arranging the brides dress, placement of props and lighting which allows the photographer to be free to focus on capturing as many timeless images as possible.


-6 hours of photography,1000 images ,All images will be provided on a high resolution cd withrights assigned.

-Providing (150) 6" x 8" professionally processed color and black and white photojournalistic print

- (50) 8"x 10" prints

- (cool.gif 12” x 24” prints

- 2 wedding Albums with all of your favorite images. (120)

Personalized DVD slide show with music.

Price Only $2,299.00


* The cost for additional hour is US $ 50.00



--- We also have some other packages with just CD or DVD with all the photos but we just analyze this by requests.


The ULTIMATE Photography Package from us is one who has:


- Hard Cover and Photo paper Album (12x24 inches), about 12 pages with approx. 80 pictures in it. 100 (6x8”) prints (different than the album).


- 5 Personalized DVD slide show with music. Here we include all the photos we take(500) aprox. . All images will be provided with rights assigned.


Prices change regarding the how many hours of service you require


Plan Package Starts at – US$ 2099.00 (max. 6 hours)








(Ceremony and photo-session. Max 2 hours)



Group A: 30 printed photos US$ 300 + CD with 30 photos


Group B: 55 printed photos US$ 530 + CD with 50 photos


Group C: 80 printed photos US$ 720 + CD with 80 photos


Group D: 100 printed photos US$ 850 + CD with 100 photos


Group F: Digital Wedding Album 12”x24” (15 pages)

About 60 photos of your preference

CD with 60 photos US$ 1000


Group G: Digital Wedding Album 12”x24” (15 pages)

About 60 photos of your preference

CD all your photos US$ 1400


*Digital Photos 6 x 8 inches



High Resolution PHOTOS ON ´CD´ -- 100 photos --- US$ 500


-- 200 photos --- US$ 700


-- 300 photos --- US$ 950



These prices includes copyright.


photographer Name: Jorge Alloco email: Jorgeallocco@gmail.com






WEDDING PACKAGES - Katie_T85/dresses/DW RESORT INFO - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(sorry, they sent them as Jpegs) - i'd be more than happy to email them if you send me address

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I think that makes a lot of sense. It would be great if there was a standard spreadsheet we could download so that it looks uniform and makes it easy to compare apples to apples,

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Alot of that information is posted here, by previous brides. But there isn't one place to compare. That would be a great idea, but not sure that anyone has the time to step and and take the job. Especially since resorts prices and packages change so often.

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I too wish there was something standardized or one location for it all. I wish I knew how to create websites - I'd do it myself! (OK, thats a LOT of work and I have other things to do but I could TRY) I posted the information I've gotten (only two resorts) but it didn't take that long - just copy/paste! I'm slightly OCD so I really like having things in one place and in order....

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