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Wow Maybe i should have read this before booking my DW because i thought they were CHEAP! I was starting to freak at how much mine has been costing but seems like everyone is in the same price range. our original buget was 15k, but i didn't want to go over 10k. and we did. But if we had an at home wedding the way my extended family wanted it, we'd be so broke! I can't wait for my wedding in 3 weeks!


AI Resort for 2 incl freebee incl first class - 2809

Photog from home, flight - 2200

my dress/vail FI outfit - 1350

3 GM & 3 BM outfits, we paid - 800

GM / BM gifts - 320

Honeymoon, went all out, - 3500

DJ,Dance,open bar - 1500

Steel Drums - 500

our wedding bands - 1750

Invites OOT Thank yous - 500




Thanks for sharing! The wedding itself was cheap, but all the extras, outfits, rings, the trip, etc was what adds up!

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Bride/Groom/BMs, GMs Apparel $3,380.00

Hair/Makeup for Bride, BMs, Moms $1,700.00

OOT Bags/BM/GM Gifts $1,500.00

Flowers $692.00

Cabo Violin $1,200.00

Mariachi $400.00

DJ $800.00

Photography/Videography $5,550.00

STD, Invitations, any Stationary $740.00

Marriage License $400.00

Wedding Bands $3,000.00

Wedding Planner $975.00

Wedding Resort Package $4,150.00

Rehearsal Dinner $1,000.00

Vacation Package (2 weeks) $6,000.00


TOTAL $31,487.00

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Wow...you all have incredible budgets!


1 wk Moon Palace - $2200

Airfare - $528

Horse/Carriage - $130

Dress - $300 (knock off from China - LOVE IT!!!)

Rings - Free (I traded in my old engagement ring for both of our rings!)

OOT bags - $150

Videographer - $330

Wedding Package - Free

Sand Ceremony Kit - $75

Misc stuff - $500 (FI wedding attire, legal license, invitations, STD, gifts)


TOTAL: $4213 !!!


OK, so we are on the conservative side of things...and have about 15-20 guests tops. But we plan to take our $$$ for activities while there and just relax and have a great time. No private events...no fireworks...no dj - Why? They have a disco at the hotel we will all meet at one evening! We are so excited and happy that this didn't take too much money from our house fund! Good luck all!!!

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So I am with the girl above me :) My wedding is a $5K wedding and although sometimes I thought it couldnt be possible, here goes.

Airfare and Transfers- $1000

Catalonia Royal Bavaro (6 nights)- $1050

Wedding Package $500

Wedding Dress (Chinese Vendor)- $200

Flowers (Brides bouquet, 2 BM bouquets, 3 Hair flowers, 1 Corsage, 3 Bouts)- $180

Invitations and STDs- $55

Grooms attire- $150

Wedding Bands- $300

Misc (Shoes, Accessories, etc)- $100

Photographer- $700

Wedding Decor, Favors and gifts- $300

Total= $4535 :) We might need to get a few more stuff so we should be able to stay around budget !! Yay!!

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Wow! Some of you spent as much as we are putting down on our house. I'm doing a DW because its budget friendly. We hope to stay around $5K. We are utilizing the free wedding package and we aren't having a reception or live music at the ceremony. We don't have good numbers yet because 2011 numbers aren't available. I'm definitely going to use janelly100 and luciel2820 budgets as a guideline for ours.


Thanks for everyone sharing there budgets. It will help us stay in line and keep it budget friendly.

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our budget is 5 - 7k.... hoping to keep it in that range (excluding rings)... i'm terrified after reading these LOL. thanks so much for sharing though.... soooo helpful!

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I'm hoping to stay right under $20k, and so far, my prelim budget plugging in just my quotes has reached it. The budget is SO confusing though... How do you girls do it?


I decided our honeymoon will not be included in our budget, nor will our rings. Is it bad that we're still looking at $20k?

You know what, at the end of the day, I live in NY and if I were to have a NY traditional wedding we'd be looking @ at least $50k++. Hey, I have to make myself feel better somehow.....

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My biggest worry about the DW is the Reception after the actual wedding ceremony. It seems that even at the AI resort there are costs for the reception, which sucks and doesn't make sense to me, but they don't go away just because I don't agree with them LOL

We do have most of the stuff already, such as rings, flowers, guest gifts...I'm thinking of getting a new dress, that is DW friendly, the one I have right now is going to be very hot.

I would really love to stay below 5K for the actual wedding and reception at the Dominican and really do hope it will be possible.

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It's funny so many of us wanting to stay below 10K and then parents laugh at us and reality sets in! lol

Although I must say my budget has been pretty good. With everything included, rings, dress, wedding attire, reception after the wedding, at-home reception, I'm looking at


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This is pretty much what we have spent (not exactly sure what the reception and AHR will come out to, but everything else is paid)


Flights for Me & FI: $988

Rooms for 1.5 weeks (wedding/honeymoon): $1,972

Rehearsal dinner: $1,000

Wedding Ceremony Location: $500

Chairs for Ceremony: $250

WC (includes flowers/photography/musician): $880

Photo CD with rights: $150

Reception: $2,000

STD/Invitations/Luggage Tags: $450

AHR: $6,000

TOTAL: $14,000



Attire for me & FI: $1,700

Wedding Bands: $550

Engagement Ring: not sure

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