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  1. My dress was actually so much cleaner after TTD the next day! The bottom gets so dirty from cruisin around all day night, but a swim in the pool, ocean, etc will clean it right up! or...a shower!
  2. So here I am reading the first couple pages of responses...which started off as "Did you meet in a Bar"...I'm reading them and loving the stories wondering if I know anyone who married after meeting in a bar....DUH! ME!!! hahah This baby-brain is really something! so forgetful! Â DH and i met at a bar in Revelstoke BC (5 hrs from the city we both were living in!)...we were there for a ball tournament and he was there with his friends and I was there with my friends. He ended up buying me a drink and we hung out and chatted all night long! We went back to the same tourney for our one y
  3. Hi....Wondering if any of you "brides to be" are still around the site at all?? how's married life? i can't believe it's been almost 6 months! 3 more months until our BABY is here!! hehehe Yes Jamaica was extra good to us! Â Hope all is well....
  4. I did both...faxed and emailed. Â It WILL drive you crazy!! Once you book stop looking at prices! it made me mental too...but i did end up lucking out and (I got our group rates in Aug for our March wedding) the end of Nov i found that Nolitours (we booked sunquest or something) had the rates for about 1500 when our group rate was 1700 and online prices were about 2000....i was PO'd. i told my TA to get Nolitours group rate which was about 200 less!...we probably had 40 people booked at this point so i told my TA to tell sunquest that our group would leave (and loose our 20
  5. Even though my wedding was 6 months ago, I'm still on this site often and I still rave about BDW! I refer all my DW friends to come here and check out the site. I HONESTLY could not have pulled off my wedding as perfectly and as beautifully as it was without BDW. All the girls who post their information, their DIY, their recommendations, ideas, suggestions, tips, everything was so awesome!! The moderators do an AMAZING job at keeping this site clean and organized. (with that said, I hope I am posting in the right spot!!) Now that I'm preggies I've been on the search for a similar website
  6. Thanks guys!! Mekanbar, no dumb questions! But yes we danced in the gazebo. we had 50 guests and most people were dancing. It doesn't look super huge in the pictures but once you get a ton of people in there you'll see that it is plenty big enough! even if you had a 100 guests, not everyone will dance all the time...it's basically the size of a regular wedding dance floor...I'll post a pic of us dancing...ok it's below.... see there are about 20 of us girls dancing to this song and look at how much room there is still! and there is another level a step down (where at the ceremony we had ou
  7. We didn't register and we didn't expect gifts cause it was a DW but we did want money if we were to get anything Just to help pay for our wedding....mainly from the ILs...they gave the other son lots of moola, and we got nada! haha so the wedding cost us more out of our own pocket then we expected it would. Â Have you regretted your decision at all as to who you asked to be your BMs/MOH?
  8. Well if you are supposed to get them in 2 days they didn't tell me that! Would have been nice to go home with the pics...but considering i never even got to speak to the photog before or after, how would i know when to get them. hahaha Infact i didn't think that he even showed up for the wedding until later when i said to DH that I'm glad we didn't go with the hotel photog cause he didn't even show up...but apparently he did, just for the ceremony. But Beverly told me a month after our wedding that she'd get him to send me the disk of pics...and still nothing yet. so i emailed her again tod
  9. Oh boo! it didn't include my comments of each pic! Â TTD!! soooo fun! my dress was more clean after all the swimming and playing in the sand we did! and I got the entire wedding party to join in too! Â My welcome letter which included the wedding ceremony info, time, BMs GMs, locations etc...and a list of all our guests and how they were related to us, a thank you, a resort map, and details for the games i planned for our guests. Put these in the OOT bags that we handed out on the bus. Â we didn't pay extra for flowers for the guys or girls. the girls had parasols for the walk
  10. Hi Brides!! Wow I just got caught up on the last 14 pages of posts! oy! good thing it's quite at work today! heheheh  I'm so excited for everyone! i was just looking at my aunts disk of pics of our wedding week...you guys are going to LOVE IT!!!  I've said this before and i'm going to say it again and I want you all to live by this....NO WORRIES!!! No problem! Just RELAX!! seriously, you don't need to worry about anything for your wedding day! If you really want to go all out and do center pieces and extra decorations and stuff, you're just going to stress yourself out! I wa
  11. Love these! giggling the entire time! my worst gift would prob have to be our wedding gift from DH's Mom and step dad who we are pretty close with...we got an oval shaped painted pottery plate from mexico with a mexican wedding on it...it was so ugly and had nothing to do with us, other than we were getting married...but in Jamaica! and 2 champagne glasses that are so tall they don't fit in our cupboards. it was a bit of a shock considering just 2 years prior they gave his brother 10k for his wedding gift! and we get about $30 spent on us. at least round it up to $50! HAHA gee thanks guy
  12. Again Karla...great job on this thread! I have about 5 new recipes i'm about to print off and try over the next few weeks! thank you for sharing everyone! Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host this is part of my 5 ingredients or less recipes...super easy and fool proof: Tammy's Culinary Adventures Blog Archive Crispy 5 Spice Chicken Drumsticks I'm going to try this one with chicken wings! i love homemade wings and this looks awesome!
  13. I would have had been lost without BDW!!! major kudos to all the members and moderators. My wedding wouldn't have been nearly as amazing as it was without it! thank youuuu! what do you think of your new last name? IF you are even changing it...are you?
  14. Karla I love this thread!! this will be my new fav as i'm ALWAYS trying to think of new dinner ideas. I'll post better recipes later....but this is one i love and is so easy and it's always in my house...Ground beef all cooked up with a sprinkle of Lawreys seasoning salt. mix a can of condensed mushroom soup with 3/4 can milk with the beef...mix up good and heat...can add onion and celery too. Cook up rice pasta or potatoes and serve the mush/beef on top of the rice/pasta/pots! yummy and easy to make.
  15. To the girl with the flower girl worry...what about asking one of your friends to do be your grown up flower girl and then you don't have to worry about it at all! hehehe my Flower Girl was 33! and i was sooooo glad that i had asked her because shortly after on of the GM decided they would bring their 15 months beauuutiful daughter, but i didn't want a baby in my wedding, so i was sooo relieved to have a good excuse, I already had a flower girl! Confession: I bought a 4 pack of McCann's mini pizza's the other day and went home and ate the whole box before my DH got home from work!! lol W
  16. I told Beverly she really should have the hotel put up a wedding website for her for the GBP and have all this information on there so she doesn't have a million brides asking a zillion questions. it would be sooooo helpful!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobemrsdow Kerrij thanks so much for coming back to us wondering brides here and congrats on your wedding! lol...I've had a hard time keeping in touch with beverly but since we're still so far out I'm not too worried but maybe you can answer my question then about the gazebo reception i hear everyone talking about. How exactly does it work? You have to pay extra for it and extra to bring some booze down there? Also i saw everyones bringing their own ipods which I plan on doing but how did it turn out for your ceremony music? I'm worried they wont cha
  18. WOW!! there are so many GBP brides now!! Sorry i've been MIA for a while...but i do check back and try to help answer questions...i know it's hard when you don't know what to expect and no one who's been married there is around to answer...so i try to come back often!! So excited for you girls! i want to come to all of your weddings!!! heck, i wanna move there! lol Quote: Originally Posted by StephAli Hi Mekanabr, I decided on the sunshine package b/c its not much different then the blissful and is cheaper. I went through a travel agent to book everything and what we
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Kymbelina Hi Girls! For those that are getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe or have gotten married there, how did you pick your wedding menu? The wedding coordinator gave me menu options, but they are so limited! Either my guests have all chicken, all beef, or all seafood. How do they expect all my guests to agree on ONE dish? Some of my guests like beef, while others like chicken. Picking ONE dish to choose is CRAZY! I'm so stressed! Hey, that's just the way it is with most dinner functions, you get one dinner option, it's really not a big dea
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by khomac At least you got to enjoy your day. I was throwing up in the room during the dinner and reception. I missed everything except the 20 minute ceremony and pictures. So I know how you feel. I look at everyone's pictures of them toasting, cutting the cake, first dance, father daughter dance, partying on the beach with drinks in hand, sand between their toes, and palm trees in the background and I just cry. Weddings never go exactly as planned. Your friends definitely didn't desert you. They traveled to be there with you on your wedding day! I hav
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by bsf&jpg I have a few... 1) I dont LOVE my wedd dress. I got it because my family liked it, and it was sord of cheap. But whenever I watch "say yes to the dress" and the brides get all teary because ITS THE ONE, I get bummed out because mine isn't. 2) the FSIL did NOT show up to my bridal shower and I bet its because she's jealous 3) the FSIL is NOT going to the wedding either. And that hurts me because it hurts my FI 4) some of my bestfriends wont go to the wedding because they were not responsible enough to save $75 a month for a couple of months.
  22. Eeek! ok this is my first confession! how did i not see this thread months and months ago?! lol 1: i can't stand my BILs girlfriend...she's is soooo cutesy and annoying and talks like a baby and is even worse when the ILs are around, yet my M&FIL LOVE her and tell me everytime they seem me what an angel she is..so annoying!! can't stand her...and after my DW neither can any of my family or friends stand to be around her. now shes coming to stay with us for 2 nights in a few weeks...exact same days that M&FIL are coming to stay...so you know it will be full on cuteness with that g
  23. Oooh i like the Guess How Big Mommy is!! that is funny! i wouldn't even have an idea of what i am now...imagine how hard it would be when you're full grown! well i guess that only works if you have a prebaby shower!
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