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Originally Posted by Kla.Kari View Post
OMG! After seeing all of your posts about budgets, and looking at what we may be spending on a DW... I am starting to think we are in over our heads.

Our initial budget was about 10k, but it looks like the AHR alone will be half of that!

Maybe we should just elope. (I am kidding... just frustrated right now).
I know what you mean, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. You can have a BEAUTIFUL destination wedding for pennies! It just depends on what you feel you REALLY must have and what is REALLY important to you. A destination wedding can be much cheaper than an at home Wedding. You really don't need to spend too much on decor because destination weddings are typically beautiful on their own. Keep it simple and remember what the day is really all about. Good Luck and happy planning! :)

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Didn't really think to total things up until I read this thread. Eeep! I am spending more than I thought I would. Anyway, here are my anticipated costs. I'll re-post the actuals when it's all done!


Guest estimate is currently at 30-35. This is for a Vegas wedding at the Wynn


Dress alterations & Accessories: $500 (not counting the dress itself in the total, which was $1800)

Wedding Rings $2600

Reception, open bar + cake: $4500

Wynn Intimate Ceremony Pkg: $4050 (includes basic floral and some photography time)

Lodging: $2100

Airfare: $1400

Car Rental: $200

Invitations, incl. postage: $350

MoH Dress: $300

After-Event informal party: $1000

Favors: $360

Hair/MU (trial, myself, and 2 attendants): $560

Add'l Photography: $1500

License: $55

Copy of Certificate: $10

Rehearsal Dinner: $600

Dress Steam and Clean (pre-ceremony): $150

Flowers for MoH and BM: $300


Total: $20535

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Wow a budget...welll here I am at so far


Flight and Accomodations: $7068 ( 2 Weeks)

Dress: $600.00 (came with purse,slip and tiara)

Decorations: $200.00 (table runners, sashes, favors, placecards)

FI Attire: $500.00

Rings: $500.00 ( We are using my promise ring as my wedding band)

Bridesmaids attire: $150.00

Horse Drawn Carriage, Videographer, Photographer, Table Centerpieces, Hair Done Package: $780.00

Upgrade fro Photographer: $820.00

Reception: $800.00 ( includes open bar, plated meal, private dance hall)

Ipod Speakers: $300.00

Flowers: $330.00 ( Plumeria's Wedding Boutique)

Bridal Jewelery: $180.00

OOT Bags: $250.00 ( 20 Guests)

Ring Bearer Attire: $40.00

Blood Tests $140.00

Flight and Accomodations for Son:$1000.00

Potentially Paying for Part of Parent's Trip : $2500.00

Micellaneous Stuff for Ceremony and Reception:$400.00

Cocktail Reception: Free!

Welcome Dinner: Free!


=$16 418.00


Thought that the budget would be more around 10 but this is including our honeymoon and helping to pay for some of our family to be there so worth it!

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We're just over a month away and the details are pushing us over budget...


Wedding gown ($330)

Accessories, eye lashes, shoes, and undergarments ($500)

Tanning ($60)

Hair/Makeup/Mani/Pedi ($185)

Dress steam ($50)

Groom's attire and accesories ($125)

Decorations ($200)

Horse Drawn Carriage ($130)

Fans & OOT ($175)

Flowers ($200)

Parent's gifts ($100)

Attendants gifts ($100)

Photography ($850)

TTD Photography ($550)

Stationary (DIY invitations/thank you cards/oot bag letters) ($175)

Airfare ($1200 - Father paid for so free!)

Hotel accomodations for 7 nights at Moon Palace ($3060)

Civil ceremony + license in States ($75)

Passports ($215)


Grand Total = 7000 + tips + any extra excursions beyond those included at resort

Less Mom and Step Dad's Contribution of $2000 = $5000.

Not to mention the uncalculated expenses of the AHR which are expected to ring in around $2500


Overall, I think we did ok, not fabulous, but after everything is said and done, we're still at 1/3 the average cost for a wedding, plus we're getting a week at a five star all inclusive thrown in.

My accessories can and will definately be used again. FI's attire can definately be worn again (if I can talk him into getting dressed up to take me out on a date). And we cut some costs with DIY stationary, my mother made my veil, is making the sash and doing the alterations.

We're only having about a dozen guests, however, I don't think having twice as many guests would change too much (or eloping to the same resort for that matter.)

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Here is my rough estimate:

my dress: $1500

FI outfit: $150

groomsmen outfits: $200

bridesmaid outfits: $300

whole Mexico trip: $4800

engagement ring: $3500

wedding ring: $400

FI ring: $200

Photographer: $2500

Video: $800

OOT bags/favors: $200

Flowers: $200

Spending Money: $1000

Beach attire: $300

prewedding facials: $150

wedding party/parents gifts: $500


wow..... $16700 that was way more than I thought it was!

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So Far:


Photography $6,500

Dress $4,000

Ceremony $3,800

Dinner private area rental $1,500

DJ $950

Flowers $2,000

Cake $200

OOT $1,000

Travel $3,400

Invites $400

=$23,650...oh well, still WAY WAY WAY WAY cheaper than even just the FOOD min at the place I wanted to get married at at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are also way above our long-ago original budget but I am happy with it! We are also expecting 60 instead of the original 30. So here goes:


My St. John shoulder season wedding for 60 people:


Rings: $2500

Invites/STD's/Info packets: $250

My attire/jewelry: $1200

His attire: $300

Plane tickets us and one BM: $1600

Hotel: $750

Car rental: $500

Ceremony (site fee, license, rentals, drinks): $1000

Flowers: $300

Hair & makeup: $200

DJ 4 hours: $900

Photographer (1 hr with ownership, prints): $900

Fire dancers/Pirate troupe 1 hr: $550

Food/Alcohol Reception (apps, entrees, open bar 3 hrs) incl. grat/tax: $5000

Cake: $400

Favors: $50

Taxi to/from: $600

Misc. (luggage fee, tips): $250

Spending money $1000




Maybe it is just because I have had time to resolve myself to the expenses or that fact that this will go down in family history as the most special time ever, but I am not stressing about it.


I am the oldest child, oldest grandchild, in a small family as is he and we haven't had a wedding in the family for a long time. Nor are we big family reunioners or have the money to do lots of traveling. WE DESERVE THIS! I will have worked 50-60 hours a week for 15 straight months to pay for this (he's still a full-time student but you better believe every penny from his pt job came in too) and I think it is worth it and I haven't even had the wedding yet! Just the planning has been a lot of fun.


The only things I would have done differently would have lessened the ring and dress expenses. The rings were purchased early before we knew how much we'd need the money for other things and the dress expenses were inflated by getting a dress that wasn't going to work with no return policy and taking a loss in reselling it.


We saved with:

no officiant - his dad is performing the ceremony

no OOT bags- it would be nice but not worth stress, no one expecting them

videography by friend

TTD by photographer friend

No decorations- natural beach beauty and a reception restaurant that is already well decorated


Hope this post helps people like the previous budget posts helped me!

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