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  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the forum! I love STJ too. In fact, I leave in a few hours for my wedding there! We'll be married at Big Maho Beach on Saturday. YAY!
  2. Welcome to a great forum! I actually leave in a few hours for my wedding in St. John. We'll be on St. Thomas for several days also. We both lived there before and I can tell you are going to have a wonderful and fun wedding on STT!
  3. Here are my shoes... crazy (but comfortable) golden glitter, I love them! They are coloriffics gala.
  4. It may have already been listed but I have to recommend The Time Traveler's Wife....my goodness!
  5. My fiance ordered the khaki linen pants and the ivory linen oasis shirt. We were a bit...underwhelmed...in that the shirt was see-through in a bad way and the linen pants were rough and shrunk a bit even with cold gentle washing as specified by the tag. I would suggest buying something in person, that you can try on and be sure of. We could have returned the items, of course, but we kept them for him to wear for everyday use. They just weren't nice enough for our wedding day, even though we weren't looking for fancy.
  6. Okay so this might sound yuck but oh man, it's so good. It's called a nuts n berries and it is chambord (blackberry liquor), frangelico (hazelnut liquor) and either milk all frothed up in a drink or with Baileys for the shot form. Delish dessert drink.
  7. Hi All, It's good to know I am not alone! It is 0630 here and I am seriously not tired. I am a night shift nurse and I can't remember the last time I fell asleep before 4 am. Sometimes I get sleepy around 10 pm and naively think I'll be able to stay asleep all night but noooope, I wake up at 1 am and then I am up even longer into the morning. I both love it and hate it. I certainly don't want to have to go to work at 7 am eek! Plus it does give a lot of time for wedding research and crafts (right now I am finishing the last of my homemade hibiscus guest information packets). Plus I like being the life of the party when we go out with friends as they've been up and at work all day but I just woke up! Plus night shift diff. : ) Great post...we're not crazy just....a little different.
  8. Sorry, the symphony is at the Majestic Theater - a beautiful theater. Check it out at majesticempire.com
  9. There's a lot you can walk to. There is the Rivercenter Mall which has about everything including Imax. There's several wax museums and Ripley's believe it or not across from the Alamo. There are tons of bars along the Riverwalk. You should hit up Shilo's deli for lunch sometime - it's pretty famous and makes delish rootbeer. There's a classical symphony concert this friday and saturday night - tix start at 11.50. There's La Villita, I bet there is something exciting going on there this weekend - it seems like there always is. Also, if you found something elsewhere in San Antonio you really wanted to get to there is a decent bus system that you could catch in town. The weather should be beautiful-it's been sunny and 80's here all week. Have fun!
  10. It is so fun to see all the planning and all the pics! Congratulations on all your hard work and the payoff!
  11. Hard choice - you look great in all of them. I vote for #36 - I love the corset back on you and the sidesweptness is so flattering.
  12. Hi Shakeima! Welcome to the forum. I am getting married in St. John in May and lived on St. Thomas so let me know if you have specific questions. You're going to love it1
  13. Hello, I am using St. John salon and spa. They are $5-$10 cheaper than Grapevine but I have no recommendations on either. I'll ask my cousin who lives there and get back to you. Go to stjohnsalonandspa.com When I called they got back to me in about 48 hours and made my appointment for May. Hope this helps! My fiance is in the USVI on spring break and doing wedding research. What he tells me is making me even more excited for our wedding trip!
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