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the time has come


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Hey everyone, my name is Gabe

I'm planning on proposing to my girlfriend of 5 years towards the end of January on the anniversary of the day we met. I've been hunting for rings for the past few months and I think I finally found the one.

I'd been having some trouble choosing what type of material to have it set it, but after a lot of research I decided to go with a platinum setting. I looked at many other materials also but none of then stood out to me as much as platinum did. Even though it is more expensive than other metals, it is so much more worth it. It's naturally white so it doesn't need to be re-plated like other materials. And it's a lot purer and rarer.

I know that my future wife is going to love the ring because its beautiful and classic like her.

It wont let me upload the pic so I'll just post the link of the site where I found the ring.


The Complete Engagement Ring Guide[]=1


I would love to know what everyone thinks of it.

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Wow! I love that, that is one of the styles that I would have expected my FI to get me (not that I don't love mine, because I do!!).


Congrats on your upcoming engagement...hopefully we will see you and/or your fiancee on the forum more often in the New Year wink.gif


Good luck!!!

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