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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I'm planning a May 2015 wedding and The Beloved is at the top of my list! Any help would be appreciated. Love the pic!
  2. Hi everyone! I got married 5 years ago at Secrets Capri and this forum was a complete lifesaver for me!! Now, it's my best friends turn and I'm helping her get started. She has different needs and I'm out of the loop on what's new down there. Looking for: all-inclusive, kid friendly, reasonable price (doesn't need to be the fanciest place). Open to anywhere Riviera Maya! If anyone has recommendations, comparison spreadsheets, price lists from resorts, etc I would be so grateful! Thanks!
  3. Hey Ladies, I finally got around to taking pictures of my extra wedding stuff and its all for sale. I really want to get rid of it, so make an offer Prices dont include shipping, but I can ship it fast or cheap - your choice! (I prefer paypal, but am flexible). Thanks for looking! For anyone buying the shoes, you get a free treat of your choice - see the last picture! Shoes - Brand New (in box) Bandolino, Ivory Satin, size 7.5., cute detail at toe! $35 [pictures 1 - 3] Shoes - Brand New (in box) Steve Madden sandal, pinky-gold color, size 7. $35 [pics 4 - 6] Fans - Oriental Trading, one-dozen brand new + 14 used. $15 for all of them! Aloe Vera - 3 large bottles + 6 smaller bottles. All of it for $10 Bridal Wrap - brand-new, kinda sheer material, slighty off-white wrap with beading detail at both ends. $15 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Shoe Buyers - pick one as a *free* gift! "Bride-To-Be" tiara, "Oh No He Didnt" bachelorette party game or Penis Candy bracelet - you know you want it - lol 10.
  4. My DH and I almost always split a plate and do it not to save money but to save calories (& waste!) We started this when we were trying to lose weight and love it. The American portions are way too big! And we wont eat the leftovers (they just sit in the fridge till we throw them out), so it saves waste and a to-go container
  5. Yea!!!!! Congrats and welcome to the club! Im an atty in Dallas, let me know if you ever need anything
  6. We had 24 guests total - so 3 tables of 8 each. Everyone (except Bride & Groom) got a random "Dinner Seat No." on their ceremony program thing. Our only rule was that no one could sit next to their significant other because we wanted to mix it up. Our guests really loved it because they got to sit next to people they wouldnt normally talk to. For example, my mom got to sit next to and fell in love with DH's best friend from college (not romantic love - they're both married) and now they are friends on facebook Plus this way, 6 "lucky" people got to sit with the bride and groom at dinner and we didnt have to pick favorites So our place settings had one spot for "Bride" and one for "Groom" and the rest were #s 3-24. It worked really well for our group!
  7. Everything on the packing lists on BDW (scissors x2, tape, travel sewing kit, etc). Those lists saved me! Two pair of underwear per day (we always showered before dinner, so I needed a second pair - thankfully I did pack "extras" that covered me) Wires/cables - that sounds weird and I even made fun of my brother for packing them, but they came in handy. Even though the WC told us the sound system had a headphone input jack, she was mistaken and my brother had to splice a headphone input cable with a regular microphone input cable 10 minutes before the ceremony. Thank goodness half of my guests were engineers and could handle that without even telling me!! A $1 loofah-puff thing that you can throw away before coming home. Gallon ziplock bags for bringing home wet bathing suit. I will keep thinking about this! Edit: a razorblade was used for the wire splicing! I never thought I would be glad my brother always travels with extra cables and a razorblade. haha
  8. Tea: Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime. Its one of their most popular for a reason! I also try to read for 20 minutes before lights-out. It gets your head in a book (and off the wedding) and helps weigh your eye lids down. I was the same way - couldnt sleep and had breakouts right before the wedding! That was gone as soon as it was over Hope those help and you get some rest!
  9. Thanks everyone! We did have a lot of fun doing them. The wind was pretty strong that day, so the waves and current were strong. It was really funny trying to stand for a photo in a full length dress in such strong water. I cant wait to see the candid shots Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa Awesome Ash and that dress looks great on you - so glad you bought it! ME TOO!! It was perfect - I wore it for the Welcome Event and TTD! Thank you so much
  10. Rafael Ibanez shot our TTD pics the day after the wedding. These are some of the teasers - I haven't even seen the whole thing yet!
  11. I would highly recommend Rafael as your wedding photographer!! RAFAEL IBAÑEZ Our experience with him was wonderful. He is a very sweet and warm person, who got along with everyone in our group. My whole family loved him! He is easy going and willing to adventure outside of the box. We booked him about 9 months before the wedding and he always responded to emails promptly. He was easy to work with, incorporated any ideas I had and communicated very well. And a bonus for Mexico brides – he speaks fluent Spanish which came in very handy when we needed an interpreter. He posted about 75 or 100 teasers on facebook within a week of the wedding. There are a lot more on his blog but here are a few of the teasers (and I can’t wait to see the rest!):
  12. My comment has nothing to do with the menu, but thought you might be interested to know the info. We've been to Secrets Capri twice and think the "Romantic Dinner" isnt really worth it. We didnt do it, but from what we saw and what we heard, that was our opinion. The restaurants are all nice with a romantic setting, tables are far enough away that you dont feel like you are next to someone else, and they have great food. At Capri, the Romantic Dinner is on the beach - which is actually really windy at night. IMHO, its worse to be out there when you could be on the deck of a restaurant that shields some of the wind and is free (well, I guess 'included' would be a better word). Thought that might help you save some money
  13. I have researched this and there is a policy, although some are vague, on each website. I know Blurbs says "no pornography" but nothing more specific. I agree with lolkitteh that artsy, tastefully done pics where you can tell they are professional will be fine.
  14. Thanks everyone soooo much for your sweet comments!! You BDW girls are amazing! Im taking the pics down now so I dont get recognized again
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Chanti Ashli, I have to ask: where did you get the lingerie you're wearing? This is exactly what my FI likes but I have no clue where to buy it. Your photos are absolutely amazing!!! Thanks! I got the ruffle panties in the veil pics at Victorias Secret. The black and pink bra set is from Dillards. Im busty so VS didnt have many pretty bras in my size. I found a lot of good stuff at Dillards though!
  16. Thanks so much everyone!!! I thought they were great, but its nice to hear from other people I really have to say that Jeremy is a pro at making you look your best!! We did have a profressional make-up person which helped for face shots, but Jerermy knows great angles, lighting, whats sexy vs sweet for the right shot, he's got a bag a full of tricks! Im not sure how much editing he did, but I dont think Ive ever looked better. I owe it all to him!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 LOL girls she said her Bridal Shots were recognized not these BD shots. LMAO LMAO! Kat is correct - my BRIDALS were recognized. Someone (I dont know who) commented on the photogs blog about knowing me from middle school. Trust me, NO one in middle school saw anything other than my head and hands. Well, maybe a little wrist on really hot days
  18. Hi ladies, I was going to post more of my BD pics, but my bridals were on my photogs blog and someone recognized me - from middle school!! So Im a little paranoid about having my BD pics out there. Im in a 'professional' industry so I cant post any BD pics with my face in them - sorry! So after I was recognized, I wasnt going to post BDs at all, but that would be an injustice to Jeremy Gilliam (dallasboudoir.com)!! I heard about him through Kat81 and Im so glad! He was great to work with, responds to emails, will work with you, etc! He is a very gentle soul and I was comfortable the entire time. I love, love, love my pics and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you Jeremy! My Fi will love his wedding gift
  19. Heather - that was very well written and honest. Great job! Morgan is fantastic! Enough said
  20. Confession - I'm freaking out. We leave in less than 2 weeks and I dont have everything done. I'm usually calm and collected, but my head is spinning and I cant concentrate on anything because there are too many lists in my head. Ahhhh. And I skipped my 200 calorie soup and went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Im supposed to be in bikini shape!
  21. Wow! Such a nice place to come home to. You did a GREAT job!
  22. We are paying $125 round-trip for a private van (straight to resort, no stops). The van can hold up to 10 people, but we dont have that many. We are going from CUN to Secrets Capri (in Playa del Carmen). We used the same company for our site visit when it was just the 2 of us, and everything was easy breezy. Very nice people! Home - Cancun Valet
  23. I've always had luck on this type of thing when I use microsoft publisher rather than powerpoint. If you need help, PM me. Good luck!
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