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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by robinbood Hi Everyone! I can't believe it's March already...and I still haven't posted my planning thread or review . But I will- I promise (and before my one year wedding anniversary)! In the meantime, I got my propic slideshow back from Elizabeth Medina: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...614#post717887 i'm in the same boat....no planning thread or review...YET! hope all january brides are doing well!!! here's a link to some pro-AHR pics....MORE to come! Nicole Hill Boynton's Photos - at-home-reception | Facebook
  2. well, just mark me down as the worst BDW bride in history! i haven't posted anything after our wedding!!!! i'm sorry!!!! just because i haven't had time to deal with my super-slow photobucket...here's a link to my fave pro pics on facebook! Nicole Hill Boynton's Photos - somewhere over the rainbow | Facebook i've started my planning thread/review, but i'm bogged down with school/work.....eeek! i'm sorry! hope all january brides are doing well!
  3. your pictures are amazing!!! what a fantastic wedding and a BEAUTIFUL bride! CONGRATS!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by KLC77 Welcome back Kate! I can't wait to hear all about it and of course, see pictures! Hey ladies, is Nicole around? Did I miss pictures from her day? I'm here, i'm here!! Just SUPER behind!!! I started an alternative teacher certification program last week, and we are still trying to set up the apartment. We didn't get internet (or TV - *gasp!*) until last week!! I am SO SO sorry I haven't done anything yet, but I promise I will provide very soon! I'm still waiting on pro pics and pics from the AHR...!!
  5. happy wedding day!!! :) best wishes to you and the new hubby!
  6. YAYYYYY January brides! Get after it ladies! Congrats to those already married and best wishes to those with upcoming dates! Just now catching our breath after the wedding and AHR (was on the 9th)...trying to move in and don't have ANY internet - unless we go to my parents' home!! I will update/post planning thread/post review ASAP!!!! i miss my BDW!!!!
  7. awwww thanks!!! it was PERFECT! i'll post pics ASAP!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Thanks! I am now legally Mrs. Birrenkott! I will post a couple of pictures soon. It was fun, and we went out to a nice lunch at the Guthrie theatre and got a backstage tour bc my friend that was our witness works there. It is really neat! YAYYYYYY! we're legal day twins! i'm legally Mrs. Boynton! :) i'll TRY to get pics out soon...crazy schedule for the rest of today...i still have to PACK!!! we leave around 9am tomorrow............!!!! happy legal day kate!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride I'm not sure Nicole!! I know I still have the ice cube tray at the house...maybe they just re-used it for the jello shots & ice cubes...and I think one of my friends had the cake made!! It was definitely a blast!! And pole dancing is a must if you have a chance! Just make sure you don't have too many drinks or all the spinning & head shaking would not be good!!! lol hahaha! well, i had my bach party last night and there were PLENTY of penises. HAHA they had a penis cake, too, and my MOH informed me she purchased a penis cake mold! hmmm...when else do you need a penis cake?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi ok soooo I was back at Target today and exchanged the daily spanish ones for the spanish phrases. I think the phrases will be more beneficial yep, I the cashier I had thought I was crazy too! Especially when I returned 15 daily spanish books for 15 phrases books.... I thought it was kind of comical! that is TOO funny! two of my BM's were with me when i found them, and i got REALLLLLLY excited...i'm pretty sure they thought i was insane. they did help me pick out 10 "daily spanish" then when one of them found the "spanish phrases" they helped me pick out another 10....haha i was ridiculously excited because i was going to make a book and now i don't have to!
  11. Oh my goodness! We leave Wednesday morning, and it's all hitting me - RIGHT now. : Tomorrow is legal day!!! In addition to that I have to: print welcome packet; PACK; run a million errands; tan; and stay sane!! I'm SO SO SO excited that it's not even funny. Bachelorette party was last night! Pics to come...it was SO much fun!!! Hair trial was today, and I will try to post pics later tonight. I have a "to do" list for tonight, and I'm just now starting @ 10pm...oopsies. I just made some coffee! Also, I really had a goal to post a planning thread before we leave because that's one of my favorite aspects of BDW...hopefully (fingers crossed) I can work that in! Wow.....I really feel like I'm walking around in a fog! Where did all of the time go? Oh, and I'm all for keeping up this thread post-January!!!!
  12. you are beautiful!!! what a beautiful dress! i think fun shoes (someone mentioned this earlier) would be awesome! honestly though, it's an amazing dress and needs nothing else!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita Entree = entrante or primer plato Fish = pescado. Beware, the "pez" is not dead yet Pescado literally means "fished"... Lasagna = lasaña thank you ayita! good reminder about "pez" - haha! i love this forum! thanks for all of the help!
  14. any other help would be great! i'm stuck on "entree"?? any other suggestions for vegetable lasagna? thanks ladies! i can almost check this off the list!
  15. haha! those were great pics! looks like you had a blast! how did they find so many penis molds (for the jello, the ice, the cake...)? what a fun time!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by teacherbride Hey ladies, I have to post b/c I had a very productive day!!! I... Picked up my dress which is now perfect after it's final alterations! Found and bought the 7 travel candles I needed at Michaels for .68c Bought the sand for our sand ceremony Bought the palm-tree punch I wanted for our welcome letters Completed all the thank you cards from my 4 wedding showers Finally received GM attire, just need some footwear now Tomorrow FI and I plan on crossing off at least 3 more things on our list! WOW!! great progress!!! i wish i had even TOUCHED my thank you notes...hmmmm, there's always the plane ride? good luck tomorrow on your goals!
  17. i love sunflowers (also, my mom used yellow in her wedding!), and i fell in love with the color navy during the planning process! BM dresses are navy (with small white polka dots) and sunflower yellow sashes at the waist. all of the flowers are sunflowers. groom and GM will be in navy blazers with groom in white shirt and GM in light blue dress shirts
  18. i'm not sure if this is the proper section for this question, but our menus are DIY, sooo here goes! i have to make personalized menus for each guest so the waiters at the sheraton know who ordered which entree. i think i want to use a one-word indicator and do it in spanish to make it more festive! i think i have one of them down for sure, but the others i'm not completely sure about...any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! menu choices: chicken = POLLO fish = ? vegetarian lasagna = ? (word for lasagna or vegetable would work?) also, what about titles of menu? salad = ? entree = ? dessert = POSTRE (?) anything cute to put at the beginning similar to "bon appetit"? i didn't realize i was so rusty with my spanish! i can't remember the word for fish for goodness sake! thanks in advance for any and all help!! i can't wait to finish these.....
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