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Ideas for OOT Bags for Kids

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Hi all! We have four kids (3 boys and 1 girl) under 15 coming to our wedding, with family. We are planning on doing up separate OOT bags for each of them, but aren't too sure what to put into their bags.


So far we've got stuff for colouring on the plane (activity books, crayons, coloured pencils), and a deck of cards.


Any other suggestions are welcome!

Thanks! :)

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i had 2 girls under 6 and included some little arts and crafts stuff and play makeup. i put their stuff in pails w/ their names on them. i also included some of the same stuff i put in the adults - chapstick, anti-bacterial wipes...i went to $5 below and got a bunch of stuff there (kinda like a dollar store but up to $5, don't know if you have one nearby). for older kids, idk - maybe some tween magazines?

i think i have pics of my stuff in my planning thread in my siggy.

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We had 5 kids at our wedding. We didn't give separate bags to them, we just put kid friendly items in the OOT bag. We gave a package of sand toys and beach balls, and then gave them coloring books and crayons at their place setting at the wedding dinner. The one thing I wish I would have included was floaties or those little rings for the pool. We had small kids and they didn't sell the arm floaties at the resort, but they did have rafts.

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We put in a bunch of things from Oriental Trading..


Beach balls and permanent markers to colour them with

Magnet set (they make them)

Rub on tattoos


Pencil set with eraser and stickers

Bracelet-making set (plastic)

A little toy - yoyo, slinky

Plastic paddle with ball


Ummm.. can't think of what else off the top of my head

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My maid of honour's daughter will be 9 months old at our wedding. I bought her a cute floatie on Ebay that has an adjustable sunshade for sun protection. I think floaties are a great idea for kids or adults and don't take up too much room in your luggage. We brought air mattresses with us to Mexico this year and loved them.

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