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  1. Hey there... Just wondering if it's customary to tip the wedding planner? If so... how much/ what percentage??
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet I am invading this place just for one post...he he...anyone's fh driving them nuts as the time is nearing??*lol* I think it could be cause he is a procrastinor!!!!! anyone else having this prob?? bah...i did find out that tanning takes away stress OMG - absolutely driving me crazy! LOL Mostly because he isn't stressed at all about getting everything done - and he is absolutely a procrastinator!!! He just got his GM gifts to the engraver yesterday - they will be back in our hands the day before departure. LOL Nothing like the last minute! Also... his GM shirts... we have to exchange them for a dif colour this Friday (this involves a 2 hr road trip). Long story.... oh well! I have got lingerie now (yay), but am still shopping for some sundresses. I have no idea where to go for them.... might need to buy them in Panama at this rate! I'm also getting the itiniary finalized, and am putting together a photo/scrapbook guest book - only 'cause i forgot about it 'til now, and am not paying $100 shipping included for the type of guest book i want. Good thing there's tanning - it's sooo good for the stress!! This weekend is my stagette - I am sooo excited!!!! Gotta go!!! I must get back to organizing! Only 6 more workdays 'til departure!
  3. I'm marrying my FI for so many reasons. He is one of the kindest men I've ever met. He is fun and outgoing, and always has a way of making people feel good. He's intelligent, young at heart, and treats me like a queen every day. He has supported me through so many things, and has seen me at my worst (as well as my best). I can picture us growing old together... and I am looking forward to that journey.
  4. Flower petals down the aisle sound beautiful. We're going to have them as well... I'm sure the wind won't be a problem.
  5. LOL - I know how you feel. My dress came in three + months early. I'm not sure why I was so stressed about picking one out. It was supposed to take 6 mo to come in, and it came in 2! And, I had to go and pick it up, because the bridal shop I bought it from went out of business a month ago. So, a friend is storing for me at her house.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing... this is a wonderful resource, and will save people a ton of time and money.
  7. I'm not shipping anything to the resort ahead of time. I know myself... and know that I would worry about the stuff not getting there on time, or getting misdirected, or something! If I have it with me, I know where it is... and how to start looking for it! And, I think from what I've read, it's a lot cheaper to travel with your stuff too.
  8. Hi there, I'm not too sure what the norm is. I think it really depends on your budget and the number of BMs and GMs you're having. I've heard that for a DW, the BM and GM gifts should be a little more than the norm, because they're traveling to be with you and your FI. I ended up getting my BMs very high quality and sturdy beach totes (from Mary Kay), and filled them up with stuff they'll use while they're there (beach towel, flip flops, travel mug, sunglasses, makeup, lint rollers, bug spray, travel pillow, travel manicure set, headache and stomach meds, etc). I basically filled them with all the stuff I put in the OOT bags for guests, plus extra stuff - that I couldn't afford to put in every OOT. I didn't personalize any of the items, 'cause I couldn't decide on a style that I think they'd all like.... And, I know that the only place they may mix up the bags is when we're away. Each gift (bag and contents) cost between $100 & $120. My FI got his GMs a more traditional gift: dress watches. He paid between $100 and $120 per watch, which includes engraving their names. More traditional BM gifts include: jewelery, jewelery boxes, flasks, compacts, picture frames, etc. And, personalization is a nice touch. A digital photo frame might be a nice gift for a DW too. Hope that helps a little!
  9. Thank you sooooo much!! I appreciate it tons.... and will show you how they look when they're done!
  10. Hi! I need help!!! I want to include a welcome-booklet in my OOT bags, that includes detailed info on the country, the customs, the resort, an english-spanish phrase guide, and a map of the country. Instead of having a bunch of loose brochures/ handouts in the bag, I'd like to put them all into a booklet.... that looks like a passport from the outside. Does anyone have a template, or ideas on how to do this? I would REALLY appreciate any help or suggestions! Thanks!!
  11. That's tough... and I can completely sympathize. Our TA is absolutely horrible. We have had to follow up with her about things over and over again before she does them. Our guests have been saying she does not respond to their phone messages or emails promptly, and when she finally does - the info is incorrect. She overcharged a couple of our guests credit cards for the deposits, and did not take the deposits at all from others. She has been rude to some of our guests, has given us incorrect information, and generally does not communicate well at all (neglecting to give us important info on a couple of occasions). We had thought about firing her, but we had too many people booked through her already, and it ended up being an impossible task. If you don't have many people booked, you could probably change agents completely without penalty. If you do have a ton booked (or changing will create financial penalties), I suggest asking to be transferred to another agent at the same agency, or asking to have your booking handled directly by her supervisor. If we'd done that, we probably would have saved a lot of hassles and headaches! Good luck!
  12. Thank you for your comments and advice! As a sidebar... my FI found out that Cnd Tire is having a sale on travel mugs starting Dec 6th. You get 2 stainless steel mugs (one with handle and one without) for $5. The regular price of these mugs is 2 for $19, so I'm thinking this is a pretty good deal. We might end up doing this instead, and then buying Timmy's coupons so people can get a free coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate on their way south!
  13. Hi everyone! I haven't posted on this part of the forum yet.... Wow - January is really close all of a sudden!!! When did it sneak up on me?!? And, who would have thought that a destination wedding would take so much time to plan! LOL I am starting to freak out a bit too, (not about the wedding or marriage or anything), but really because I just realized there are ONLY 50 days until we get married... and I feel like there is still sooo much to do!!! I'm kinda worried I won't get it done! Things we already have in order: 1. Ceremony site is picked and booked 2. Dinner after the ceremony is taken care of 3. Music and photographer is taken care of 4. We have our rings (they are currently being engraved) 5. I have my dress!!! 6. Groom has his outfit 7. Bridemaids and groomsmen are clothed too! 8. Legal docs are taken care of, translated, etc. 9. Predeparture brochures and luggage tags are done, printed... and being prep'd to send out (we'll probably do this in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks) 10. MOH, bridesmaid gifts are purchased and assembled 11. OOT bags are started.... still need a bunch of items though to complete them 12. Predeparture hotel has been set up, and transport to the airport and back is taken care of. 13. Welcome reception prior to departure is organized 14. Musicians before, during and after the ceremony is taken care of, but I still have to pick the songs! Things we still have to do: 1. Sand ceremony containers.... no idea where to go for these?? 2. Finish up the OOT bags - do up welcome letter, prepare map, get list of tours, plan excursion (?), do up meet-the-guests doc, and get travel mugs. I'm also waiting on an order to arrive... not sure how long that will be! Maybe I should be following up?! 3. Accessories... we're going barefoot, but I have no other jewelery. Any recommendations? 4. Seating arrangements for dinner/ table assignments 5. Pick bouquet, table arrangements, etc through the resort 6. Order additional pieces of cake 7. Get guest book/ pic frame for signatures 8. Write vows 9. Pick songs for ceremony 10. Pick hair-do for wedding, get pre-departure cut and colour 11. Get into way better shape! LOL I am sure I'm forgetting something..... or a few things! Oh boy! Any thoughts on what I still need to do that is not on my list I would really appreciate it!
  14. Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a sale on travel mugs at Canadian Tire from Dec 6- Dec 12th. You can get 2 stainless steel mugs (one with handle, and one without) for $5 CND. They're 70% off, and normally sell for $19 ea. Happy shopping!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Nanner431 Hi all - I wanted to remember my grandparents that had passed away in years gone by and in my heart I wanted to do something so that they could 'find me' on my special day. I had my bouquet made up all in one color with the exception of 3 yellow roses which were each in memory of one of my grandparents. I didn't tell everyone except the people that I knew it would mean alot too....it was a nice subtle way of remembering them on that day in my life. I think this is a wonderful way of incorporating family members or really close friends who have passed away into a ceremony.
  16. What a horrible situation. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you and your FI. It's a very tough decision your both facing on whether or not to get a 'replacement' groomsman. Like most, I think leaving the space open is completely appropriate - and definitely okay, if that's something you and your FI is okay with. If you both decide you want to fill the spot, I think that's okay too. Doing something to honor the friendship at your ceremony might be appropriate. I like Nanner431's idea of including special flowers in the bouquets a lot. I think it's a wonderful way to honor and include him in the ceremony... but in a subtle way - so that the ceremony doesn't shift its focus from a celebration to a memorial. So sorry again to hear about your loss. You have our deepest sympathy and support.
  17. I think you are totally justified in being upset. Rest assured - you are not the only one going through it. We have a very similar situation - my mom and dad have told us they aren't coming. And, I don't see them changing their minds (they are quite stubborn, and have convinced themselves that the reasons they provided are adequate, although they basically are not coming 'cause they don't want to travel to an AI). It's your wedding - it's only going to happen once.... So, do it your way. It'll be their loss if they miss out. Hopefully once you have had time to talk to them, and explain how important it is for you for them to be there, they will change their minds.
  18. Thank you all so much for all your input! I think we'll go ahead and order the mugs for those adults traveling from Toronto with us. I like the Bubba Keg idea too - they are huge, and keep the drinks really cold. My FI and I bought those at Cnd Tire about 3 yrs ago, for the 2 of us to take with us to an AI in Cuba. They work great for refills at the bars down south. We thought about putting them into the OOT bags... but they are a little pricey for our budget. Unless Cnd Tire puts them on sale for around $3 ea, we won't be able to afford them.
  19. Hey there. So, we are looking for stuff to fill up our OOT bags with... and were thinking of travel mugs. I don't really want to do ones with our name and wedding date on them (only cause my wedding is less than 2 months away now... and I'm starting to panic about getting everything done)! What do you think of putting 15 oz or 20 oz Tim Horton's travel mugs in the OOT bags? They look like they would be great booze holders for the resort... and, they come with a coupon for a free coffee... which guests could use at the Tim Horton's at Toronto airport, prior to departure (our flight leaves at 6:15 am... we have to be at the airport by 3:30 am, and the Tim Horton's opens at 4 am). The Tim Horton's mugs go for $3.50 ea for the 15 oz mug, and $4.50 ea for the 20 oz mug (both including a gift certificate for a free coffee). Does that sound like a good idea... or just kinda tacky?
  20. I agree as well - I think you've got tons of time! The only big thing you didn't mention was the wedding rings - do you have them yet? I agree completely with Carla's priorities too. Happy planning - and, no worries... you'll get it all done!
  21. Not sure on when I am going to do this either. My bridesmaids are all over the place, so I'm going to end up giving them out individually... some a few days before we leave, and others a few weeks, I think. Traditionally, when's the time to give them out?
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by alex Bells are bad news in my opinion! Actual experience: had a bit to drink, shook the bell a little too roughly & launched it across the room where it eventually landed smack on some older woman's head.... not the best thing! lol LOL - i'm sorry, but that's funny! I can picture it in my head... actually sounds like something me or one of my friends would do.
  23. pearlygirl and paraisobeachbride, i am on the same page as you. i had no idea what oot bags were before i logged onto this site... never thought of doing up a program, welcome letter, itiniary/program, etc. there are so many wonderfully creative ideas on this forum. everyone on here has put so much care and time into their weddings. i haven't been on this site very long... but since joining i've got oot bags underway, i've done up a pre-departure brochure, and am setting up a couple of group activities for the week too. it's been so much fun doing the extra preparations - and I've started to look forward to the trip and wedding a lot more since i started. i'm sure i'm driving my FI a little nuts with all the stuff i'm doing. lol i know that none of my guests are expecting an OOT bag or favors, or any activities aside from the ones that they plan... so i know the little touches will be very much appreciated. Hope you both have a great time planning!!!
  24. Not sure how thick they are... it looks like they're a great price, and the weight looks okay. If you end up getting them, let me know what they're like. I'd love to order some too. I purchased some for my bridesmaids and MOH only from domesticbin.com. They are really nice quality, very thick, and really summery, but they were also a lot more expensive. I got them on sale, and paid around $15 per towel plus shipping.
  25. We got engaged about 3 yrs after we started dating. Three long years my FI jokes! LOL
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