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1. In MICROSOFT WORD go to "Insert----> WordArt" and use WordArt to type out your text. Use one text box for your soon-to-be last name "Mrs.XXX" and then use a separate text box for your "EST. DATE" if you choose to include this.

2. Use the Word draw tools panel and select 'Rotate or Flip' then choose 'Flip Horizontal.' This will flip your text so it looks like you are looking at a mirror image of the text. Next adjust your text for the font you want (Lucida Handwriting or Calligraphy are nice) and font size. Print them out and through trial and error see what will fit well on the undies you choose. Then print and cut out your text.

Hey I am wondering if any of you wonderful ladies can give me some advice

I am having trouble using the word art feature in Office 2007. You can not rotate a text box. You can rotate word art but only the ugly word art font, not Lucidia.

Any ideas for me??

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What are you ladies using to get the rhinestones onto the mylar paper straight ... like tweezers? My fingers/joints aren't dainty and I have a hard time working with tiny things and with it being sticky is it hard to pick it back up and move it if you miss where it goes? Thanks! I have everything and I'm ready to try this ... if he'd ever leave (we both work from home)! LOL wink.gif *SmiLes* Suzanne

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I just did mine last night and they turned out super cute.


I half used tweezers and half my fingers.


The rhinestone squeezed out of the tweezers so it was annoying. I just then used me fingers for awhile.


I taped the mylar paper down so it did not move.

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