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  1. Hello All, Anyone know of or used a Steel band that thay can recommed. We have decided last minute to use one for the ceremony but don't know where to start to find one. I am not using the one that the resort recommends because they charge $700 for an hour. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 Only about a month left to go!!!! CRAZY!!! how's the planning going? i feel like i have nothing done OMG...I feel exactly the same way. So much to do and so little time!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by surprise_its_taken Hi, I sent you a PM week or so ago but I guess you didn't get it. I would be interested in buying 30 of those fans, if you still have them for sale. Do you know how much shipping would be to Winnipeg, MB, Canada? Thanks! Brandy No, Sorry I didn't receive your PM. Yes, I still have them available. Another BDW bride inquired about 40 but I haven't heard anything back from her. I checked the rates to you via USPS international first class mail and it would be $23.67 to ship. I am not sure if you would be willing to pay that much fo
  4. @ Pynk if I can recall correctly I bought them from efavormart. @Crisc Yes, I am willing to split them. Correction to my previous post...I meant buyer pays for shipping.
  5. I have for sale 60 turquoise raffia fans that I will not be using anymore. I will sell for $1 each and they range between 8 and 10 inches tall. They are very nice and willbe great to attach programs to. PM me if interested and seller is responsible for shipping. Raffia.doc
  6. Jcruzin, I am getting married at the same location. Maybe you can re-assure that everything will turn out great because I am beginning to stress. I have a couple of questions: How did you decorate the gazebo (standard or upgraded)?, what did you do for the welcome/rehersal dinner since the options are costly and limited? Where was your reception held and did you do a cocktail hour? And lastly what menu options did you choose for your reception? Oh and what did your guests think of the resort?Sorry for all the questions.
  7. Tauristar, Congrats on your wedding!!!I can't wait for your review of the wedding and the resort. I am going into this blind as I have not visited the Resort. I have almost 2 months to go and I am getting more nervous that nothing is shaping up to the way I want it to be. Quote: Originally Posted by tauristar terls- I'll send you everything have when I return. It all turned out fantastic and easily the wedding of my dreams, even with a day of rain. Ill do a full review next week, but here are a couple of pics from my photographer! Cocoriah Photo: Wedding: Jo
  8. I can't believe it almost June and I still have so many things to sort out with RHR. I did get a quote from Tai Flora. I'm still waiting on a return call from Grande Garden..it's been about a month. I wanted to do a rehersal dinner also for all my guests which Charline is against. She thinks it should only be for the wedding party. My options were fine dining (which only accomodates 40) or set up on the beach which is $850 just for tables and chairs. What is everyone else doing?
  9. Is anyone using a videographer? If so who are you using? I have Sungold for the photography but I am thinking that I may also need a vidographer. Also what is everyone doing for reception decorations & gazebo decorations? Does the resort offer the chair covers and sashes for the ceremony? Sorry for all the questions.
  10. Wow! I didn't know that the Aqueduct was an option. About how much was the Aqueduct. We love that location. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn Blades Thanks for your message Scrouse, I am also using TWJ and Almarie has been amazing so far! I'm glad to hear she is just as good during the wedding as planning the wedding. Did you give she a tip? I am curious to know if she just works for the buisness or if it is hers? Just a heads up for brides, if you find your dream venue and it is NOT on her list ask about it! I did and now we are booked into the Aqueduct location on
  11. If they are not available for your wedding dates then you can choose from the associate photographers that they offer. They were unavailable for my date so I chose Associate M to do my wedding. According to Paula, she's the most experienced of the other associates and closest to their style.
  12. My count of 40 is now over 60!! What is everyone else doing as far as the menu for the reception? Plated dinner or the stations? If Stations what did you choose and are they much cheaper than the plated dinner? Any help would be great.
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