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  1. Hi Ladies.... It has been a LONG time since I have been on here. Life has gotten quite busy since our wedding. We are in the process of buying a house and are now expecting our first baby in July! Anyway, My husband and I were married at RHR on August 14, 2009 and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. rosehallbride--we did a consumption bar, we told Charline that our budget was $1000. They kept track of the drinks that everyone ordered and if we got close to the limit they would let us know and we would have the option of continuing to pay/ make it cash bar or close the bar. I think that the total was around $500 (for 52 guests over 3 hours), so we wound up with a credit back. Hope this helps...and congrats to everyone! ~Jaime
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by rosehallbride hi JNMo9, Glad to hear you wedding day was perfect is that your wedding photo show i can see on the sungold webb site, they look fantastic. I'm getting married at rose hall and still trying to decide on where to have my reception and the ball room was one of my options would you reccomend the ball room and did you have plated meals or a buffet. And do you know if you have to pay for day passes for any guest not sataying at the hotel. x Rosehall bride--Sorry for taking so long to get back...for some reason I'm no longer getting updates on this thread! Anyway...I was upset that we were moved inside (I was expecting the Three Palms Courtyard), but to be honest it probably worked out better that it was inside. I don't think that it wound up raining during the reception, but it was VERY humid out that night and because we were inside there was AC and everyone danced the night away!!Had I decided on the ballroom from the beginning I probably would have done more for decorations and/or had them do it. (I brought all of the centerpieces from home.) As for the meals, we actually decided to create our own 'station' menu. It was way cheaper then the predetermined buffet menu and we had a huge selection and the food was fabulous! We went with: Jamaican Jerk Pork Loin Carving Station Pasta Station Salad Station Crudities (fresh veggies) Cheese and fruit board Iced Seafood display (with JUMBO shrimp and crab claws) Let me know if you have any other questions! ~Jaime
  3. Hey Ladies! I am back from our wedding at Rose Hall Resort & Spa!!! I haven't had a chance yet to write up my review, but just wanted to let you all know that I am here if you have any questions!! Although the only day out of the week that it rained was our wedding day and our reception locations was moved into one of the ballrooms instead of the Three Palms Courtyard the day turned out to be perfect! We even received several compliments that it was the best wedding guests had ever been to!! I will try to get the review up sometime this week! Angie-although it is nice to have the bottled water, it isn't totally necessary, as the water at the resort is completely safe to drink. I know that the 'upgraded' all-inclusive plan was an extra $50 per day per adult. All but 2 of our guests were on the regular AI, and didn't have any problems!
  4. We are having our reception at the Three Palms courtyard. I can't wait just a month away now!!
  5. OK...so here are my lists: we get married in 5 weeks and 3 days!! Done: All reservations Honeymoon My dress & shoes Bridesmaids dresses & shoes Flower girl's dress FI attire Groomsmen shirts & pants Centerpieces contents of OOT bags Our rings Left to finish: Pre-travel brochure with luggage tag (waiting for the luggage tags I ordered) Welcome letter OOT bags (iron on logo) Bridesmaids jewelry MY gown alterations!! Finalizing our playlists (using the ipod for reception music) figuring out a way to get all of this stuff down there! I wonder if I'm missing anything?!?
  6. Hey Ladies... I'm getting married August 14!! I am just over a month away! I joined WW in April and have lost 30! I am hoping for another 10 before we leave! It is awesome to have a great support system. I will say that both FI and I love to cook and the recipes that I got out of the weekly book, Hungry Girl and the WW favorites cookbook are so good that it almost seems impossible that they are good for you!!! Congrats to all!!!
  7. I have the Hungry Girl cookbook and it cam in so handy this weekend. Big 4th of July party and I was able to make some of the recipies so that I could enjoy myself as well!! The Double Trouble Chocolate Trifle is awesome!!
  8. Angie- we are loading up our ipod with all of our songs in a specific playlist, taking the docking station and FI's cousin is going to act as DJ (to announce first dance, etc). I didn't want to spend the extra money for a DJ.
  9. rosehallbride--I too am working with Charline, she has been pretty good about replying to emails (only had an issue one time..it took her over a week to respond). When we submitted our request with our deposit that is when we picked a time. We took 5pm, it is the latest time without doing the twilight package.
  10. angie--there should be one coming soon. there is another bride on here who just got married there...she told me she hasn't had a chance to get the review up yet, but she was hoping to do it this week. In the mean time if you go on tripadvisor there are great general reviews and a few that mention weddings! FI and I are just under 2 months away and getting more excited by the day!!
  11. tauristar--congrats on booking! I'm sure you will have an amazing wedding! angie--we have decided to just use the ipod with our own speakers. I would check with the WC to see if they are going to charge you an outside vendor fee for each different vendor, or just a one time charge. FI and are are getting more excited by the minute. We will be in Jamaica in 6.5 weeks!!
  12. We went through a TA for most of the guests at a rate that was significantly less then what the hotel itself quoted us. Part of the wedding package that you choose is an upgrade to ocean view or ocean front (based on availability). I still haven't heard back on the free nights based on the number of people booked...as soon as I hear I will let you all know!
  13. Great find...i've been looking for inexpensive beach towels. I'll have to check it out tomorrow!!
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