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  1. I loved your wine glass idea so much I stole it and ordered some also! Stephanie was great to work with...I ordered one for my mom and myself and a beer pilsner for my FI..now DH:) Kudos to you for being so organized!!
  2. Hey Bev! I was waiting to read your review...I need a few days to recuperate before I write my own:) It was soo fun meeting you and how funny I knew it was you when you passed us coming out of our room on ur 1st night there:) Our wedding went awesome as well although it rained prior to our reception..we ended up having it in the disco. Also I wanted to tell you that your flamingo you left for me made its journey to Couples San Souci also:) Let me know when its time for a return trip!
  3. Yes we will...tomorrow is Bev's big day so I hope all goes smoothly. We leave Tuesday!! We will let you know how everything goes when we get back:)
  4. I ordered from them and was happy with the result. However, I am glad I called them prior to ordering because they advised me of the small print area which I was NOT aware of prior to that. Each mug has a specific area where it can be printed on..which is normally not that big. However, I agree with the other girls and think your mugs still looks nice:)
  5. I have been there 6 times. I love it there but do not think I would want to get married there...just my personal opinion though. We are getting married at Breezes in Jamaica which is suposed to be nicer. I wanted something a little nicer for my wedding. Last time I was there, the service was a little lacking.
  6. oh I will be bookmarking this as well since I leave next week for our big day in Jamaica..we are getting married at Breezes Runaway Bay so lets see if the WC are whats causing the delay.........
  7. Wow, that is unbelievable! I like shopping on Etsy and I know alot of brides on this forum do too! Follow the advice from the other brides and let us know how it all works out. That is a bunch of crap what she did!!!
  8. Wow thats great info. After visiting Couples San Souci this year, we may have to go to Couples Negril next lol. My supervisor will be happy when I tell him about your review because he will be there the same time we are at CSS.
  9. Whew! Thanks Maureen...can you forward it to my email so I can print it out and take it with me? Thanks..
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