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My hair is a disaster!

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#1 montegobay09

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    Posted 05 November 2008 - 06:58 PM

    So I decided that I wanted to color my hair cause my highlights from the summer were growing out. I've been doing this every year since I was 14 so I didn't hesitate to do a DIY job at home. In September I dyed it light brown and the highlights came through within 2 weeks so I decided to go darker this time..medium brown. Well, it turns out medium brown for the brand I bought actually means BLACK!!!!

    My hairdresser told me that sunlight dish soap is a good clarifier (they use it on ducks after oilspills) so I've been washing my hair with that every day for a week!! My hair isn't dried out yet cause I've been conditioning like crazy and I'm starting to see a little tiny bit of brown coming through but it's already been a week and it's still very black.

    I've been told that you can't dye over black dye so I'm really scared I'm going to end up with the ends of my hair being black and the roots being brown for my wedding. I know I have a while before my wedding but hair doesn't grow that fast and I'm scared I'm still going to be dealing with it then.
    It's REALLY black and everyone is noticing. I can't even wear my hair down cause as soon as it falls against my face I look like I'm still dressed up for Halloween!

    I know y'all can't predict the future but do you think the hair dye will disappear before April (hopefully March so I can relax)?

    #2 angela1184

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      Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:03 PM

      YIKES!!! that has to be a terrible feeling-its not like we can hide our face or hair either. i had something similar happen before w highlights going wrong. everyone was like "whos the new blonde in the office" NOT fun!!

      try googling to see if there is some kind of shampoo that will strip the color. best of luck!

      #3 BachataBride

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        Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:03 PM

        I don't think it will be gone completely...even the wash out ones will leave some color. I would consult with a professional. Just go in & talk to one...you don't have to get anything done about it now...see how it looks in Feb or March. I'm sure you will be able to color over it by then! Do not stress over it!!

        #4 MsShelley


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          Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:06 PM

          try a clarifying shampoo, Pantene might do. Other than that it is a waiting game unless you want to go back to highlights. You can not lighten colored hair without highlighting. You can also call a local salon and see if they have something called a Malibu treatment, you sit under the dryer with it, it is to get chlorine and crap out of hair and usually that will lighten hair a bit withought further damage. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me :)

          #5 *Lo*

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            Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:07 PM

            Let me tell you that I have been there! Several times (Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the first time).

            It is true the hairdresser cannot colour over drugstore type black or really dark brown hair colour. I ended up going to a salon for a colour correction, and they were able to lift most of the colour out. I think if I can remember it took two visits (about 4 weeks apart). And then my hair was a nice lighter brown, all even, and I let the colourist do the highlights and colouring from now on!

            I had tried the sunlight, and it worked a tiny bit on the roots but then it was all uneven. If you are truly unhappy I suggest going to a salon and paying the $80 or whatever it is for them to fix it! If you can live with it, it will probably fade over the course of the next few months. But you won't be able to colour over it as the ends will stay black. Maybe see how it is in January and then if it is not going according to plan you can always try the salon backup plan!

            #6 neen

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              Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:10 PM

              eek -that sucks, I'm sorry, but don't get stressed out! luckily black washes out/fades fairly quickly (2 months), and they'll be able to fix it by then and dye over it - give it til Jan

              #7 DallasAshli

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                Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:18 PM

                Take a deep breath! This exact same thing happened to me because of a "miscommunication" with my hairdresser (and I still use her and still love her).

                First, it will fade...but its an odd curve. This is what happened when I was not actively trying to get it to fade (so yours will probably be faster):

                Stayed dark, dark for about 4 weeks
                Started to fade into a dark brown (like dark chocolate)
                After 3 months, it was a regular dark brown (probably like what you were originally going for)

                I loved the dark chocolate color and have stayed there (my hair is naturally a lighter brown). You won't be able to go lighter than the "regular dark brown" for a while. My ordeal happened Thanksgiving of 2006 and I recently cut off the last of it (but I have loooong hair - the middle of my back).

                Here is a pic from Jan '07 - 3 months after the dye job (and trust me, it was black, black!). Forgive the stupid face...it was the best pic of the hair so I'm sacrificing for BDW :)

                Click the image to open in full size.

                Hope that helps!

                #8 Jacilynda

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                  Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:26 PM

                  I don't think it will all come out by april Sorry. If i were you I would go to the salon and have the color stripped.

                  #9 MsShelley


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                    Posted 05 November 2008 - 07:44 PM

                    just my opinion, take it or leave it, I would NOT have them strip my hair. If you let them do that, they atrip all your natural color out as well, and it turns way orange! Then you have trouble getting any color to stay because your natural pigment is gone!

                    #10 aimee!

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                      Posted 06 November 2008 - 12:51 AM

                      i am by no means an expert on this subject, but from the advice of these ladies, i think everything will work out perfectly.
                      Forgive the stupid face...it was the best pic of the hair so I'm sacrificing for BDW :)
                      or maybe give her an honorary title for the month?
                      Ashli, you rock!
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