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Desperate Need Of Help...please!!!!

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Ok, so I am totally at loss with this. You would think I'd know better since I am planning my own wedding too, but go figure..doh.gif


Anyway, so my Fiance and I invited to my girlfriends wedding on Sat. and we don't know what to wear..huh.gif?? Her and her family are pretty high class, but I'm sure it's not a black tire affair either. We're mainly confused because of the schedule. Here's the timeline for her wedding day....




Saturday November 1st, 2008


Church Ceremony: 2:00 p.m.


**No Cocktail Hour according to the invite**


Adult Reception at half past 6 o'clock in the evening.





I'm mainly confused because of the time gap in between. What should I do?

And it sure doesn't help that it's been very cold outside lately. My fiance plans to wear a semi-dark grey suit...but for me I really don't know. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have today only to decide...smile35.gif



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Ok so I have been thousand of weddings...with the church being so early you can wear a nice outfit like a daytime dress, pant suit or skirt and top and your man can wear nice pants with a button down...then depending if you are close to home or staying at a hotel you go and change into your party dress and suit...did it say anywhere on the invite if it is black tie or not because that can clear up a lot of questions on what to wear to the reception

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I went to a wedding like this last year. I wore a tea length semiformal dress with a cute shrug for the ceremony. I took off the shrug for the reception. In between we toured the town since we were just driving in for the day and didn't have a hotel. We also grabbed a quick snack at another hotel lounge so my dress didn't look to out of place.

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Don't stress too much... Remember that everyone at the wedding has to deal with this too. I agree with Erica... wear something more casual to the ceremony, and then change for the reception. Are you close enough to the bride where you could call her? I've never been to a wedding like this before. Seems strange to me.

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It is a bit strange.. judging by the wording on the invite they are probably:


a) Only having children at the ceremony.

B) Doing a lot of pics in between and maybe a private cocktail hour for the bridal party.


For what to wear -

I agree with Jamisoncollette... wear a semi formal dress. Something in maybe like a dark purple (that's really hot right now) or a jewel tone with a shrug. In between, you can either go home, back your hotel or find a nice lounge and grab a drink or some lunch.

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Hmmm...this is a typical "Newfie" wedding (I'm from Newfoundland). The time in between is usually for the b&g to get pics done with immediate family & bridal party. But if these people are "high class" like you said I find it weird that they would not have something arranged for the guests in between (ie, a cocktail hour). In the meantime, maybe you could go to a nice pub/restaurant for a cocktail hour of your own!!

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