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  1. Hi, Does anyone on here know how to be able to write into these PDF Files? I even tried downloading a new version of Adobe Reader..didn't work. I downloaded this really awesome template that I found online to use for several things..and although I can see it, I can't write in it. The website I got it from offers it for free on their website, and someone already used it and even blogged about it. So I know it is suppose to be "useable"...hmmmmm... Anyone???..... Here's the website where I found it, if you scroll down to the bottom you will see it Download Swash Ornament Invitations - in Blue, Gold, and Pink. http://www.nonpareilmag.com/downloads/swash-ornament-invitations/ Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Everyone!!!! So hubby and I have been happily married for 2 yrs now..YAY!! (i would've never accomplished anything without the help of this forum) It is now my time to finally pull thru for my girl..my best friend in the whole wide world. I'm in charge of the Bridal Shower & I need your help ladies!!! I have an idea of what I want for her shower..i'm hosting it at a local hall, and i'm thinking of having it Catered. I just don't know where to start. I'm in jersey & found these amazing caterers around my way.."PersonalTouchCaterers". I'm just thinking how much can they actually do for me, and what exactly will i be looking for them to do for me, besides the Food. Also, i'm hosting it on a Sunday - mid day maybe like from 1 to 4 pm. What kind of food do you guys think i should serve. I'm hosting this party all on my own, so $$$ is a concern but i really wanna host something nice, so i'm willing to dish out a pretty penny for my bff. And question, should i do a cake or are cupcakes the new thing now? The party will consist of 55 ppl..and the hall is pretty spacious. I'm trying to do as many things as i could on my own..so any DIY IDEAS you ladies care to share will be very much appreciated. I promise to POST PICS with all of your ideas after the shower! Thanku..thanku..thanku. We're on for April 17th, 2011!!! I gotta make miracles happen in less then 2 months...so please please help me you guys. Happy Planning to you all btw ))
  3. OMG.....you guys are LIFE SAVORS...lol. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!! Well yes i hate that we have to book a hall. Unfortunetly, all bridesmaids including myself have small tiny places. so it looks like this has to be the way to go. But thank you guys so much!!! really.
  4. Ok..so there's a reason why I hate Math....I suck!..lol Anyway, I'm trying to book a hall for my BFF's Bridal Shower. I hate to have to limit her to a total of 25 people. But I don't think I could afford anymore. I did the math but I think I did it wrong. I'm the worst at this someone please help me. I would love to do 40 people but I think that would be too much. Hmmmmm.....Again, someone please help me figure this out. The Restaurant states on it's website the following along with the menu, Banquet Luch Package Served from 11 am to 3 pm Package Includes Home made bread, unlimited soft drinks, coffee and tea. $23.75 Per Person Please add 7% tax and 20% gratuity For 25 people....??? For 35 People..??? THANK YOU SO..SO..MUCH IN ADVANCE IF YOU CAN HELP ME!!!!!!
  5. Hey Guys! Please check out my Wedding Blog! An Inspirational Bride I had SO many pics floating around in my computer after my wedding that I decided to create a Blog dedicated to WEDDING related things. I was thinking it could def. help other Brides-2-B out there with ideas, pics, and websites. I've basically put it together to help me organize all of my memories and pics from the wedding and of my Planning. I like everything that has to do with weddings..so i'll be posting more. Check it out and let me know what you think. If your on Blogger too please..please don't forget to Follow my Blog...and I'll def. return the love THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Guys! Please check out my Wedding Blog! I had SO many pics floating around in my computer after my wedding that I decided to create a blog dedicated to WEDDING related things. I was thinking it could def. help other Brides-2-B out there. I've basically put it together to help me organize all of my memories and pics from the wedding and of my Planning. I love everything that has to do with weddings..so i'll be posting more. Check it out and let me know what you think. If your on Blogger too please..please don't forget to Follow my Blog...and I'll def. return the love THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! An Inspirational Bride
  7. OMG! seeing your pics reminds me how much fun I had in my weddng too. Your pics are truly stunning, and you looked AMAZING!!!! Elizabeth is so much fun
  8. Thanks Everyone!!!!! Your sweet comments mean so much. There's nothing more I love then to look at our pics and re-live that day, and to see all of our hard work finally pay off. We're also really happy we decided on a TTD session too, it was sooo... much fun..lol. Afterwards, we knocked out for 4 hours...lol Elizabeth: Thank you so much for everything! You've actually inspired me to look into Photography as my side thing. Our pictures tell a story, like no other, and that to us is priceless . JaimeLynne: Thank you! It's funny you mention that you guys were "too big of weenies" to go that far into the ocean like we did, cause yes we did go in far, but boy was it rocky! Plus, I totally envy your 'avatar pic'. We were suppose to take Sunrise TTD Pics, but we were like two irresponsible teenagers the night before hanging out with our bridal party in Playa Del Carmen. Which totally explains my tired eyes...lol. Mind you I had no make-up either, I guess it made for more natural pica anyway, right.. sspiris: Thanks, we got married at the El Dorado Royale Resort & Spa, in the Riviera Maya. It really is a Gorgeous Location! Ikupoo: Yes, it's me! Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year. Your less then 2 weeks away....HOW EXCITING, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Preciousmi811: Thank you very much for your kind words as well. I'm so flattered that you would consider my wedding an inspiration for yours. Wow, that's very sweet.... Best of luck with your wedding, and congrats! To those Lucky Couples awaiting their pics from E.M, Congrats to you! Your gonna love 'em Other photographers that I absolutely love and have had the chance to see their work are: Sol & Matt from Del Sol Photography, their work is One of a kind. I love Juan Carlos Tapia & Enrique Morales as well, phenomenal. I'm sure there's so many more that I might be forgetting, but so far every brides pics from this Forum have been absolutely beautiful, I know this. Best of luck to all and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS...
  10. Woo-hoo!!!!! Loving the pics...can't wait to see more. It's nice to hear that things went great for you. Looking forward to reading your review congrats!!!
  11. Hey everyone! So we want to get a projector for our Back at Home Reception that's less then a month away now. We want to use it to share our Wedding Slideshow to everyone. But we've never used one before so how exactly does that work? Do we need the pics to be on a DVD? And what about just playing the pictures on a DVD Player and straight onto a LARGE TV SCREEN IF ANYTHING...would it still be the same or better perhaps?? Please share your thoughts... By the way, does anyone know of any websites that does this...you know like turn your pictures into a DVD?? THANKS GUYS..
  12. Hey girls. First off....I'm so sorry that this has happened. I can just imagine your frustration and confusion. Please stay strong and know that you can still make your dream wedding come true whether you decide to go through with it now or wait until another time. Your wedding is what you make of it anyway. Whether you have 50 guests or 5, trust me I know. We got married in Riviera Maya on April 5th and we got back on April 11th. And let me tell you that our worry at the time was the stupid Drug Wars. I had some guests cancel last min. too because of it. We were sad at first but then we were like, whatever! We ended up having only 9 guests join us. I was mad at first but honestly, it was for the better. At the end of it all, it really is just about you and your hubby-2-b. And in regards to the Swine Flu, well luckily we haven't expeirenced any symptoms up until this point. But we still feel like we should get checked out. I kind of feel like it's the fair thing to do for my family, friends, and co-workers. But I heard that going to the Dr. is not allowed unless you are expeirencing symptoms. Plus, only the CDC can test you to see if your positive or negative, not your average Dr. Has anyone heard more about this? We're concerned as hell right about now. I hate that this has happened too. Poor Mexico and it's people . And now I feel the same for so many other countries as our own... S^!t is crazy!!... We can only wait and stay positive. Stay strong guys..I know it sucks. Our Back at Home Reception was for this wknd coming up, but we've decided to postpone it for now too. We're gonna let things cool for now I guess. My thoughts go out to all you ladies. I'm so sorry to those who have had to cancel so much. I know I was a mess too before I left sending e-mails out to guests and just trying to re-assure them all of their safety. I wanted them to have fun and enjoy themselves. I never planned for certain things to happen, just like you guys so I know what your going through. Just know that it isn't your fault and that we picked Mexico for probably the same reasons. Even after all of this, I'm still happy that I chose Mexico for my wedding. I took home many beautiful memories of places and people that I met while out there and it's beauty and culture will continue to live in our hearts. We can only wish the best for Mexico and it's people. Hopefully a cure will be found soon. It's what I'm praying for. Our thoughts are with all of you wonderful couples out there. We wish you lots of luck and the most beautiful wedding. linda
  13. Thanks everyone for your kind words!!!! It feels so nice to see everything come together at the end. And to see all of your hard work pay-off. Again, if it wasn't for all of the sweet ideas and amazing talents of all you beautiful people on here, I would have lost my mind months ago..hahaha!!! Sorry I don't have pics of my OOT BAG items. but, I'll list them.. *Our Welcome Book (Got the idea from someone on here, can't remember who . She was so sweet to e-mail her templates to me too. I just personalized them with our wording. *Sunscreen & Chapstick w/spf *2 Postcards from Mexico *1 Waterproof camera *and a first-aid kit from CVS Guests really appreciated the waterproof camera
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by moepeedy Hey Dreamgirl, Congrats! great planning thread. Just so you know I had my boudoir pics done by Steph. She is super amazing. She is currently working on my book can't wait to see the fisnished product. Looking forward to seeing your wedding slideshow. Hey there!! I'm so happy your session went well. I'm sure your pics will be AWESOME!!! By the way, make sure you let her know what size of book your interested in. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! linda
  15. Bouquet Jewelry...they added such a nice touch: I got my bouquet jewelry from - Swarovski Crystal Bouquet Jewelry - Bouquet Jewelry - Bouquet Jewels Bridal Panty From:Blushing Bride Silk Panties And Finally...... Boudoir Gift Books for DH I did Pro and Non-Pro Pics. The little pocket-sized book was done through a professional photographer at her studio in NJ. Although this album is only sized at 5x5, the quality is wonderful and it's a Perfect Size for him I thought. The bigger album was a gift from my sister to me. She is an aspiring photographer from Virginia who is developing her portfolio, and so she offered to do a Boudoir Shoot for me at "our" house for free. Both books turned out so ***HOT*** that I decided to give him both. I highly recommend all Brides-2-B out there to consider doing a Boudoir Shoot. Just think of it as a gift for both of you. I really did this for him, as I wanted to surprise him with something totally unique, but I also did it for me as well. Preserving pictures of myself of when I was young and beautiful is a real treat in itself for me too I think. Years from now...I wanna be like WOW!...that was me....haha!!! Seriously...it's such a self-esteem booster Oh and I did a personalized card to go along with the gifts. That's one of our kitties Cali, on the front of the card you see here. We love our kitties so much...I thought I'd get creative with it. - MyPublisher | Create your own Photo Book with MyPublisher and receive a published hardcover book! Pro Pics by Stephanie Sherwood, she is wonderful -NJ Wedding Photographer,Senior Portraits, Creative Graduate Portraits,Baby & Infant photography, Sherwood Photography, NJ, NY, New Jersey Wedding Photographer, New York Wedding Photographer, Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer. Candid Wedding Phot(tell her linda sent you..thanks ) Well that's it really. I think there's so much I might be forgetting still, but this is all I can remember right now. I can't wait to see how our wedding slideshow will tie everything together. Stay Tuned....
  16. Ceremony Shoes GUESS: For Fun Pics - I got these cool beach sandals from:Fancy Feet JewelryI don't remember how much I paid for them, but I know that they will probably the best deal you'll find. I loved mine so much that I then ordered 2 more for my bridesmaids to wear for walking down the aisle. I highly recommend her too, I got them Quick and the Quality is Great! From the min. I took a whiff I knew this was the one for me..I LOVE IT!! Got it at Macy's... I searched for a long time before I came across this BEAUTIFUL DRESS for my 2 bridesmaids. At the time when I called, they only had sizes 2-6, and the lady said they run small, plus that they have no stretch material. Thank goodness lucky for me my 2 bridesmaids are petite and small on top. It was def. an extra bonus for me that they loved them too!!!Women's dresses - weddings & parties - Silk taffeta Lorelei dress - J.Crew Oh and I also mailed these out to my girls 1 yr. ahead. They loved them!Bridesmaid Gifts and Wedding Favors | Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards In addition to their fancy feet jewelry that I got them, I also treated them to a cute starfish bracelet for them to wear on the day of the wedding, which they kept for themselves afterwards. SELF NOTE*** the starfish appears alot bigger on their website then it actually is, but the quality is great. Sterling Silver Jewelry - Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Starfish Bracelet ALMOST DONE>>>>>
  17. For our OOT BAGS we kept it simple and to the point. It was mostly his idea to do it this way. I kind of wanted to try doing the monogramed beach tote, but at the end I was so happy we did it like this. We got these cool bags from this website, and I love how they went nicely with our wedding colors too. Beach Theme Goodie Bag for Seaside or Summer, Favor Gift Bags - Exclusively Weddings Our Rings!!! We got them at the Diamond District In NYC. His suit, Google Image Result for http://www.esuit.com/perry-ellis/images/perry-ellis.jpgPerry Ellis Suit & Tie. Born Crownsandals. This was his pick,..he smelled great My Wedding Dress - GALINA My Jewelry - got both at Macy's Reception Shoes GUESS - CONTINUED>>>>>>>
  18. Hundreds of posts later and even after my wedding in Riviera Maya Mexico, it's finally my turn to share all of my wedding plans. I don't even remember how I stumbled across this forum, but I'm so happy I did. I owe it all to BDW!! I was a BIG MESS before I left so I didn't get a chance to share my pics then, but here goes....ENJOY!!! We're H.S. sweethearts so we've been together since 96' but the Wedding Plans all started back in May of 2006, when John proposed to me on Graduation Day. SAVE THE DATES:Save The Date Magnets - A Pair of Starfish We sent these out 7 months ahead INVITATIONSAllison Barnhill Designs I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER...SHE'S A TOTAL SWEETHEART AND A TRUE PROFESSIONAL . We sent these out 2 months ahead CONTINUED>>>>>
  19. Location: Riviera Maya Mexico Resort: El Dorado Royale Resort and Spa Wedding Date: April 5th, 2009 Online Wedding Coordinator: Valeria Martinez Onsite Wedding Coordinator: Gloria Both ladies were amazing to work with Our EDR wedding and stay was better then I could have ever imagined Every one of our expectations for the wedding were met and exceeded by the resort. I'm so happy we chose this place for our wedding and honeymoon. We truly did get the best deal I feel at the end. We had 10 guests join us for our wedding day, 12 with us. We were mainly all friends. Our parents unfortunetly could not attend, so we're throwing a Back at Home Reception sometime in the next month or two. For now, we're just taking it easy as there is so much to do in settling back down. Sorry for the long review, but I just thought I'd post a nice long one since it's been awhile for EDR. We're happier then ever, and I so didn't want to come back home . The service and food at EDR gets a A+++ from me. They are so welcoming and friendly, and the food is always well presented. Ask for Fernando at the Bars, he's GREAT! We arrived Thursday April 2nd, 2009. Friday April 3rd - Meeting with coordinator: We were legally married in the states 1 week before we left, so we didn't have to get bloodwork done or anything. We just had to go over our Spreadsheet which was very quick. We were told that our wedding would be the only wedding on Sunday, which was nice. (There were 3 on Saturday.) I had my spreadsheet from Valeria, and we went over everything line by line. They had everything correct. We went over the schedule for the day of the wedding, and John was told to be at the ceremony site 30 minutes before the ceremony. We had our music for the Ceremony and for the Reception on our I-pod. We gave our onsite wedding coordinator a list of the songs to be played at their given times. This was not a problem at all. The songs for our ceremony played beautifully and on point. Unfortunetly for some reason, the songs for our reception did not register into the I-pod back home....so LUCKILY we had planned for this by taking our Laptop with us just in case. We could have also done CD's, but then your risking there being scratches on it. Consider this with your music if you aren't doing a DJ. But honestly, guests didn't even notice. The Amplifiers we rented from EDR were GREAT!!! OOT Bags: Everyone loved the bags and contents. We went with these for our OOT BAGS. They were great, and honestly both John and I didn't see people re-using their OOT BAGS after the wedding, especially the guys. So this is why we chose these. We only had 10 guests so it worked out great. We paid to have our bags delivered to our guests rooms, but then we realized that deliveries are done throughout the day, and our guests were never really in their rooms half the time to recieve them. They were out having fun. I don't recommend having your bags delivered. It's really just a waste of money I think. Your better off handing them out upon your guests arrival. We really didn't have this option though, since all of our guests arrived at different times. But we did organize a Meet & Greet for Saturday April 4th, which is when we should have done it. But delivering them is nice if you can pull it off. We didn't do a rehearsel dinner or anything since our group was so small, but the day before the wedding we did head to Guacamayas Bar for drinks and such. Their really isn't any nightlife at EDR besides Guacamayas Bar. There you can have drinks and dance to music. We saw a Band playing music there many times too. They do play a variety of music, but mostly English. We stayed up late that night and I was forced to have to party till late because my poor cousin's flight was delayed and she didn't arrive until 5 hours before this. So we had to stay up late and hang out with her. My 2 bridesmaids stuck it out with me too, thank god, but I really wish we could have all gone to bed early that night and gotten our beauty sleep. I think I looked tired the day of the wedding. Also I highly recommend for the bridal party to sleep with you on the night before the wedding, that way things are off to a better and faster start for the day of. We had to rush on the day of the wedding because we failed to do this. Just a suggestion that I think can make a BIG difference. The Big Day (Sunday April 5th:) I woke up early and called for Room Service. I wanted to make sure that our Casita Suite was clean and presentable for the pics. I highly recommend this. I left John sleeping, and headed out for my pedi and hair appointment at the Casita Spa at 11:00 a.m. It was the last time I would see him until the ceremony. My appointment went swell. the girls at the spa were so nice and professional. I had the same lady for both my pedi and hair. The pedi is $55, but so worth it, she turned on the chair massager and offered me cold water while she did her thing. And I loved my hair. I showed hair a pic of what I wanted and she did an AWESOME JOB! I have alot of hair and she pulled it off beautifully. Our Casita Suite was 2817, so we were literally and luckily steps away from the Casita Spa. So this helped alittle, but it was SOOOO...windy that day, that come to think of it this really didn't help at all. Once I got to the ceremony my hair was all over the place thank god I opted for an updo though. Makeup-I did my own makeup. I wanted a very soft and natrual look for my big day, after all it is right on the beach, so I just bought the very best makeup there is. For me that's Bare Minerals and MAC. I liked how my makeup turned out. And honestly, it was so hot that day, it was atleast 85%, so I just didn't feel like putting so much stuff on my face. Plus, John hates make-up period. He's always liked me natural, thank god for that right. When I got back to my room John was gone, he had already headed to his bestman's suite. My bridesmaids arrived mins. later and we began to help eachother get ready. There are no radios in the rooms, only an alarm clock with like 5 or 6 radio stations, neither of them played good music. I wish I would have bought my radio with CD's or something. We were so in the mood for music, but had to do without. Pictures –At 3:30 that day, my photographer Elizabeth Medina arrived to our Casita and took pictures of us getting ready and everything. I knew exactly what I wanted. I respected her vision with many things as I know she is AMAZING, but I also gave her some of my own suggestions as to what I wanted. She was so attentive too. I Love Her!! The girls and I were kind of rushing but we still managed to pull it off...haha!! I was so caught up with getting ready and stuff that I forgot to have my Boudoir Gift delivered to John . So Elizabeth couldn't possibly catch this on the day of the wedding, but luckily we also had her for a TTD Session for the day after. So I gave him his gift on the morning of our TTD. After she finished photographing us, she headed to John's room where she photographed them getting ready. This gave us some extra time to finalize things back at our room. We got to the Ceremony Site 15 min. late because we were picked up late by the WC, but this didn't cause any problems. They just made the necessary changes to the timeline that day. On our way to the Gazebo in the Golf Cart, people at the resort were yelling CONGRATS!!!! I really did feel like a princess that day At about 4:30 pm our bouquets were delivered to the room. I was so amazed with how beautiful the bouquets were. They were so lush, colorful, and fragrant. I absolutely loved my bouquet!!! it looked beautiful when I put my bouquet jewels in it. I highly recommend Bouquet Jewels, they give it that extra classic touch. Ceremony - When we got to the Gazebo, my bridesmaids immediately had to walk down the aisle when we arrived to ceremony spot. They walked down to Sade's "By Your Side", which had everyone in tears. Gazebo 55 was BEAUTIFUL!!! it was in a perfect spot by the beach. The way they decorated it was exactly how I envisioned it. Just 1,000,000 times more beautiful. And with the music playing and seeing everyone's jaws drop as I walked by them, that's when I secretly exhaled and proudly congratulated myself for all of my hard work. I could see John all teary from a distance, and I tried to keep myself together, which I did until the vow exchange came. I totally got choked up and had to pause for several seconds during this point. The ceremony was performed by a female judge. She was so sweet and professional. We really didn't care much for either a male or female, but feel that her voice was very soft and soothing for our ceremony. Perfect for the ambience. El Cocotal –Dinner was at 6:30. When we arrived the flute player played at our table and it really helped to set the elegant ambience of the restaurant. The table set-up was exactly what I had asked for. Absolutely Beautiful! Dinner was so delicious. We had the Vegetable Tower for a starter; the classic caesar salad; and for our main course we had the option of either slow roasted pork or caramelized chicken breast with orange and thyme mushroom. John had the roasted pork which he absolutely LOVED, and I had the Caramelized Chicken which was also delicious. Everyone loved the French Style Apple Pie. Tucanes Bar – We had a 2 hour private Chocolate Fondue Cocktail event set up here. We opted for the cocktail tables with white linens, and just votive candles and rose petals on the tables, which was stunning. They moved the hanging corsages to this location to decorate the cake table and bar (later we asked the bar manager to deliver these to our mom’s rooms, which they did). We ordered the 2 tier cake mainly for the pictures only, We did toasts, did our first dance, and all of us danced and had a good time. Our service was amazing during this event. We had shots going around the whole time, and the bartenders always made sure that guests had a drink. Those 2 hours flew by so quickly, and guests loved our choice for music. We really did pull it off, THANK GOD FOR MY LAPTOP. We were all so wasted....HAHAHAHA!!!! When we got back to our Casita, Our room was covered in rose petals – floor, bed, and Jacuzzi tub. There was soothing music playing from the t.v. We had another bottle of champagne on ice waiting for us by the tub. The party wasn't over just yet, as we had arranged for a night out on the town of PLAYA DEL CARMEN. We hired a private van for coming and going for this. They charged us $150.00 I believe. I highly recommend doing something similar if your still up for it afterwards. This was so much fun!!!!!!! We headed to this bar called "Karabar" which is an indoor/outdoor bar with hookahs (which are my favorite). We drank, danced, and smoked flavored tobacco that night till we were all so beat. We walked the streets of la quinta avenida of Playa that night, and headed back to the resort late that night. 5 of our guests were leaving that very next day, so this was a good idea. It was really the last time we would see them again until we would get back home. Honeymoon Breakfast –We were told that our Breakfast in Bed was delivered to our suite the next morning but they had missed us since we were out shooting our TTD session with Elizabeth Medina at the beach. I should have mentioned this to them, but I forgot. They were kind enough to reschedule another Honeymoon breakfast in bed for us later that week, free of charge. TTD –We were like 2 irresponsible teenage kids partying out til late the night before...(how funny), so we hardly even slept that night. Once again, I think I looked tired for this...hahaha!! But oh well I tried my best to look like a natural beauty that morning and we both just kind of rolled out of bed and got back into our wedding attire as we headed out for our TTD with E.M. This is when I gave John his wedding gift. I was kind of upset that it happened this way, as I had planned for him to recieve it on the day before, but it still worked out beautifully. The beach at EDR is extremly rocky as there is hardly any beach left. The waters have pretty much washed it all up by now. Still Elizabeth was able to find a great spot to shoot our TTD. I highly recommend Trashing The Dress. I never thought I'd do such a thing, but it turned out that I was the perfect candidate for it. Even my beach sandles & purse got trashed...haha!!! DH quickly adjusted to the situation too . After this, we changed and headed to one of the pools where we hung out all day and slept on one of the poolside beds. VERY RELAXING. We were certainly in need for some major relaxation. I loved EDR!!! Our wedding was and honeymoon was by far the best expierences of our lives. Hiring Elizabeth Medina and going with EDR were the 2 best desicions of our wedding planning. I know that EDR can get under your skin at times, but trust me, their services are well worth it. Their expensive but well worth it. I had a couple who recently got married and honeymooned at Aruba and they said that EDR was 20 times better then their resort, for almost the same price. My tip for you future EDR Brides is....BE EXTREMLY ORGANIZED AND PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. KNOW THAT EVEN THE MOST CALM AND COLLECTIVE BRIDE WILL EXPERIENCE A BRIDEZILLA MOMENT, BUT THAT YOU MUST STAY FOCUSED AND HAPPY, THE WEDDING TRULY DOES FLY BY. NOTHING...I MEAN NOTHING EVER GOES EXACTLY AS PLANNED. BUT THAT'S OK..BECAUSE IT HAPPENS EVEN TO THE BEST OF US. I'M OVER MY LITTLE UPSETS BY NOW. JOHN AND I LAUGH AT ALL THE FUN WE HAD EITHER WAY. TRUST ME HAVE FUN WITH IT NO MATTER WHAT.. Thanks to all of you on BDW for everything!!! PM me if you have any specific questions I'll try my best in helping you. I promise to post pics once I get the hang of doing so. My slideshow should be ready in a few weeks too. I still have yet to post my planning thread for you Brides-2-B, I have pics all over the place, so I will try to gather my pics and post asap. Cheers!!! Linda
  20. I just got back from my wedding at the El Dorao Royale in R.M. and after the wedding we just headed to Playa for whatever kind of fun. We ran into "Karabar". So much fun! I don't know if your into Hookahs...but my little group loved it. Sorry it's not actually on the beach, but just thought I'd share this with you anyway for consideration. I think you could reserve tables if you ask maybe. It's like a 2 min. walk from the Blue Parrot. Hope this helps if anything. Good Luck! Either way your going to love Playa Del Carmen.
  21. I want to create a website where we can all upload our photos to after the wedding, and I want to include this info in our OOT BAGS. Did any of you guys do this? Which website did you use? I want a website where we can upload and order good quality prints from. Any ideas... thanks
  22. Can someone please direct me as to how to order my flower on ETSY I am so lost!! I created my account on there & e-mailed her, but I don't even know if she got my message. Can someone please post the actual purchase pg. link?? I feel like for some reason I could never get through on that pg! My wedding is 2 weeks away..someone please help!! thanks..
  23. Thanks guys...I think i feel better about going with a nude one then. I will go shopping for it today THANKS!
  24. Hey.. I've done a search but for some reason, but I can't find anything. I need affordable foot jewelry for me and my 2 bridesmaids. We want to wear them for the ceremony. I keep running into these high priced websites...Anyone..please?? thanks
  25. cool...I'm doing the same thing our stationary lady is just doing favor tags for us that say "Shake for a Kiss". And we're giving them their Maracas as favors to be placed ont the dinner table. Good Luck!
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