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Welcome Reception Review (Los Arcos)

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Los Arcos Welcome Reception Review


Brian and I decided that we would find a place once we got to Mexico, since we didnâ€t like any of the quotes we received. My parents found a cute restaurant while walking called Los Arcos and asked us to have breakfast with them on Tuesday.


The breakfast buffet was very tasty and inexpensive. My dad said we should talk to the manager and ask about having the welcome reception there. We talked to the “Captain†and he said he would give us a private area, entertainment, food, and drinks for $10 pp. I was like sold!


The night of the welcome reception everything went very smoothly. Well except for Hurricane Norbert. He decided to visit us that night. There was a huge thunderstorm and rainstorm. It was hilarious, within minutes of everyone arriving the rain came.


Back to the food and stuff…it was delicious. We had enchiladas, chicken taquitos, chips and salsa, guacamole, beans, and other yummy food that I canâ€t remember. The drinks were good and flowing.


I highly recommend Los Arcos. The staff was very attentive, kind and quick. I canâ€t believe the price we paid, it was a steal!

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Hi Yari,


Thanks for this! We have been trying to decide where to have a "rehearsal" reception that is off resort - this has piqued my interest!


Where exactly is it located?


The name to me is totally familiar but I can't place it...




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Originally Posted by tvt View Post
so going to check this out!!!! thanks for the info!
I know - me too! What were the prices for breakfast? I would like to go in to town, have some breakfast and do some shopping!!

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