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I leave tomorrow monring for my Dreams Cancun Wedding

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Hi Everyone,


(mods - sorry if I should have posted this somewhere else, wasn't sure the right forum)


I can't believe it, but we leave tomorrow morning to go to Cancun to get married!!!! AAAHHH! I'm SO excited.


The last few days have been SO crazy. I thought I had everything done and would just relax, and for the most part I did yesterday. However, you know how those last minute details are (and last minute surprises!). Found out tonite my dad's connecting flight was cancelled so they put him on a much later one (a 5.5 hr layover in Miami). Luckily FI called the airline and got him moved to another flight so he gets in at 11am on Thursday instead of 8:30pm. However, I digress....


I think we're ready. We have to be up at 3am for the shuttle at 4am so this is literally the last thing I'm doing before going to sleep. Before I go to sleep though, I wanted to thank EVERYONE on this forum for being so sharing with all your ideas and information. My wedding wouldn't be as cool as it's going to be without all of you. Also, since the resort is so unresponsive, I wouldn't be nearly as prepared as I feel I am without all of you either. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!


I will give a very detailed report when I get back (with lots of pics as I know how everyone here loves pics!!!) I hope the time doesn't fly by though.


With that said, I'm ready for bed. Hopefully I can fall asleep - I'm so excited right now. Two tylenol PMs don't seem to be doing a thing.


Thanks again everyone and talk to you in roughly 2 weeks!!!

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Originally Posted by cendcar View Post
Have a great time Laurine! I also leave tomorrow except we are being moved to the Paradisus.

Have fun on the best day of your life!

Best of luck to you too Carina! Hope you enjoy Paradisus. My heart goes out to you for having to deal with the DT closure, but I'm sure it'll be absolutely wonderful.

We're at the airport now just waiting around for the flight.... Can't wait to get there.
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