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  1. Good luck on finding a resort!!
  2. I would talk to your wedding coordinator and demand that they at least get you in. That would be extremely frustrating because I tried booking my appts a few months ahead of time and Gaby told me to do it when I got to Dreams - that is insane!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Kate82 thanks for the pictures! You guys looked gorgeous and I love your pictures! Now, it's harder to choose between Cecilia and Claudia. hahah...it's so stressful trying to find the right photographer... How did you guy your free room upgrade? Did you have ask the front desk? And did you get the free upgrade when you first checked in? Thanks so much! It was easy for us to choose - significant price differences!! They just give you the room upgrade. It wasn't great but we did book the lowest room. They'll upgrade your whole guest list if they have the rooms available.
  4. Thanks so much everyone!! I still love looking at my pics. :-) Quote: Originally Posted by Kate82 Samantha, I love your dress! Your wedding is very beautiful! And I really like your pictures. I'm thinking about using Cecilia too. Can you please email me your other pics? And how many hours did you hire her for? Does her packages include album? kateah.12@gmail.com Thank you so much! HI Kate - pretty sure I emailed you the pics, let me know if you don't get them. I used her for two hours but wish I had done at least 3. Her package includes 200 prints that weren't in an album but I didn't mind about that. I also bought the CD which is a must - there were more than 500 pictures on it! Quote: Originally Posted by Michelle613 Omg WOW! Beautiful! I loved your review and CANNOT wait til next year. Exactly one year and 3 months to go! Where did you find Cecilia? I keep hearing about Claudia Rodriguez and Moments That Matter and now I see that your pics are fantastic... What should I do How much did Cecilia charge? What's her website? Also, you said : "Flowers – A+ We picked when we got there and told her the colors and they were stunning! --Did you go to the florist or did Claudia just show you pics? My wedding is soo far away, but I'm kinda going crazy with things like flowers and centerpieces. I want to actually go to the florist and see what arrangements he/she has done before. What did you do? I found out about Cecilia on the forum. She was amazing and I'm so so glad we went with her. WE LOVE OUR PICS! The photogs you mention are spectacular too but Cecilia is extremely more affordable. Her prices might change yearly or something so just email her for a price list - she is usually responsive and you can find her via google. As for flowers: we picked from pictures when we got there. This is one thing bride after bride that has been married at Dreams Cancun will tell you not to worry about and now I am with them. It's totally okay if these things are really important to you but it was something that was less important to me because they do a beautiful job on flowers. You will be in Mexico with one of the most beautiful wedding settings in Cancun AND a wedding coordinator who worries about everything - it was truly the way to go! Good luck with your wedding! Quote: Originally Posted by girlkin You looked so pretty. Loved your dress. Are those satin friggin pink shoes, you must tell me where you snagged those? Gorgeous! Ha ha, thank you! They are Christian Louboutin and they are the only thing I truly splurged on with the ''it's my wedding day'' rationalization. Thankfully I got them on sale at Neiman Marcus.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mc5363 This is such a great review and everyone looked amazing! Wheredid you guys do the father daughter and first dance? Is there a dance floor in the tower lobby? We did it on the Towers Terrace. You can make it in to a dance floor, works great! Jennifer, I emailed you the pics!
  6. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know about the groomsmen shirts we found for our wedding from Haband. They were SO nice and sharp-looking and were unbelievably $12.99. We got a slate grey color but there are several other colors. Here is the link: Haband Guayberra Here are a couple of pics of our guys in them:
  7. I lied! The Guayberra shirts are still there for $12.99. If this link doesn't work, just do a search for Guayberra on the haband website. They are pretty much the deal of the century for Groomsmen attire. Haband Guayberra
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco Samantha, you can open an account and upload your video to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket. After the file is done, they will give you links which you can send to people to share. If you have a google account, picasa has similar function that you can set your file private, and people can't access to your file unless you give them the link. Thanks for the tips! Well, I have a photobucket account but the instructions say it can only upload 5 or 10 minute videos and I think mine is about 30 minutes or so. Looking in to the Picasa one. I can probably pay to have it done at my work and its not that much-- I'll look in to it-- its worth it. :-)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride Sammie, post your video pls.. Im dying to see it. I was thinking of opting out of it and changing it for the gazebo draping but now Im thinking about this. Also, FI saw your Hubbys suit and he is in love with it. Who designed it or where was it purchased from. P.S. Sylvia- I looked at your wed-site... so pretty! Since you listed nearby hotel options I thought I'd let you and others know that the Hyatt Regency is RIGHT next door to Dreams Cancun. It is a stunning hotel and had great rates (at the time we were there it was $85/night per room). Just an FYI because that is a question I had before the wedding.
  10. Thanks everybody-- my head's getting too big to fit through the door! :-) Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bePowers Wow! Everything looks amazing. I really like your groomsmen attire, where did you get their shirts?? We got the groomsmen shirts from Haband. They were awesome and only $12.99!!!! We couldn't believe it!! Here is the bad news, I looked recently and couldn't find them on there. You could try calling and asking about them. They were perfect and almost free. Quote: Originally Posted by cancunbride Sammie, post your video pls.. Im dying to see it. I was thinking of opting out of it and changing it for the gazebo draping but now Im thinking about this. Also, FI saw your Hubbys suit and he is in love with it. Who designed it or where was it purchased from. Hi Sylvia! Your hair looks smokin hott!! I don't know how to post the video!!! Its too private to post on youtube-- any ideas? I would definitely get the video over the gazebo drapery- you'll have the video your whole life. I still cry every time I watch it-- you will not even remember the drapery. The suit was a steal too-- he got it on Amazon for $152 after shipping and it looks like its cheaper now-- good news, apparently you'll save $1,104 on the suit and get it for $95. Amazon.com: Beautiful & Brand New Italian Linen Mens Suit in White ~~ Hand Tailored for Perfect Fit 3 Button Suits ~~ Perfect for Cruise , Wedding , Summer: Apparel. It looks a little cheese-y in the pic online but it looked great when he got it. He had the shirt already, it was from Saks but a year or two ago. Quote: Originally Posted by bbpacco BTW, just to confirm, the video guy you had, is he the one included in the package?? Can't wait to see your video! Yes, he was the one included in the package, i.e. the resort hired him-- however, we had the dreams of love and swapped the photog for the videographer. I really will send it out if there is some techie on here who can tell me how.
  11. Thanks everyone!!!! Jennifer (phillybride), don't let the reception thing freak you out-- if you designate some one to kind of 'act' like the DJ-- it will be great and like you said- rally your BMs to get things going. It was awesome to have a private dinner and a place to do the father/daughter and first dance. But, there were two weddings on Friday while we were there and both wedding parties ended up in the lobby bar relatively early and were wooping it up. That's actually the nice thing if you're not feeling it in the reception- head to the bar! It really feels like the whole week is your reception- I swear! P.S.-- make sure they turn off the lobby music. We were listening to a train wreck for a minute before we realized it was on and asked Gaby to turn it off. Weird.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl well, i'm very lucky that they are all definitely *coming* now (except maybe tom's aunt ... she keeps insisting she is, but i don't see how it's possible), i was just considering telling them they don't have to be *bridesmaids* if they'd rather not. i don't really have a problem with the bridal party being uneven, but i'll feel kinda bad if tom has only a best man, and i have 5 girls, ya know? there are two other guys who are going who he could ask to stand for him, but i'd really like to get it settled before the girls order their dresses. We had 2 drop from my husband's side and I really didn't care about the uneven thing either but we ended up asking my two brothers to be groomsmen and it was really nice. I think its great to let everyone know that it is okay if they can't afford it, we did that from the get-go, but I would ask more to step in before I'd risk making it sound like I was TOO okay with BM's stepping down. Does that make sense? I just wouldn't want to catch the drift from a bride that it would be quasi-convenient for me to step down-- which you are totally not going for!
  13. Hi Ladies! I finally got my review up last night. I missed you all, I haven't gone a month without logging on since January! Here's my review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t33868 Looking forward to the upcoming weddings!
  14. Hi Sunita, thank you for the compliments!! We told Gaby we didn't want a cake. Husband doesn't like cake and three dessert options come with dinner so some of the reviews from past brides had been that not a lot of people had cake. We just weren't planning on doing the cake cutting and feeding from the beginning so I can't help you on this one! As for the rooms, there are pics of the Junior Jacuzzi Suite-- I think in Dawn's review. Hers is in the Cancun forum and her name is dmarie (and I think some numbers) if you want so search for it. It is an awesome room!
  15. THank you everyone!!! You all are too sweet! My dress is Pronovias from the 2007 collection and is called Oasis. Pretty much had it picked out long before the proposal after seeing it in a pic... The BM dresses were from Anthropologie and I really lucked out coming across them! Does anyone know how I can upload the DVD?? This is probably the best I've got for a hair shot-- in the other close ups, its all over the place. It was tich too prom-y for me like I said but nothing to go home over. I have weird, thin hair and not a lot of options- definietely couldn't have worn it down. She put in one strip of clip in hair extensions and then pinned curls up. It was pretty but looked like S by the end of the night because of the wind so I brushed it out and pulled it back.
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