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Breaking the glass....Should he wear shoes?

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Question to all ....


So my FI and I have planned to do the ceremony barefoot. We are bringing some flip flops with us for the reception . But now we some some potential problems.


As in Jewish Tradition, FI will be breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony, but we are worried bc he will not be wearing shoes....can't swap out halfway through the ceremony....any suggestions?


My FI was thinking of just wearing some regular shoes....but that would defeat the purpose of having the ceremony on the beach....


Also, we had a dance lesson yesterday and I had my shoes off during the whole thing....It was kind of awkard to dance barefoot and I don't think the flip flops will be any easier....



Should we just suck it up and wear regular shoes?



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we wanted dh to break the glass and totally didn't think about the shoe thing. it occurred to me as i was walking down the aisle, actually...so when the priest (yes, priest) said "we have a surprise for you" (yes, she said that....), i was like NO!!!! dh said he'd just do it, and then my cousin tossed his HUGE flip flop to dh to put on. even though i had told the wc to use a lightbulb, she still put a wine glass in there, so w/o shoes and on sand, it would have been almost impossible to break. can you have shoes waiting near the chuppah? behind a table, or next to the front row of chairs?

we also did the ceremony barefoot and danced in flip flops. i couldn't have danced on the cement all night w/o shoes.

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My godbrother broke the glass at a beach wedding in flip flops. Instead of breaking a wine glass he broke a light bulb wrapped in a cloth. My sisters FI who will be breaking the glass as well will be in flip flops. I ordered a glass breaking pouch online and will put a small light bulb in it so it's easy to break. The pouch was pretty cheap I just googled "wedding ceremony glass breaking pouch" then I had it embroidered with their names and wedding date.

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Oh that is so cool, can you send me the link? Obviously it is too late to order it but still.


FI decided to just buy a suit yesterday and new shoes....at first I thought, "there goes another $200"!


But if it were me and I decided to change my dress, I knew he would be supportive so I just didn't say anything and I let him get his suit. He is much happier!

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I often have my grooms leave a pair of flipflops under the chuppa prior to the ceremony, for breaking the glass. And most of the time, we use the lightbulb, because even with shoes on, a wine glass, if it is not a delicate crystal one, will be extremely difficult to break, and results in many injuries.


You should take advantage of being married in the sand by walking barefoot in your processional, but just have the flipflops waiting for you when you get there!


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I think having the flip flops nearby is a great idea...especially if you had your heart set on going barefoot...and you definitely don't want a bloody wedding!


As for dancing...I'm going to run into the same problem...I really wanted to be barefoot, but also know that it's awkward to dance barefoot...I've danced barefoot at weddings before (cuz my feet hurt from the shoes) and for some reason I danced like I was still wearing heels and my friends made fun of me...I couldn't help it! So I don't really know what to advise here...

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